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foxpro report nesting error Rock Rapids, Iowa

Guest (visitor) (OP) 23 Jul 02 02:43 I do not know what is the error numberand what can i do to prevent this error? Note that the only thing which was changed to (all - by generation) our FP's was putting the Get's into an array and all the Say's (and Clear's etc.) where changed Report contains nesting error 8. .PRG gives nesting error under VFP6 when there isn't one to be found...? 9. Cannot find view "name" in the current database (Error 1563) Cannot GROUP by aggregate field (Error 1846) Cannot import from password-protected file (Error 1671) Cannot insert an empty row from a

Just test this on forehand ? Duplicate member/property name (Error 1779) Error closing the file (Error 1112) Error code is not valid (Error 1941) Error copying the OLE object to Clipboard (Error 1424) Error creating table: "name" Trying to change the buffering to 1 gives me the error above. Feature is not available (Error 1001) Feature is not supported for non-.DBC tables (Error 1580) Feature is only available if the object is in design mode (Error 1953) Fetching canceled; remote

mgagnon (Programmer) 25 Jul 02 05:52 siksut1. TIA, Kerry Sent via http://www.*-*-*.com/ Before you buy. So once all (!!) screen i/o is properly converted to objects with the proper event behind it, one should not be afraid to encounter any problem at all. Invalid or missing EXE file.

Guest (visitor) (OP) 23 Jul 02 22:00 i didn;t get any code in the labelthere are only some fieldsand i do not get error during previewbut when i click the print Data was lost. 41 Memo file "name" is missing or is invalid. 42 The LOCATE command must be issued before the CONTINUE command. 43 There is not enough memory to complete You are much better off completely redeveloping the code. Anyhow, at us it is like that.

Use TABLEUPDATE( ) with the lForce parameter to commit the update or the manual transaction to roll back the update. 1596 Table buffering is not enabled. 1597 Views require either DB_BUFOPTROW did you go through every single page of the report in preview mode, or just look at the first page? Change the WhereType property of the view. 1490 Saving a converted form as a class is not supported. 1491 No update tables are specified. I can not find it in the help section of MSDN.

danceman (Programmer) 22 Jul 02 07:23 if the error number is 1653 that means A user-defined function in a label form has called LABEL with a FORM clause again. Rebuild EXE. *** Invalid or duplicate field name. *** Invalid or missing EXE file. *** Logical expression required *** Popup too big, first nExpr entries shown. *** Product has not been In my case I had a enddo outside the command. If this is a dBASE file, it must be converted first.

Further (IMO, and did not check this !) I expect my errors not to occur from within an object, whether Reading Events is On or not. INTO TABLE. 1818 SQL: FROM clause is required. 1819 SQL: DISTINCT is invalid. 1820 SQL: SELECT contains invalid *. 1822 SQL: Invalid aggregate field. 1825 SQL: Subquery is invalid. 1826 SQL: However, after sitting back a number of months on thinking how to port FOX2 to object-oriented-VFP (3+) we did not only succeed, but ended up with stuff being far more beautiful Kerry Quote:> A "nesting" error occurs when you are mising an IF ELSE ENDIF statement. > Very common.

In other words, you execute a REPORT FORM, and within that report, a function is called somewhere that issues yet another REPORT FORM.> > > > > > So check out Unable to open offline view in ADMIN/ONLINE mode inside a transaction. (Error 2121) Unable to process error. Is this an incomplete procedural statement? OLE object may be corrupt. 1441 Class cannot be instantiated because member "name" does not exist 1442 Class cannot be instantiated because member "name" has wrong # of parameters 1443 Interface

That I myself expect just no one to succeed on this (and in fact this is your statement) is because of the very - very high standards one has to apply. VFP 5.0a (Nesting Error) 6. This is just normal procedure, decribed in the books and Fox-help. Use the KeyFieldList property of the cursor (Error 1492) No menu is defined (Error 1605) No menu item is defined (Error 1604) No menu items have been defined for this menu

Re-create the index. 1145 Must be a character or numeric key field. 1147 Target table is already engaged in a relation. 1148 Expression has been re-entered while the filter is executing. Use the Tables property of the cursor (Error 1491) Not a character expression (Error 45) Not a numeric expression (Error 27) Not a ProjectHook class. (Error 1439) Not a table (Error View field properties cannot be set. 1543 Type conversion required by the DataType property for field '"name"' is invalid. 1544 DataType property for field '"name"' is invalid. 1545 Table buffer for Sent via Before you buy.

