file mode specification error void-variable c-font-lock-keywords Longton Kansas

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file mode specification error void-variable c-font-lock-keywords Longton, Kansas

For Windows 2000 the environment variables are found by right-clicking on My Computer->Properties. For a while, I distributed code folks could put in their .emacs that would attempt to figure out what version of emacs (FSF or XEmacs) was installed, and which sub version Strange that no one has noticed it before. I’ll probably try it again when the next stable version is out though.

untabify does: `untabify' is an interactive autoloaded Lisp function -- autoloads from "tabify" Convert all tabs in region to multiple spaces, preserving columns. If you delete the onclick attribute from the last heredoc the underlining disappears:$a = <<stuff

EOTHTML; $b = <<stuff EOT; $c = <<test EOT; Thanks for Why are unsigned numbers implemented? Assuming that the buffer syntax table does not specify single quotes to have quote syntax, the element will only highlight single quotes of the form 'c' as strings syntactically.

If t, all modes that support Font Lock mode have it automatically turned on. If nil, use the default decoration (typically the minimum available). Select Options->Syntax Highlighting->Even More item [To do that do: Select the Options item. I am using Carbon Emacs ( – jim-jam Thanks, I have added that to the bug report.Strange syntax highlighting (Emacs 22)Syntax highlighting is strange on nxhtml 1.32.

At one point it switched to Javacript mode after the end tag, so probably the chunk in chunk handling broke something. The site is up again and in the future I plan to move this to a code repository.Genshi Support?Is it possible to add support for Genshi? – jcc Genshi support has init-file python share|improve this question asked Dec 3 '15 at 17:08 Sergio 82 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 2 down vote accepted This is your Ah, thanks for your effort doing that.

I also got this on 16.m10.2008 with nxhtml 1.60, but later not anymore, perhaps because I started using Emacs 23. --DanielClemente Hm, a very strange bug. Is this a bug? >The load history is designed to refer to the source files, and therefore >treats a byte compiled file as if it were the source file. file : found), Feval, 0, Qnil, Qnil, Qnil, Qnil); unbind_to (count, Qnil); --- 964,970 ---- load_descriptor_list = Fcons (make_number (fileno (stream)), load_descriptor_list); For example, Perl mode could arrange that here ;; docs are fontified differently than Perl code.

OVERRIDE and LAXMATCH are flags. The prime cause of this is, IMAO, the doc string of load-history - it fails to state whether "file.elc" or "file.el" should be recorded, and also fails to state that a I use mercurial and I see DVC invokes fmakunbound pretty frequently. For this I will also need the function load-history-filename-element and so on, which I proposed on Wed 22 March, and you (RMS) tentatively approved on Mon, 27 Mar 2006 03:36:26 -0500.

Otherwise the second add ;; will not take effect. (let ((cell (assq mode font-lock-removed-keywords-alist))) (if cell (if (eq append 'set) ;; A new set of keywords is defined. I went into mumamo.el and commented out every line that said ‘mumamo-chunk-style=’, but still had the same problem. In this case you will see something like: Latest Installed Package name Vers. There are still minor bugs, but I think it is quite good and you might not notice those I am thinking of.I managed to create an example.

NILP (Vpurify_flag) + ? Sometimes a workaround is to refontify the expression after typing the closing ‘>’. To fix it change line 117 to (if (and t ext)It has been fixed in nXhtml 1.35 and it is the only change in that version of nXhtml.Ruby lost font-locking Hi If this is nil, the beginning of the buffer is used (in the worst case).

We would not want to have such a coincidence >in Emacs itself, but nothing stops users from having them. Thanks, this seems to be working well for me now. (And I was using emacs and nxhtml 1.36 if it still matters to anyone) Thanks Bryan. I just filed a bug report for this.Bug in sex-mode.el in nXhtml 1.34Unfortunately there was a bug in sex-mode.el in nXhtml 1.34. Copy the verilog-mode.el which your receive via email to the file c:\Program Files (x86)\emacs-24.2\site-lisp\verilog-mode.el If you are using Windows 7, then you are done!

For example, say Foo mode should have the following ;; regexps fontified case-sensitively, and comments and strings should not be ;; fontified automagically. How could I set it (I mean turn off all validation errors) in my ~/.emacs file? I do not know which one it is. If OVERRIDE is t, existing fontification can be overwritten.

I have removed nXml from the nXhtml distribution since this is now in the not yet released, but working, Emacs 23. All the colors in text from lines above 16 disappear.Thanks Thanks. Start Emacs 22 with -Q, then visit a file.c. See the variable `font-lock-defaults', which takes precedence.") (make-obsolete-variable 'font-lock-defaults-alist 'font-lock-defaults) (defvar font-lock-keywords-alist nil "*Alist of `font-lock-keywords' local to a `major-mode'.

After the second double quote sign (”), characters remain in the font-lock-string-face. Then run a new emacs process. I have asked on Emacs Devel for some hints about how < could become void.Could you please do two things:Move this to a bug report in launchpad (see above for URL) If `undecided', don't try to handle multiline patterns until you see one.

I think this is solved in version 1.41.100% CPU on php file (Emacs 22 only, workaround available)I tried to open a php file with no ?> ending tag at the bottom For example: ((c-mode . It may be an absolute file name like \"/usr/local/bin/emacs/lisp/foobar\", or a bare file name like \"foobar\" or \"foobar.el\". Not the answer you're looking for?

Go to Tools -> Packages ->Add download site and pick a site ( works for me) Then select Tools -> Packages -> List & Install Go to the bottom, and click font-lock-keyword-face))) adds two fontification patterns for C mode, to fontify `FIXME:' words, even in comments, and to fontify `and', `or' and `not' words as keywords.