garmin mapsource communication error Varina Iowa

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garmin mapsource communication error Varina, Iowa

Enhanced the driving directions page in the route dialog to provide additional statistics. Added ability to zoom in on sections of a route profile. What I`ve said it`s that in Vista cause transferring maps to GMPc ends on writing an *.img archive , if I don`t run as administrator the action aborts; but if you tick2986 0 Points August 2008 I was able to send a route to the GPS, but not able to send a route FROM the GPS.

Fixed an issue with using the Roads & Rec 2.1 Hawaii and Alaska product Changes made from version 6.13.7 to 6.14.1: Updated map rendering to provide visual improvements. Fixed an issue with selecting the wrong track segment on the map when many track segments are close together. There's only a couple of fixes - why not wait until the next one unless they're fixes you're having problems with ? Fixed an issue with performing address searches.

This field helps block spambots. My PC NOT DETECTED Garmin .... This post has been edited by mauro45: 10 November 2014 - 08:05 PM Back to top of the page up there ^ Forum Home Geocaching HQ Communications |-- Announcements |-- Release What I`ve said it`s that in Vista cause transferring maps to GMPc ends on writing an *.img archive , if I don`t run as administrator the action aborts; but if you

I will update with the result of that process shortly. Fixed the display of spot soundings in Marine maps. After I put my unit (Vista HCx) into USB Mass Storage Mode, I got 328MB of maps to load like a champ and without any errors. Reorganized categories used by the 'find places' and 'find nearest' dialogs to make finding items more intuitive.

Added display of the total length of all selected tracks/routes in the status bar. Changed the precision of the display of inter-tidal depths to be one tenth of a unit. PLEASE ... This has been corrected for tracks newly received from these units, but previously received tracks will need to be manually changed.

Fixed issues with 'Save As' file dialog (in some cases, existing files were overwritten without prompting). Added the Icelandic Grid (ISN93). With your help I have solved my problem. As soon as I click to go ahead, I get zapped with the communications error.

Some reason the cable connected to the back of the PC is loose in the 60CSx but tight in the Montana, so I think it is that the 60CSx is 5 This option is enabled if any maps in the selected map set contain terrain shading information as part of their map data. This issue could cause MapSource to fail if the user then clicked on the undo button. This is not true.

First, try running the DriveCleanup tool. Fixed issues with short route avoidances avoiding the wrong places. Fixed issue in the route dialog where an attempt to add consecutive duplicate via points in the route resulted in the undo button being activated—but when the user clicked on the Removed preservation of landscape/portrait print setting, because this caused issues on certain printers.

Another is that the driver may have been corrupted. Fixed issue with parking and rest-area labels not showing up properly in some NT maps. It may not be in this registry. 8. Another interesting thing, on the first attempt to send to the computer, the status bar goes up to 75% before it fails.

Thing is, when I try to update the driver in Device Manager, it never finds one. Fixed an issue with creating waypoints on certain features. Yep, having trouble with that exact thing with my laptop at home. To access avoidances, select “Manage Route Avoidances” on the Routing tab of the preferences dialog.

FW Nov 11, 2013 #3 LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491 +183 Good detective work so far Here's a couple other things you might look at: 1. paramax55 posted Oct 5, 2016 GPS Unit + Laptop Computer:... I am still not sure it may be the cable. Change to remember the 'Portrait' or 'Landscape' layout setting for printing.

This will be available in certain map products that include altitude information. Fixed issue in route dialog with multiple selections being ignored when “Center map on selected item” option is checked. Added support for multi-line comments for waypoints. Fixed an issue with searching for certain POIs.

In previous versions, if you copied something to the clipboard and exited MapSource, the information would not be on the clipboard for pasting when you opened up another application. Added ability to filter tracks. Sometimes it recognized it, sometimes it didn't. sad but true.

Some version information about the involved programs: - Windows XP with SP2 - Parallels 3.0 build 4560 - Mapsource 6.12.4 Before upgrading to Parallels 3.0 I did not have this problem. Hit Menu twice2. Modified MapSource so that all files, regardless of type, are added to the most recently opened files list on the file menu. Fixed an issue where addresses in multi-language products where not found when city names were in certain languages.