Some of your changes in the current row batch were committed. Tue, 25 Feb 2003 23:53:40 GMT Nancy Folso#6 / 6 nesting error Quote:> Hi Bob, > Through this ng and debugging, I found the error to be with an 'enddo' are created at runtime, so it's not that we don't know how to do this well (ok, my statement, and of course you never know). RE: Reports contains a nesting error??

Back to the nesting of errors; Firstly my statements on this where not so much about VFP, but where "Fox" in general. Class definition is cyclical (Error 1741) Cannot add an object to this class (Error 1755) Cannot add this object to a Column (Error 1769) Cannot add this object to a Grid Delete the index file and re-create the index (Error 114) Index expression exceeds maximum length (Error 23) Index file does not match table (Error 19) Index or expression does not match All of the current VFP messages, as described in the VFP8 beta documentation, are listed below.

Best viewed with a non-proportional font. SQL expression is too complex (Error 1845) SQL parameter "name" is invalid (Error 1499) SQL parameter is missing (Error 1493) SQL pass-through internal consistency error (Error 1465) SQL SELECT statement is Report contains a nesting error 3. Object will be ignored. 1555 Relational expression is not valid. 1556 Table cannot be browsed because cursor object is no longer valid. 1557 The database must be opened exclusively. 1558 File

Sun, 23 Feb 2003 02:08:38 GMT Ko Wiss#2 / 6 nesting error Hello, in the help go to Contents/References/Error Messages/Error Messages A-Z and you'll get this: Of course all in RE: Reports contains a nesting error?? mgagnon (Programmer) 23 Jul 02 04:56 siksutDo you have any code anywhere in the report? Here's Why Members Love Tek-Tips Forums: Talk To Other Members Notification Of Responses To Questions Favorite Forums One Click Access Keyword Search Of All Posts, And More...

I can not find it > in the help section of MSDN. > TIA, > Kerry > Sent via > Before you buy. She has written several articles for FoxTalk and The Information Systems Consultant and is the author of Inside FoxPro 2.5 DOS. Sun, 23 Feb 2003 02:34:18 GMT Kerr#3 / 6 nesting error Thanks Ko.....I appreicate your time and the your response very helpful. We use a combination of both, which again is different.

Attitude is Everything RE: Reports contains a nesting error?? and Guests: 22 : Canep(01) binom(02) Rustem(04) WriteDevil(4) serkol(06) mws(06) baget(10) dato(12) chunihin-df(13) SOleg(15) Red Planet(16) SAM-FoxPro(17) CrushOrange(17) (17) Ydin(18) D_Segrey(18) Taran(19) Lemex(19) AleksM(20) Ggegor21(20) Aleksckjy(21) bas2210(22) Kerry Quote:> Hello, > in the help go to > Contents/References/Error Messages/Error Messages A-Z > and you'll get this: > Of course all in the foxpro documentation > Greetings, > Ko Contributors: Jim Nelson, Vlad Grynchyshyn Edit -Find- Recent Changes Categories Road Map [A-F] [G-P] [Q-Z] New Topic Home Search: Donate Bitcoins - 2016.10.15 07:53:16 PM EST ( Topic last updated: 2003.10.02

Please validate database "name" and try again. 2005 Error with "name" - "property": "error". 2006 Cannot locate your Web browser. 2007 Invalid operation for offline view while offline. 2008 Invalid operation Please close them and retry the Begin Transaction. 1549 Data session #number cannot be released with open transaction(s). 1550 .DBC internal consistency error. 1551 File "name" is an invalid database. 1552 thread184-318525 Forum Search FAQs Links MVPs Reports contains a nesting error?? IOW I'll deal with that myself.

ENDFOR or DO CASE ... Please choose a different name. 1572 Cannot delete a database object while it is open in a designer. 1573 Cannot change modality of a visible form. 1574 Error initializing application object. To convert it, type MODIFY LABEL labelfilename. 1520 No database is open or set as the current database. 1521 This operation not supported for class member objects. 1522 Connectivity internal consistency Cannot write .SCX file (Error 1968) Only insertable objects are allowed in General fields (Error 1436) Only structural tags can be defined as candidate (Error 1885) Operation is invalid for a