firefox 3.5 an error occurred while trying to find updates Mccallsburg Iowa

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firefox 3.5 an error occurred while trying to find updates Mccallsburg, Iowa

Go to homepage to download 2.0. Here is what I get in the error console: Request URL: http://test/ Request Method: GET Status Code: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden Request Headers User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:26.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/26.0 Host: A new problem is that some of my other macros stopped working, but nothing too important to be franc. Rated 5 out of 5 stars by Sash_ on July 27, 2009 · permalink · translate Just wanted to tell you that this addon works fine for me in Firefox 3.5.1

Check if “Report Errors…” in the Zotero Actions menu () is active and if new errors appear after attempting to insert a citation. Furthermore, the report is against a very old version of Firefox in a release that is no longer supported. Mac (firefox-bin): Open Activity Monitor from Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities. I am working on a mac with OS X 10.4.11, using Word 2004 (en Office), and Firefox 3.5.3.

Toolbar does not appear in Word 2004/2011 or is incompatible First, check whether “Zotero Bibliographic Management” shows up in the View → Toolbars menu within Word. Instead of the 504 error page (gateway timeout), it uses a 403 error (forbidden). Does it affect all websites? for details.

Where to get help You can escalate difficult questions to the Helpdesk by adding the "escalate" tag. See this thread for details and developments. Open the copied file and check if you get the error after switching to a different bibliography style. By default, Zotero installs the scripts into ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Word Script Menu Items or ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office/Word Script Menu Items if either of these folders exist, or asks where to install them

If you are using Zotero for Firefox, ensure that Zotero and Zotero Word for Windows Integration are enabled in Tools→Add-ons→Extensions Make sure that you're running Zotero/Firefox as the same user as Many error messages can be confusing, so verifying the exact text (or as much as the user can remember) helps with correctly identifying a problem. See Applications panel - Set how Firefox handles different types of files for details. Most information needed to help users is documented in knowledge base articles.

Has the data loss occurred more than one time? As a helper on the forum, you may encounter problems that you can't find information on. You may need to end processes, especially if there is more than one Firefox process or if Firefox is not starting. Open an image editor such as Microsoft Paint. (Microsoft Paint can be found in the Start Menu under All Programs->Accessories).

Linux distributions usually don't put Firefox in its own folder, so this method can't be used. Alternatively, after upgrading the plugin, you may receive a message saying that the plugin is incompatible with the installed version of Zotero. Since that is a final error, Firefox no longer tries, and search is never invoked. If so, click its Preferences/Options button and click Reinstall Word Components.

These may become corrupt and need to be deleted. Current Solution: Java Development Kit (JDK) is now needed for the plugin to work – this is different from the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) previously necessary. Next, restart the installation process, by restarting Firefox or Zotero Standalone. Still an issue with Firefox 24.

Verify as many details as possible. You may need to manually install the file into the correct directory. Warning: about:config can be a nifty tool but it can also be dangerous and render Firefox inoperable. See the Mozilla Crash Reporter article for details on obtaining crash reports.

Mozilla doesn't recommend or endorse any specific products. If you receive an error stating “JNI exception occurred” on Linux, follow these instructions. Just had to unzip the .xpi, change the highest possible version in the file install.rdf and install it manually. If a user has extensions, we often ask the user to try reproducing the behavior with extensions disabled or in Firefox Safe Mode.

Zotero won't let you insert them, but if you copied a citation to a caption that's most likely the source of the problem. Type: cd Desktop Press Enter/Return; the prompt will go to the next line.Type: listdlls firefox.exe > mozillabug.txt Press Enter/Return again. Really want this to be fixed :) In Mozilla Bugzilla #536955, Saurabh Anand (saurabhanandiit) wrote on 2014-04-16: #26 Can we get someone to look at this please? Yes and pretty annoying.

Review the user's troubleshooting information for installed plugins and refer to Troubleshoot issues with plugins like Flash or Java to fix common Firefox problems. Windows: Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard. Move your document to a different folder. See Use plugins to play audio, video, games and more for details.

Obtain a list of modules in the Firefox process Obtaining a list of modules in the Firefox process can help identify several problems, usually on Windows. After restarting Firefox, open the Tools menu and select Crash Me Now. First try clearing the browser cache, as problems can be caused when files are downloaded wrong or when outdated versions are stored.