failed executing scsi command error 1117 Goessel Kansas

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failed executing scsi command error 1117 Goessel, Kansas

In the Load Media dialog box that appears, select the appropriate MediaAgent, Drive Pool, and Drive, and then click OK. Known Issues: Some 6GB SAS HBAs are not compatible with mpt_sas driver.. Navigate to the \\Program Files\[installation directory]\Base directory, and then type scanscsitool to start the scanscsitool utility.After the scanscsitool utility starts, it provides information about the library and its drives. Error: [1301].

I read on a few occasions that this device protection is done by special command sent to device which tells it to lock itself, and so there should be an unlock Check that each tape drive has a valid driver installed. MM0018: Mount error occurs on Fujitsu ETERNUS CS High End Device after media migration Symptom The Mount command fails when a Prefetch command has not completed for a Fujitsu ETERNUS CS No Yes Did this article save you the trouble of contacting technical support?

In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\\Base, and then double-click TestToolGui.exe. However, the export operation might still take time to complete. Consult the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles: "The DeviceType registry entry value is truncated when the Microsoft Storport driver is installed on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 or NetBackup queries the tape device or library for TapeAlerts and then displays them.

NetBackup cannot cause SCSI resets as tape positioning and read and write operations are controlled by the OS. You should refer to the sense byte number along with the value for a complete description of the common values of the ASC and ASCQ codes. Server=[Server_Name]" Error Symptom The "No response from Media Manager service. On AIX, display the errpt to check for hardware errors. 417 X'1A1' Open read only Contact Tivoli Storage Manager support. 418 X'1A2' Open write only Contact Tivoli Storage Manager support. 419

You may also refer to the English Version of this knowledge base article for up-to-date information. To stop the MediaAgent services, at the Unix prompt # or [[email protected]], type: [[email protected]]# simpana stop Then press Enter. Only once this has happened will Netbackup request the tape be changed. UNIX-Based Servers Use this procedure for Unix-based servers to stop the MediaAgent services, and perform the read test using the TapeToolGui.

It executed Successfully. MM0022: Barcode labels are no longer valid Symptom Barcode labels that were valid previously are no longer valid. Your SAN admin should be able to help to find the root cause. Based on vBulletin Copyright ©2000 - 2005, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

It provides a description for the I/O error message and the recommended action. KEY Byte 2 of the sense bytes from the error. All of the media with data and existing spares are marked exported with no location and the error message appears. It executed Successfully.

Privacy statement  © 2016 Microsoft. If the serial number is blank or the drive count is a negative number (-1), then the operating system cannot communicate with the Medium Changer. Thanks! Error Code 62:317: The current block size on the tape is incorrect.

Resolution If you cannot reset the library or if it remains offline, check that: There are no media stuck in the library. Initiating MOVE_MEDIUM from address 1000 to 500 move_medium failed, CHECK CONDITION sense key = 0x5, asc = 0x30, ascq = 0x0, INCOMPATIBLE MEDIUM INSTALLED  This output can be broken down as follows: Sense It is not enough just to see them in Device Manager (Windows) or cfgadm (Solaris). If anyone who knows how to solve it, please let us know.

TapeAlerts are shown in the NetBackup bptm log. (See TECH124594 for more information on TapeAlerts and codes)  While NetBackup displays TapeAlerts, they are due to a tape drive or library hardware For the list of options try $ TapeTool -help Please make sure that you are NOT running any backups/restores on this MediaAgent. Just New Apps... Check the Event Viewer to make sure that the media is loaded into the correct drive.

On AIX, display the errpt to check for hardware errors. 310 X'136' Library full Check for jammed volumes. If problem persists, perform an AUDIT LIBRARY. 314 X'13A' The source slot or drive was empty in an attempt to move a volume. Missing Path Symptom: Missing path is seen in the drive details, or jobs fail with missing path errors. Check the Library Information and make sure that the drive count is correct and that the serial number is visible.

Press Enter. Configure the software to overwrite the media automatically. Its giving an Error Code as 1117 representing "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error". The Code is as follows: > > int GetScsiErase_SPTD(HANDLE hTapehandle, BYTE bEraseType) > { > printf(" ***** ERASE - SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT *****\n"); <...excess quoted lines suppressed...> Message 3 of 7

If the error occurred during a backup, keep the media, but mark the media full so that no new backup uses this media. In this case, contact your library hardware vendor. If problem persists, perform an AUDIT LIBRARY. 414 X'19E' Erase failure Clean the drive heads. 415 X'19F' Attempted to overwrite written WORM media Internal server error. But i am able to execute the SCSI commands like read, write, rewind and so on.

Your hardware vendor should be able to help to find the root cause. Whilst NetBackup may detect the issue, it is not caused by NetBackup. Ensure the DEFINE DRIVE and DEFINE DEVCLASS have been issued properly. 208 X'D0' Command aborted Contact Tivoli Storage Manager support. 209 X'D1' Device microcode failure detected Check the microcode level of