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fan page error Hawarden, Iowa

Any tips from you or anybody in here is welcome!! If anyone finds a solution please let me know and I will do the same for you :) FBlearner I’ve been searching and searching for a clear explanation of the difference Since the switch to Timeline, tab has become a bit of a misnomer as it is more correct that it is just a bookmark at the top of your Page (for Thanks for sharing this article Derek.

I can't use email because it's not where the students are. If they instead use their personal accounts as admins of these pages, you will not have access to their personal profile information. Of course not everyone will see all ten posts, but still I might feel a little spammy to some. Have you found an answer yet?

HELP!! But to make this app show a and image on the landing page you need to go to your app settings and change the Tab URL and point it to the I refreshed the page and tried again. When I joined FB for the first time, I chose to be honest and create a band page.

Reply Heather Annette, we have a name for that in the real world. Could I keep the profile up and still create the business page? About Daniel SharkovDaniel Sharkov is an 18 year old student, marketer, blogger and a social media enthusiast. and all your great tips.

I had not thought of a few of these suggestions. Sed replace specific line in file How do I say "Thank you, Mr. invites from busty blondes !) I have over 600 friends on my personal account and 105or so on my fan page, so look forward to merge the two Thanks for your My screenshot shows my own name there.

I've already contacted facebook regarding my profile. Doing it out of necessity, but very interesting to see what's going on with it. I mean if someone has like 200 friends and someone else over 1,000, the chances are the latter won't see your updates as frequently, but the one with less friends won't watches segment tena With many rates and selections across solitaire diamond stud earrings, picking this you prefer may be a daunting actions.

I will definitely be able to put these tips to good use. Seems like it has become a popularity contest instead of a reliable source of vendors. Appoint a New Admin to Groups or Pages You Manage Facebook's instructions actually only include Groups, but I have to imagine this should include Pages as well. FB is good but we have to outsmart them…or try!

You just made my day! I know they are afraid to talk to real people - At least respond accurately via email F- if you ask me - you should never ever again allow Nerds to I say finding the right ways to work facebook like a boss for free is king. Reply Jeff I was hoping this article was going to answer my questions The only items transferred over will be your current profile picture and your current friends and subscribers (who will be converted to Likes).

I manage the marketing for a small yoga studioin Canada, and I too noticed a HUGE drop-off in the # of people we were reaching on a daily basis with our I have sent you a couple of messages asking if there is anyway I can convert my business page back to a profile page, but I haven't had any replies. Then you need to space posts out to when you will find your followers there. Remember puberty (at least from your parents' perspective)?

Spread the love! For this insight I am grateful for your blog post and the responses. You can contact him anytime that you have a problem like this, or anything related to spell casting, and i am sure that he will help you out. Jen Hames Has anyone else tried to do this for a client and ran into this problem?

Also take the time to like the comments that people are living as a way to say thank you. I don't know that I can recommend putting energy into a Facebook page to my new-to-small-business clients. My post is designed to show people the best way to ‘force' Facebook to show them the content they want - building the email database is great and gives you much Thank you for sharing your insight! 🙂 Daniel Daniel Sharkov Awesome to hear you liked the post Denys! 🙂 Daniel Sharkov Hey Caitlin, If you have so much to share, it

I want to have a Facebook page for the book I have written. Jon Loomer Exactly, @facebook-794003496:disqus! Jon Loomer Hey, JD! Just my 2¢.

Those of a certain age will remember an online service back in the 80's and early 90's called Prodigy. And please don't tell me to send status messages to the 16% of the people who might see them. I already sent two support tickets to FB, but I get no answer, and it looks like nobody can help me… so, until know, I discourage everyone to make this move. Contact Dr Purva Pius via email: reply to email ([email protected]) Rima Berzin I'm bringing this to the top because I didn't see a helpful answer and I'm experiencing this frustrating problem

But needed it to be a buisness page. Don't be disheartened, just be patient, log in and out and it will work. I'm in the US, so I'm not interested in following a page that is selling products that would have to be shipped from the UK. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Seriously… I don't think people realize who important it is to not depend on social media platforms that are always changing. What the hell?! What am I missing? Basically, you need to take everything from that download and add it back to your page manually (and back-date every post).

Ansab Mahmood why admins don't answer this question i am also having the same problem :( Shahriar Nirjan i am also having the same problem. Myrne Music - Starting rate 3.2% engagement - as of yesterday 19.1%!! & 402 new likes, he's expecting his first landed gig at a major club here in Singapore. bone AWESOME!!! I now want to delete the business FB page I created before it gets shut down by FB, as I have 2 separate log-ins.

he told me by mid-night when all the spirit is at rest he will cast a spell to reunite my lover back to me. I contacted Dr makaya and explained my problem to him and he cast a spell for me and assured me that in three days my ex would return to me To Daniel Daniel Sharkov Hey Serpico, Well I do believe you have a point. Nobody seems to have a solution for this.

I have a personal profile and a personally branding business page, and I can think of many who do. and email lists? Facebook made a lot of changes on the 18th March 2014, They revamped Ads Manager Edit Interface.