fat-fs mmcblk0p1 error fat_bmap_cluster request beyond eof Helton Kentucky

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fat-fs mmcblk0p1 error fat_bmap_cluster request beyond eof Helton, Kentucky

Not the same way it was, though. danielmewes (danielmewes) said on 2007-02-10: #8 The proposed corrections are probably safe. And people do take advantage of some of this process power to try to improve the audio quality and/or add functionality. I'll fix everything related to comments on missing documentation and bad naming ("fs_error" is ok, I suppose?).

Nice work folks. archlinux is screwing over my external harddrive jigsawman wrote:wouldn't checking all blocks on a 500gb usb drive be a rather lengthy process? LKRaider (paul-eipper) said on 2007-04-29: #12 I have the EXACT same issue after upating to Feisty from Dapper. The memory card is not corrupted, but it does not appear to work normally either...

First/initial one is FAT corruption. Using latest firmware, with latest updates (as of 12 Aug 2007). Jeremy Foshee (jeremyfoshee) wrote on 2010-08-12: #8 This bug report was marked as Incomplete and has not had any updated comments for quite some time. I chose one I wanted, and clicked OK.

Last edited by jigsawman (2012-01-14 19:41:03) a onemanband http://sharpattack.bandcamp.com/ Offline #7 2012-01-15 15:16:42 stqn Member Registered: 2010-03-19 Posts: 1,189 Website Re: help! After testing the second card in the external card slot I got the same problem. If USB cable is reconnected to PC it can see all the files again. The effect of this option > is that a notification is sent to userspace on errors that indicate > filesystem damage/inconsistency.

Please spell all > that out in the changelog. or even better: an applet :-). Comment 60 Al Stone 2007-08-13 00:36:48 UTC Yet another SanDisk Ultra II 2GB bites the dust. This N800 is brand new, so I only used the default firmware (with no SDHC support) for a little while before flashing to the latest.

The estimated 3 hours would turn into 6 hours of scan. Comment 5 Tim Samoff (reporter) 2007-04-16 16:12:06 UTC I thought I'd reopen this until someone can check out this new post (not from me) at ITT: http://www.internettablettalk.com/forums/showthread.php?p=44424 Comment 6 Tim Samoff SD card now dead. Comment 33 Steve Elliott 2007-07-14 11:25:48 UTC I have a 2GB Kingston MMC Card in the External Slot.

just used default fat32... I am using 2GB Sandisk microSD with Sandisk microSD/TransFlash Adapter. http://marc.info/?t=124395937100042&r=1&w=2Still, getting a notification would help userspace. Also, so far there's nothing (such as repeatable test case) to indicate that the issue couldn't be the card itself being faulty, the reason being e.g.

And the TOUCH is a computer (albeit tiny one). not sure if this helps any but this -might- point to usb host controller issue as opposed to any physical (erm electrical) read write mechanism. It's been several years since working with Linux, so I am very rusty. and for a little while the drive worked perfectly.

What could have caused this? Thanks, -Eric > Currently some file systems remount themselves r/o on critical errors > (*FAT; EXT2 depending on 'errors' mount option), userspace is generally > unaware of such I have two N800, and this happened on the newer device that had latest stock kernel (4.2007.26-8). after fs was fixed by userspace): > > echo 0 > /sys/block///fs_unclean > (you will still receive uevent KOBJ_CHANGE with env var FS_UNCLEAN=0) > > Signed-off-by: Denis Karpov <[hidden email]> >

Not > all FSes have block devices (UBIFS, JFFS2), and some FSes > may (theoretically) span more than one block device (btrfs?). As a newb on linux I am learning to start following instructions. ;) Bogdan Butnaru (bogdanb) said on 2007-05-08: #15 For a NTFS disk it's probably a bit more complicated, because never used external card reader. Question information Language: English Edit question Status: Solved For: Ubuntu Edit question Assignee: No assignee Edit question Solved by: Bogdan Butnaru Solved: 2007-02-10 Last query: 2007-02-10 Last reply: 2007-02-10 Related bugs

I somehow suspect this isn't the case as I can't see the particular kernel component needing to be N800 specific so I'd assume that if such a bug did exist it It is my suspicion that more than one variable is involved and a critical contributing factor may not have yet been introduced in Nokia's internal environment. This time it was after taking backup again. Have fun...

That's why this detailed bug reporting is crucial to a resolution. My bet is on a bug on the vfat driver somewhere. Comment 42 Tim Samoff (reporter) 2007-07-19 16:40:27 UTC I just transfered less than a gig to my External card and about 1 MB to my internal card via USB from WinXP Comment 64 Eero Tamminen 2007-08-17 19:31:43 UTC There are several issues listed in this bug.

does the 800 itself interface with external usb controller, and if so is this different than how it interfaces with internal mmc? The same with podcasts/MP3's. This feature will allow user space to become aware of possible file system problems and do something about them (e.g. repartition it with [c]fdisk)?

Checking for unused clusters. pulseaudio CRDA: Error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory Card0.Amixer.info: Card hw:0 'ICH5'/'Intel ICH5 with ALC650F at irq 17' Mixer name : 'Realtek ALC650F' Components : 'AC97a:414c4723' Controls : 50 I can't get my 4GB sd cards to readonly (corrupted) mode. in fact i dowloaded another 4 or so gigs via usb since then.

I was able to use this same card for several weeks without any corruption issues using this patch. (As a added benefit it is also about 2x faster in write and Our use-case is about hand-held devices. All I did was login to my n800 via ssh and then scp ogg files to the device; it was about 56% full, and it probably became completely full. Probably it is better to go without any sysfs file and just send udev events. > What use is the FS_UNCLEAN=0 message?

I intensively downloaded maps using maemo mapper when the problem occured. Thanks in advance. When this happened I was copying ~300MB worth of MaemoMapper map files to the memory card from Windows PC using USB cable. The idea is just to create a swapfile on the USB disk > (or SD card by the way, you just need to choose the correct path to the > device

Jean Reply With Quote 2012-06-24,14:36 #117 MarkSAllen View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Mar 2011 Posts 2 Touch, with Duet controller, and no connection to the N800 on mains power. It doesn't work any more in my USB card reader either. Implemented as 'notify' mount option >> (PATCH 3,4). >> FAT error reporting facilities had to be re-factored (PATCH 2) in >> order to simplify sending error notifications. >

static discharge etc. There are a few lists like this on the ITT forum, but they're pretty hard to sift through...