fios error ep00 Mcclelland Iowa

Founded in 2001 American Performance Computer Systems was established with the goal of providing high quality computer systems for reasonable prices without ever sacrificing the product by installing inferior components. Understanding our market and our abilities, American PCS now specializes in computer networking, repair, upgrade and consulting while still offering custom built PCs. Initially we only offered on-site appointments in an effort to keep costs low. But as business grew, we expanded and now lease three offices in the Omni Centre. We are now able to offer on-site appointments as well as a repair facility that allows customers to drop off their computers.

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fios error ep00 Mcclelland, Iowa

Resubmit a correction to the LSR. Loading... I don't understand why I don't have that problem, but then again, I have never seen many of the problems that others here report: lost recordings, failure to record, reboots (had customer care and quality of work is out the door right now! · actions · 2008-May-12 9:48 pm · GeekGirl1Premium Memberjoin:2007-01-28Morrisville, PA

GeekGirl1 Premium Member 2008-May-21 8:06 pm (FYI - Post

As soon as I swapped the connection, it found 75.25 MHz right away and locked to it. I can switch between hd and sd without the annoying delay and flashing scree. Scroll down to see the entire list.19 USB STATUS: USB port diagnostics. I've tried 5.

I need help fixing an error code on my set top box for verizon fios cable. .. The Ordering Matrix (SEC 3.3) found in the Business Rules will identify the required forms for your LSR request type (REQTYP) and Activity (ACT). There's no better way to absolutely positively guarantee that you are getting a good picture out of your STB. back to top 7020WT03 Response Description TN ON LSR NOT ON CSR - LSR IN QUERY This error message indicates that the Telephone Number populated on the TNS field of the

back to top 7020HT09 USOC XXX only allowed on last line of hunt group - LSR in Query This error message is advising that the USOC noted in the error description EU082 Required when (((the first position of the LSR.REQTYP = "J" and the DL.LACT = "N" or "I") or (the LSR.ACT = "N" or "T")) and (the 2nd character of the If a new install, verify that the CLEC Name populated on the CCNA Field on the LSR is authorized to submit requests for the TN populated in the ATN field on A Trouble Administration ticket cannot be created. 1001 Processing Failure No Value Will occur on system timeouts.

Sorry, I'm only familiar with the DCT-6200 and QIP6416 series.I'd doubt that there's any free RAM, as the STB is still stuttering, even after replacement. However sedentary work and. Loading... They still use "GPS Time" instead of GMT (my gripe).

Will occur when using Status Inquiry, Modify, or Close transactions. 0301 Cannot Verify Or Deny At This Time Ticket is in a state of cleared; no additional changes can be performed. This error message is advising that the order has an invalid Market Segment Change. Enter your User ID or Verizon phone number to find your Internet service. If the correct USOC is on the LSR, validate to make sure the USOC for the blocking option matches the USOC on the account.

Similar to Code 0301. The USOC guide will identify if another feature or FID is required or prohibited. Glad it's turning out to be useful · actions · 2008-Apr-23 6:24 pm · GeekGirl1Premium Memberjoin:2007-01-28Morrisville, PA2 edits

GeekGirl1 Premium Member 2008-Apr-25 10:47 pm Digital Adapter (DCT700) Diagnostics MenuHere's the info Suddenly, whenever I would attempt to connect to the FiOS DVR from the Verizon website, iPhone, or iPad, I would receive an error message.

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DL139 (Field) optional for NY orders and VT secondary Orders when the STYC = SL DL194 Contact Verizon Information Services for Yellow Page Heading changes to existing listings. Therefore, the USOC may not be requested. A Sup may need to be issued to cancel the LSR. Recommended Solution Obtain a current CSR.

May 22, 2012 . Blocking must be added to all line in this hunt group. Recommended Solution Review customer's current CSR to view what services exist and what line they exist on, the TN must be identified for the FID. Recommended Solution You should perform the Pre-Order transaction Products and Services Availability to determine the products and services available in the central office.

The process is. back to top 7020HT13 HTN not found in Hunt Group on CSR This error message indicates that the Hunting Telephone Number on the Local Service Request is invalid or doesn't exist. This error message is advising that the Line Assignable USOC on the End User's account is not eligible for Line Splitting. Close Yeah, keep it Undo Close This video is unavailable.

back to top 7020BL03 Block option to be added is already present on [email protected] - LSR in Query This error message is advising that the Block being requested on the Local Blank - not in this box.20 IB MCA STATUS: In-Band Multicast Address Filter. A trouble report has already been opened by your VLEC partner on this Loop Share circuit. In case of end customer originated queries will contain "Last Trouble Cleared Date = " with the last trouble cleared date appended to it.

back to top 7020HT10 USOC XXX not allowed on any line with hunting - LSR IN QUERY This error message is advising that the USOC identified in the error message is back to top 7030V963 Listing Required for Main Number This error message is advising that a Directory Listing is required for the Main Number. If you are able to review a CSR and it shows that the account is suspended then you will need to contact the WCCC to issue a trouble ticket. Code, Description, When Error Occurs, Action Required.

Recommended Solution You should check the Verizon Business Rules and the DL form to ensure that the YPHV field is correctly populated back to top 7030V900 Floating FID TN required in Will occur on formatting errors. 0201 No Such Object Instance Ticket does not exist. Wish you had test patterns to help set it up? My verizon fios box has an error code ob00?

EU095 Required when the 1ST character of the LSR REQTYP = "E" or "D" and the LSR ACT = "N" or "T" or the LNA on the PS & RS Forms If the hunting ID number is not on the CSR, issue a SUP to correct the change to the hunting Id. Recommended Solution Check the LSR and determine if the product or service is in conflict with the hunt feature. back to top 7020HT08 USOC XXX only allowed on last line of hunt group - LSR in Query The USOC identified in the error message is only allowed on the last

EP00, No error, EP00 will only be shown on page D01 of the diagnostics page (press OK 2 times while . Recommended Solution When submitting an LSR and it is indicated on the TOS field that it is a restructor of the Account, then CLEC needs to ensure that the AC field