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essbase error db file missing Belews Creek, North Carolina

Essbase network configuration is not set correctly for your environment. As a user, exit Analytic Services Administration Services or Spreadsheet Add-in. The outline memory pool holds outline items in memory. Exit out of ESSCMD and check application/database directory (which |has been built by product). .db file is there.

Possible Solutions If possible, restore the file from backups. I set the ulimit -Sn to 1024 and everything worked great. If the listed file is $ARBORPATH/App/applicationName/databaseName/databaseName.ind, delete and reload the data files. Essbase : Aggregate Missing Values 11.

If the listed file is a rules file, make sure that it is associated with the correct outline. Posted by Hyperionist at 01:09 No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: Essbase Application not stating, Essbase Application stopping Saturday, 22 September 2012 Hyperion Configuration Utility: JDK Rename client files back to the original file name to prevent this error message from reappearing. Below the solution for this problem (after 1 week of trying and long nights) Define FR Settings for Network Address Translation Open the Windows Registry Editor in the FR

Create a new application. OK fine, app is created and loads automatically. None of these actions changed our problem. > I reduced the problem to its simplest form: Logon as user arbor, start the > Essbase server . Navigate to HKLM\Software\Hyperion Solutions\FinancialReporting0\HyS9FRReports Note the current value for JVMOptionCount Create a new String Value JVMOption# where # = JVMOptionCount + 1.

Essbase 5.0.1 was > installed over Essbase 4 (didn't have the problem with 4), then patched with 2. > Arbor said to reinstall, so we re-installed it over itself. If the application loads, import the most recent data backup and run an aggregation. Still as user arbor, invoke ESSCMD. File Structure Essbase has a simple file structure that it follows.  It can vary with each application depending on the options used.  The area to focus on for this process is

Possible Solutions Make sure that you have sufficient memory on the server computer. 1019045 Reading Partition Definition File For Database databaseName This information message states that Analytic Services is reading the If the archival process is finished, be sure that the administrator issues the ENDARCHIVE command. Possible Problems Analytic Services cannot find the $ARBORPATH/app/applicationName/databaseName/databaseName.db file. Rename databaseName.db to databaseNamedb.old.

Login to Essbase as user > with supervisor privileges. Stop and restart Analytic Server. Buying a dedicated server of any flavor is not an > option in this instance. > Thanks! > *Saurn Top 1. From the EAS console, go to the application.

Possible Problems Analytic Services cannot write to the listed file. Hyperion\Products\Essbase\EssbaseServer\App\AppName\DbName Restoring To A Usable State In this directory, files with the following extensions will need to be removed.  This will delete all of the data  and temporary settings that are When there are multiple Essbase processes in Task Manager and you don't know which one to End Task, end all Essbase processes. Rename databaseName.dbb to databaseName.db.

Can you validate the rules file? Restart Analytic Server. If you are using Analytic Services Spreadsheet Add-in, increase the retrieval buffer size to at least 50 K. I'm grappling with Essbase > 5.0.1. (with or without Patch 2 (most current patch), makes no difference to > the problem) under AIX 4.1.2.

If login still fails with the same error then: Solution #4 An unresponsive Essbase server can cause this problem. Rename databaseName.db to databaseNamedb.old. Create a new application. Reply Amith Prasanna says: August 18, 2014 at 11:39 pm after renaming Data folder , cannot start analysis service , it's says some bin file is missing.

The listed file is probably corrupt. The member name is in the rules file. Attaching DB to .mdf file when .ldf file is missing 4. Essbase 5.0.1 was installed over Essbase 4 (didn't have the problem with 4), then patched with 2.

In the bourne/korn shell ulimit -Sa to see your limits and you >want to set the limit to 1 under the hard limit (see the hard limit by ulimit >-Ha). >I There is nothing wrong. 1019052 Total adOtlReadOutline Elapsed Time using outline buffer: number seconds This information message states the time used to read the outline data into memory. The dbname.dbb is located in the same directory, ARBORPATH/app/appname/dbname/. There is nothing wrong. 1019054 Invalid Named Attribute Opcode For Member memberName Possible Problems The type defined for the listed attribute member is not valid.

Copy the application specific bin file (hbr.bin) that got generated in the Utils folders to the folder D:\Hyperion\Hyperion Planning\Appserver\Installed Apps\Weblogic\8.1\HPDomain\. 3. Any similar experiences, clues, hunches, tea leaf readings or even SWAGs are appreciated at this point!! I'll paste in the results of the commands in case there is something in here that might not be set appropriately for Essbase and someone notices it.... Stop and restart the application.