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gallery2 error log Thor, Iowa

I can't login anymore, what can I do now? "Your login information is incorrect. See: Upgrading Gallery 2 How do I prevent users from accessing my site during maintenance or upgrades? Here's a step by step guide: Before moving the directory, consider the security aspects and ensure that the new home for your Gallery data folder is outside the web-root. Full sized images are fine.

ERROR_LOCK_TIMEOUT See FAQ: I suddenly get an ERROR_LOCK_TIMEOUT message, what can I do? You can check if these changes have actually changed your limits by browsing to your add items -> from browser page. You might need to increase your php memory allocation for GD to run through or perhaps restart it a few times. -- chadeldridge Joined:2008-05-12 Posts:19 Posted: Sun, 2011-01-23 04:48 Symptom / Attempted Action Solution Login fails with error / warning Forgot password? (does email not work?

Some information provided here is for advanced users so if you have problems following any of the tips on this page please head to the forums and post your problems there In case PHP uploads are disabled completely on your webserver, there is a warning about that on the 'Add items' -> 'From browser' page. That is up to you, I would suggest Subversion if you are comfortable working with it or don't mind learning. See: FAQ: Images don't show up and the album / photo links don't work, what can I do?

You can also find instructions for using TortoiseSVN here . You can change this prefix in Site Admin -> URL Rewrite. If only "C/POSIX" is returned, no other languages are supported and you need to reconfigure the locales and then restart apache. Where can I find NetPBM, jhead or ImageMagick binaries to use with G2?

share|improve this answer answered Oct 7 '13 at 15:28 Firass 261 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign The site still looks the same. 1.5 Image related issues Troubleshooting and common errors On this page you can find the most common problems and errors and information how to troubleshoot If you restrict a photo based on its permissions, no outsider can get to it. Clear your web-browser caches (cookies, page cache)!

This folder has to be writable by PHP scripts and must be called "var". See: Preformatted URLs Module How do I get updated items to show first in an album (like new items do) Troubleshooting Gallery I have a problem with something, what should I Without it, Gallery won't be able to call external executables (like ImageMagick). Select the albums you'd like to import and start the process.

See FAQ: Images don't show up and the album photo links don't work either. Adding the following lines to your apache config file or your .htaccess should fix it. # Disable layout header and footer for Gallery2 LayoutIgnoreHeaderURI /path/to/gallery2/*.* LayoutIgnoreFooterURI /path/to/gallery2/*.* # PHP Gallery2 overide Where I should see dates I see "Wrong charset, cannot convert" or "Illegal character encoding" or "Illegal recode request".. if you get a blank screen when trying to access Gallery 3 just do that) Download the log file with the current date in the file name to your local PC

what is wrong? How to solve this Make sure to enter the correct login details for the database you have created for your Gallery 3 installation. If you can access the gallery, it will be better to delete from within gallery2. If you're unsure where the error message is you may post a link to the entire debug output, but please don't post the entire thing.

Does it say your user account is "disabled"? (since G2.2) Use the "Forgot Password" link on the login page to reactivate your account. How to solve this This error may result from different scenarios and solution depends on that. If you do please follow these rules: Search before you post It is likely that someone else has had the same problem before you and you will find the solution by You should upgrade to the latest stable release of G 2.0.

The more information you provide, the more likely we can help you and the faster the issue can be resolved. Another option is to ftp to a folder on the local server and use the "Add Item" -> "From Local Server" option. Check php.ini and make sure output_buffering is set to off and no output_handler is configured. This time, you'll get quite a lot of debug output when you get the error.

Gallery3:User guide:Gallery3:Troubleshooting - Gallery Codex documentation downloads search forums support development my account Personal tools Gallery3:User guide:Gallery3:Troubleshooting From Gallery Codex Previous chapter: Uploading photos and videos Back to the user guide How can I view the error log of the webserver? If you use mod_layout with Apache, make sure it is disabled for gallery files. How to show hidden files in Nautilus 3.20.3 Ubuntu 16.10?

if your webhost changes something or if you move servers). Tried installing and reinstalling to no avail. Having a database also allows other applications to interact with Gallery data, which is a big advantage over Gallery 1's proprietary data format. Also you can rebuild resizes and thumbs per album so you won't run into the memory limits. -s FlashYourWeb and Your Gallery with The E2 XML Media Player for Gallery2

If there is no .htaccess file yet, you can create one (it's just a text file with the name '.htaccess'). ensure that you got the latest version of the integration. what is wrong? 4.19 I can't install G2, what should I do? 4.20 I get a blank page / a network/webserver error, what's wrong? 4.21 I can't login anymore, what can Just keep restarting the process as it should pick up where it stopped in effect and proceed until it either falls over again or gets to the end. --

ERROR_OBSOLETE_DATA FAQ: How can I clear cached data? Please add a link to your website / G2 installation in the forum topic. Therefore if you cannot figure out the solution to your problem by yourself and need help from the forums please do the following: Do the steps necessary to get the error You can find links to NetPBM and jhead on the Gallery Download Page.

Login See FAQ: I can't login anymore, what can I do? You might also be using and outdated version of either Gallery 3 or the theme you are trying to apply or you are trying to use a theme for Gallery 2. Help? 3.19 Can I change the timezone for dates/times displayed in G2? 3.20 Can I rename main.php? 3.21 Can I install if my server only allows .php4 extension for php files? Where can I find unzip / zip binaries to use with the zip cart module?