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ezproxy server error Farnhamville, Iowa

SOLUTION Some databases might function better in another browser when using the proxy server. and its affiliates Skip to main content Schools & departments Search: Search Information Services Information Services MenuInformation Services homeLibraryUsing the LibraryAccessing e-resourcesHow to access e-resources Who can use e-resources? Within this database's section of the file, the following link must be added: Host www.somesite.com This occurs when vendors change their server locations or domain names but have not notified us It applies to both proxy by port and proxy by hostname configurations.

Things don't function right with my Internet Service Provider (AOL, Prodigy...) ISPs that use proprietary versions of browsers, such as AOL or Prodigy, can cause some problems for EZproxy. If certain links or other aspects of the site aren't functioning, there are a few primary possibilities: EZproxy's configuration for the database needs to be adjusted If these features function when In particular, an increasing number of websites are no longer capable of being viewed by older browsers, such as Netscape 4.7 or 4.8 (WebSpirs is an example of one of those config.txt Directives MaxVirtualHosts (MV) Connect with fellow WorldShare users in the OCLC Community Center View demo Upgrade to EZproxy 6.1.13 Subscribe to OCLC updates and offers Support & Training home EZproxy

For some >sites, this will work, but others will find that they start getting a rash of >errors about EZproxy being unwilling to proxy URLs that have worked for long >periods If you go to the URL of the resource directly, you will bypass the proxy server. In this scenario, your options are to have the remote user request that the remote firewall be changed to permit access, or to move to proxy by hostname using LoginPort 80. The University of Akron Akron, OH 44325 Phone: 330-972-7111 Contact us Send mail & deliveries to UA Text-Only Research Books and Media (Catalog) Databases by Title Databases by Subject Course Guides

It has been going on for several weeks now and the problem is that it cannot be duplicated and not specific to any browser. In addition, the firewall of your off-campus location could prevent use of the proxy server. The value of 5 is used throughout for convenience. For example, if the URL is: http://pubs.acs.org/cgi-bin/asap.cgi/jprobs/asap/pdf/pr800217q.pdf and you want to access the article from off campus, your URL should be: http://library.cshl.edu:2048/login?url=http://pubs.acs.org/cgi-bin/asap.cgi/jprobs/asap/pdf/pr800217q.pdf 5.

Time of access We run several reports overnight. For example, Engineering Village, ScienceDirect, or Academic Search Complete trying to get. What do I do? If the downtime exceeds more than a few hours please notify us and we will check with the vendor and request a time estimate to resolve the problem.

University Libraries VIP Report a Building Problem Report a Noise Problem Contact a Library Department Columbia, SC 29208 • 803-777-7000 Mobile Site | Privacy Policy | Site Information © University of South Carolina If certain links or other aspects of the site aren't functioning, there are a few primary possibilities: EZproxy's configuration for the database needs to be adjusted If these features function when MaxVirtualHosts or Maximum Virtual Hosts EZProxy Server Error: Please tell your server administrator to check ezproxy.msg for MaxVirtualHosts error Contact Library Systems.  Bypassing the Proxy (On campus only) Error message reads.... These problems are generally resolved fairly quickly once the vendor is aware of them.

I finally found that the solution was to clear out the content of file ezproxy.hst. Be sure to include error messages and URLs. I'm having trouble with Adobe Acrobat pdf files? What steps did you take to get this error?

For example, if you are using: Title Some Database
URL http://www.somedb.com
Domain somedb.com change the Domain to DJ (DomainJavaScript also works, but the EZproxy documentation normally uses Edit the URL in the address bar to remove the leading proxy information. EZproxy gives this error to all remote users If all remote users receive this error, you should start by verifying your DNS entry for your EZproxy server. Example MaxVirtualHosts 300 The role of MaxVirtualHosts EZproxy places itself between remote users and remote web servers by creating virtual hosts that represents the remote web servers.

GBiz is too! Latest News Stories: Docker 1.0Heartbleed Redux: Another Gaping Wound in Web Encryption UncoveredThe Next Circle of Hell: Unpatchable SystemsGit 2.0.0 ReleasedThe Linux Foundation Announces Core Infrastructure If you believe you are a registered USC student, faculty or staff and that you are typing your ID correctly and still can't login Contact Us. In this case, you may get an error message or login screen - though it may also be that what appear to be links to those features are simply not active. In current versions of EZproxy, this causes this message to display to remote users: EZproxy Server Error Please tell your server administrator to check messages.txt for a MaxVirtualHosts error On older

What do I have to do to use EZproxy? Thus, when a hostname error occurs, EZproxy's configuration must be updated to include the new host for proxying. If you receive an error and you are using the Electronic Journal Center or something else that you know we get from OhioLINK, try using the hyperlink on the OhioLINK Web This permits you to view the resource and continue browsing without having to login again.

These will usually have the libraries' header and information relevant to explaining the problem and solution. Known Problem Check to see if the database has a recommended configuration at EZproxy Database Specific Issues 4. The default value of 200 allows for 50 people to concurrently downloading 4 files each without reaching this limit. Certain content or features are not part of the library's subscription In a few databases, the library's subscription does not provide access to all features or content on a site.

Contact us I get an error message about ezproxy when trying to access e-journals. System Problem has occurred 2. Would it be very much trouble to provide the option of freeing up hosts unused in the past 60 and/or 90 days as well? -Edward At 5:01 AM -0700 10/4/06, Chris The default of 120 determines that a session remains valid until 2 hours after the last time the user accesses a database through EZproxy.

After editing config.txt, the EZproxy server must be restarted to make changes take effect. Login page DOES NOT look like the page below: You have been redirected to a vendor's login page. What do I do? Why don't certain features or links in the database seem to function when I'm using EZproxy?

JavaScript Verify that your Antivirus program is not preventing JavaScripts from executing. This password must be created on campus. To increase MaxVirtualHosts, add 100 to the existing MaxVirtualHosts value by either increasing the number on the existing line or adding a new line like: MaxVirtualHosts 300
After increasing Database vendors often change domain names, or pull content from new computer hosts without ever informing libraries.

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