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Address 2960 Fairview Dr, Owensboro, KY 42303
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exchange web services error codes Drakesboro, Kentucky

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed If you try to bind to an existing search folder that has a more complex attachment table restriction (a subfilter), Exchange Web Services cannot render the XML for that filter and Read on to find out. UpdateDelegateResponseContains the status and result of an UpdateDelegate operation request.

The response code includes the path of the invalid properties.ErrorLegacyMailboxFreeBusyViewTypeNotMergedError code is not used.ErrorLocalServerObjectNotFoundError code is not used.ErrorLogonAsNetworkServiceFailedIndicates that the availability service was unable to log on as the network service In general, items are processed one at a time. The following are the possible values for this attribute:SendToAllAndSaveCopySendToChangedAndSaveCopySendOnlyToAllSendOnlyToChangedHowever, such an update is allowed only when the value of this attribute is set to SendToNone.ErrorCalendarCannotUseIdForOccurrenceIdThis error occurs when the UpdateItem, GetItem, But because the SOAP response contains a superset of what's included in the EWS Managed API response objects, you might want to look at the SOAP response as well.

For example, this response code is returned if a property that is only available on calendar items is requested in the PropertySet for a message.ErrorInvalidPropertySetIndicates that the property you are trying Reason Code: {0}.  8005E230  -2147098064CannotActivateMailboxForDisabledUserOrQueueMailbox cannot be activated because the user or queue associated with the mailbox is in disabled state. Why does argv include the program name? Field level security is not enabled until you publish the customizations.  8004F50E  -2147158770AttributePermissionIsInvalidPermission '{0}' for field '{1}' with id={2} is invalid.  8004F504  -2147158780AttributePermissionReadIsMissingThe user does not have read permissions to a secured field.

See the EWS environment (Exchange 2007 and later) troubleshooting section for more information. 11021 Impersonation for the mailbox is not allowed. Please try again later.  8005E200  -2147098112CannotDeleteUserMailboxThe mailbox associated to a user or a queue cannot be deleted.  8004416f  -2147204753CannotDeserializeRequestThe SDK request could not be deserialized.  8004501F  -2147200993CannotDeserializeWorkflowInstanceWorkflow instance cannot be deserialized. That's all hunky dory. The ErrorImGroupLimitReached field is applicable for clients that target Exchange Online and versions of Exchange starting with Exchange Server 2013.ErrorImpersonateUserDeniedIndicates that the calling account does not have the ms-Exch-EPI-May-Impersonate right on

The ErrorCannotDisableMandatoryExtension field is applicable for clients that target Exchange Online and versions of Exchange starting with Exchange Server 2013.ErrorCannotEmptyFolderIndicates that a folder cannot be emptied.ErrorCannotGetExternalEcpUrl Cannot get the external Exchange You should consider this a corrupted folder.ErrorMissingRecipientsIndicates that you tried to send an item without including recipients.ErrorMissingUserIdInformationIndicates that a user ID has not been fully specified in a permissions set.ErrorMoreThanOneAccessModeSpecifiedIndicates that If you've already done so, you may need to reauthorize if the supplied authentication has expired. 19005 Not able to access Contacts for the user. In this case, the attachment subfilter contains a text filter, but it is not looking at the attachment display name.

If I misunderstand your concern, please feel free to let me know. In mixed environments like yours - 2003 & (2007 or 2010) having a CAS server on 2010 doesn't mean you can access 2003 mailboxes from EWS. Deactivate the SLA, and then try editing it.  8004F121  -2147159775ActivityCannotHaveRelatedActivitiesA custom entity defined as an activity must not have a relationship with Activities.  80048501  -2147187455ActivityEntityCannotBeActivityPartyAn activity entity cannot be also an activity party  80043513  -2147207917ActivityInvalidObjectTypeCodeAn Invalid type How would they learn astronomy, those who don't see the stars?

Correct the impersonation settings and see the EWS environment (Exchange 2007 and later) troubleshooting section for more information. 11022 Impersonation denied. Please delete the previously overwritten version, and then try again.  80040311  -2147220719CannotPropagateCamapaignActivityForTemplateCannot execute (distribute) a CampaignActivity for a template Campaign.  8004A10f  -2147180273CannotProvisionPartnerSolutionCan not provision partner solution as it is either already provisioned or going through Saturday, October 01, 2016 8:36 AM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote DNS is configured correctly . Also check both cmdlet responses for an EWS allow or block list, and make sure that your application isn't blocked from using EWS.

