facebook profile customizer error Gilmore City Iowa

Address 1710 Main St, Manson, IA 50563
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facebook profile customizer error Gilmore City, Iowa

Many thanks, John Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total) You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Click on Fields tab. Remember width of left and right containers must not exceed 100. This will exclude the specified parent categories and their children categories from results.

If this happens on your install please try clicking the "restore default fields" button which is located on the fields page just above the 24 fields on the right hand side. theme - General theme to use, themes are located in /templates/themes folder. Default: float View Profile This shortcode will display the user's profile, like this example. You can do this via the ‘Change the Post Limit' setting on the plugin's Settings page.

#12 - Facebook's API may be temporarily down Facebook's API may be unreachable temporarily.

Default: 0 (zero gap from top) margin_bottom - Distance to add to the bottom margin of plugin. How to Set up to pay via Stripe Create an account on http://www.stripe.com and get the publishable key and secret key and set up the check out page at UserPro -> Marketing Feed Marketing Sales All Topics New Posts Subscribe Marketing Sales Agency Subscribe Please enter a valid email Please make a selection Thanks for subscribing! Default value : 9 orderby - This can control the order/sorting of posts and results in your grid.

If this option is not used, the user will be defined automatically based on user profile being viewed. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up I am trying to download facebook profile picture using java.But getting error up vote 1 down vote favorite 1 import java.io.FileOutputStream; import Default value : post sortmenu - This option can show or hide the sort results by dropdown where frontend users can sort the results by various ways. The value should be keys only e.g.

Marketing Feed Subscribe to any HubSpot blog now and receive a code for$200 off an INBOUND All-Access Pass. Default value : 1 cat_list_orderby - Order of categories in the nav if you enable isotope filtering. You can also upload a 'Page Tab Image' here (which must be 111 x 74 pixels), although to be honest, I'm not sure how Facebook uses this image since it no You will also need your purchase code to activate your copy.

My bad, i was taking the problem to a much higher level..I've created a page now and it seems to work fine. Default value : Loaded all content load_more_img - This is the path/URL of your loading spinner/image that get shown on the load more button until new results are loaded. If your issue is not listed here, please submit a support request in our forums. Just follow these 6 simple steps, and you'll be up and running with a more customized Facebook Page experience in no time.

Default: width & height is 80 header_only - If enabled,this shows the only header of the UserPro profile. Notifications such as ‘__ changed the cover photo' or ‘__ created a group' are filtered out and aren't displayed. Default: Register an Account register_side - This is the text that appears on the top right of registration. Software Marketing Platform Analytics Blogging Calls-To-Action Email Landing Pages Lead Management Marketing Automation SEO Social Media Website Sales Platform Free CRM Software CRM Features HubSpot Sales Learn Inbound Resources Marketing Library

If you're still having trouble displaying your posts after trying the common issues above then please contact support for assistance. Default: 1 emd_thumb - Avatar size as number only. If disabled, then user profiles and user names of the user who submitted the review comment will be shown on the review page. In other words, you can display pretty much whatever content you'd like inside your custom Facebook tab.

Select 'No' for the question about test versions -- this is more applicable if you're creating a Facebook app that you want others on Facebook to use, not if you're just Default: 1 to show memberlist_paginate_bottom - Show/hide pagination on bottom of member directory. example: publish_field_order="title,content,featured_image,category,post_type,custom_field1,custom_field2,custom_field3,etc." Enabled auto-posting on Facebook When a user publishes a new post via frontend publisher or when a user follows someone,you can update this on Facebook. Cache plugin stopped UserPro from working For the time being we recommend exluding UserPro pages from being cached to ensure UserPro works on your site.

As you all share the same IP address then if one of those website's has the IP address blacklisted/blocked by Facebook then all of the websites on the server are also If still problem persists, please make sure you have the following on your server: GD library is installed and running properly on your server PHP version 5.0 or better You have Then create new .mo file using http://po2mo.net and save it into plugins/userpro/languages folder. We are happy to assist further if needed.

We've put together step-by-step directions at the link above but are always happy to help if you have any questions or issues along the way.

#19 - Plugin update required Instead, in the case you are using memberlist shortcode, then option should be sortby - By default this is set to ‘registered’ ordering members by registration date. Important: Facebook requires youto provide a secure URL for your web page in order to set up your Facebook tab. Password Reset This shortcode will enable users to retrieve forgotten password from the frontend with unique secret key and email validation (It does not use WordPress password reset, the plugin offers

Subscribe to HubSpot's testing Get the latest articles straight to your inbox.Enter your email address below: SubscriberSource 2 Topics: Social Media Subscribe to HubSpot's Marketing Blog Join 300,000+ fellow marketers! Default value : 0 crop_width - If you enable the equal height/cropping, please enter the standard width of image here. This will exclude only the specified categories from results. You can use the add-on on any post / page / widget with the help of the shortcode.

And what about "double-click"? Reinstalling UserPro This option will reset plugin to factory settings including all fields and initial pages. Also try: [userpro template=list list_per_page=3 list_verified=1] Number of members to return. Coca-Cola is cleverly using custom tabs as a way to showcase guidelines for how Coca-Cola will govern its page, and how visitors and followersshould behave when interacting with it.

This can be name, id, slug, or count. Default: login register_redirect - Here you can set a custom URL users will be redirected here after registration type - If you setup multiple registration forms, enter the form unique name Default: 1 to show turn_off_initial_results - If set to 1, this will turn off initial member results until user makes a search in the member directory. You can find out how to convert your profile account to a page account in the first question listed on this page along with other information relating to Profile accounts.

Example 2: Make Country as Custom Filter Use this in your shortcode: emd_country="Country,dropdown" This example makes Country as custom filter and output the filter as "dropdown" choices. They cannot login though. My CEO wants permanent access to every employee's emails. When a Facebook user clicks on your custom tab, their browser sends a HTTP POST request to your tab's Secure Page Tab URL.

Go to UserPro -> Private Messagining -> Broadcast Message -> Enable the Broadcast Message Settings and enter the roles that will be able to broadcast messages to all other users Show more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Please note that these tokens expire after 2 months. My code is: imgUrl = new URL("https://graph.facebook.com/" + facebookID + "/picture?type=large"); System.out.println("problem 7"); System.out.println(imgUrl); InputStream in = (InputStream) imgUrl.getContent(); System.out.println("problem 7.5"); Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeStream(in); System.out.println("problem 8"); The error is as

Allow users to report the post as objectionable. Note: This feature is available only through VK.com Social Addon for UserPro plugin.