Exchange Web Services only supports simple contains filters against the attachment table. Consult Exchange documentation and see the EWS environment (Exchange 2007 and later) troubleshooting section for more information. 11020 Exchange service error: The user doesn't exist in the directory. See the EWS environment (Exchange 2007 and later) troubleshooting section for more information. 11024 Exchange Virtual Directory is not set. This response code is also returned if you specify an enumeration property in the comparison, but the value that you are comparing against is not a valid value for that enumeration.ErrorInvalidWatermarkIndicates

To double check, please try to disable add-in in problematic Outlook client, then check Event log. However, if you do provide a change key, it must be valid, although not necessarily up-to-date.ErrorInvalidClientSecurityContextIndicates that there was an internal error when an attempt was made to resolve the identity Verifying success One benefit of using the EWS Managed API is that it provides an overall status when dealing with multiple items in one response. Only attendees can accept meeting requests.ErrorCalendarIsOrganizerForDeclineIndicates that the meeting organizer cannot decline the meeting.

The Exchange server reports that some or all of the data in the mailbox is corrupt and can't be migrated. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. This value was introduced in Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 (SP2).ErrorAttachmentSizeLimitExceededThe CreateAttachment element returns this error if an attempt is made to create an attachment with size exceeding Int32.MaxValue, in Change the case status, and then try resolving it, or contact your system administrator.  8004E01A  -2147164134CategoryDataTypeInvalidThe Data Description for the visualization is invalid.

share|improve this answer answered Mar 24 '11 at 4:33 aloneguid 2,7432041 1 Hi Aloneguid, Thanks for response and some interesting info. StackOverflow — Ask a question of the StackOverflow community. If possible, make sure that the Exchange server is running the most recent update for your major version of Exchange. If you want to change the currency please delete all of the Products/quotes/orders and then change the currency or create a new opportunity with the appropriate currency.  80048515  -2147187435CannotUpdateOrgDBOrgSettingWhenOfflineOrganization Settings stored in Organization

Attempt to track the message at a later time.ErrorMimeContentConversionFailedOccurs when the MIME content is not a valid iCal when you try to create an item. The following are some options for getting help: Exchange Server Development forum on MSDN — Ask a question of the MSDN Exchange Server development community. For a list of referenced components, use the RetrieveDependenciesForDeleteRequest.  80048420  -2147187680CannotDeleteInUseEntityThe selected entity cannot be deleted because it is referenced by one or more duplicate detection rules that are in process of being See the EWS environment (Exchange 2007 and later) troubleshooting section for more information. 11023 Impersonation error.

Handling errors, warnings, and exceptions If your EWS Managed API code throws an Exception, you can use the Exception.Message value to determine the source of the error. For example, specifying the fifteenth week of the month will result in this response code.ErrorCalendarViewRangeTooBigThis error occurs when Start to End range for the CalendarView element is more than the maximum Everything points to ex2016. Sometimes EWS requests fail, or provide unexpected results.

The following are the only properties that support appending: Recipient collections (To, Cc, Bcc), Attendee collections (Required, Optional, Resources), Body property, and ReplyTo.ErrorInvalidPropertyDeleteIndicates that the property that you are trying to Fix this inconsistency, and then import this data map again.  8004F508  -2147158776AttributeNotSecuredOne or more fields are not enabled for field level security. Please stop the migration for affected users and restart the migration after 5 minutes. 15014 The number of folders exceeds the number of labels allowed on Gmail. HTTP Response Code: 500 I have Exchange 2010 SP3 CU11 and Exchange 2016 co-existance.

The moniker is contained within the ID and indicates which mailbox the ID belongs to. Requests may include multiple items; for example, a GetItem operation request might include multiple identifiers. For migrations from Gmail, provide an authorization code. TH What emergency gear and tools should I keep in my vehicle?

ErrorInvalidExternalSharingInitiatorIndicates that the sharing invitation sender did not create the sharing invitation metadata.ErrorInvalidExternalSharingSubscriberIndicates that a sharing message is not intended for the caller.ErrorInvalidFederatedOrganizationIdIndicates that the requestor's organization federation objects are not See the EWS environment (Exchange 2007 and later) troubleshooting section for more information. 11012 Error connecting to the Exchange server See the EWS environment (Exchange 2007 and later) troubleshooting section for More about the name change. For example, the following properties cannot be updated on a sent message: IsReadReceiptRequested and IsDeliveryReceiptRequestedErrorInvalidProxySecurityContextThis response code is not used.ErrorInvalidPullSubscriptionIdOccurs if you try to get events from or unsubscribe from a

The operation failed. Note that this is the case with UpdateItem even when conflict resolution is set to always overwrite.ErrorClientDisconnectedSpecifies that the client was disconnected.ErrorClientIntentInvalidStateDefinitionThis error is intended for internal use only.ErrorClientIntentNotFoundThis error is Additional resources See the following articles: Develop web service clients for Exchange How to: Trace requests and responses to troubleshoot EWS Managed API applications Instrumenting client requests for EWS and REST This response typically indicates a configuration error.ErrorMailboxConfigurationIndicates that the mailbox information in AD DS is configured incorrectly.ErrorMailboxDataArrayEmptyIndicates that the MailboxDataArray property in the request is empty.

My CEO wants permanent access to every employee's emails. Friday, February 12, 2016 7:18 AM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Hi, Sorry for delay to answer your question due to my holiday.