execio error while trying to get or put a record Dows Iowa

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execio error while trying to get or put a record Dows, Iowa

Using3.4 I see that the file is created with the attributes that I specified.So I do an EXECIO ....(OPEN) to get back RC=20. This is why theSYSCALLS("ON") is done.I do an ADDRESS "TSO" and then do an allocate for a specific DDNAME. Show me the error of my ways. FINIS" j=inputrec.0 /* read through the dataset line by line */ /* insert job into application specified or default */ do i = 1 to j parse upper var inputrec.i jobname

I can get DSNTIAUL to execute from a batch REXX program/job,just not the way I want it to. IRX0255E Abend in host command EXECIO or address environment routine MVS. DSS37ZRM,JS01OF02,JES ,I,SYSPRINT,GET ,READ ERROR ,**************,QSAM. The task owns the sysout.

Regards Michael E. George                                                          ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For IBM-MAIN subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions, send email to [email protected] with the message: INFO IBM-MAIN ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For IBM-MAIN subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions, Registered Office: Barnett Way, Gloucester GL4 3RL. FILE INPU NOT FREED, IS NOT ALLOCATED *** CAN ANYONE HELP ON THIS???????????????

Does anyone know howto do that? For a partitioned data set on a direct access volume or for a VIO data set, all space was filled when the program attempted to write another record. (A partitioned data FINIS" do i = 1 to systsprt.0 say systsprt.i end "EXECIO * DISKR SYSPRINT (STEM sysprint. DDNAME is a REXX environmental variable that is used to contain the DDNAME when you do not specify it explicitly on the ALLOCX statement.

When the job completes I want to be able to see all the DDs in the JCL output (SDSF or IOF or whatever one uses). Thus I'd like to be able to select the job output and see the SYSPUNCH, SYSRECnn, SYSPRINT, etc. The RC 16 frim IDCAMS is probably just a side effect of the previous error. SC218813.

Application Programmer Response: Respond as indicated in message IEC150I. FILE INPU NOT FREED, IS NOT ALLOCATED checking member INVALID DATA SET NAME, (DATA INVALID KEYWORD, ) The input or output file INPU is not allocated. Change the JCL to specify more volumes. 1. This e-mail (including any attachments) is private and confidential and may contain privileged material.

HBOS plc. EXECIO error while trying to GET or PUT a record. Hello everyone, I am new to REXX and need help with a REXX routine for use to monitor my OS-390 DB2 DASD usage. I've been requested to change it to handle large result sets.

Further info: ISPF Developer's Guide and maybe the ISPF Customization guide IEC036I could be anything based on the previous errors, but ... Search problem reporting data bases for a fix for the problem. FINIS)" If RC \= 0 Then Do Say " " Say "Unable to Read From SYSIN DD" Say "EXECIO Returned Return code " RC Say " " SC95000.

Not enough volumes were specified for the data set, through the SER, volume count, or REF subparameter of the VOLUME parameter of the DD statement. Another solution would be to just exectute the SQL using DSNTIAUL in one job step and then execute the REXX program to massage the data; however that would entail first executing Registered in England and Wales no. 2065. I guess this was a cross-post and isonly now showing up in my inbox.

Registered Office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN. I've attempted to use EXECIO's linenum parm to position the file on the first record, but still got the same error. This system completion code is accompanied by message IEC150I. It just means the table doesn't exist and you are at the bottom of the table respectively.

System Programmer Response: If the error recurs and the program is not in error, look at the messages in the job log for more information. FINIS" the way I gave to you originally depends on the variable FF1 not being previously defined and that REXX will therefore resolve it to FF1. Cheltenham & Gloucester Savings is a division of Lloyds Bank plc. Lloyds Bank plc.

Refer to the explanation of message IEC150I for complete information about the task that was ended and for an explanation of the return code in register 15. Further information: look up the message id and abend code in the MVS Messages and Codes books I suspect someone here could help with the exact problems, but these skills are You can then invoke dsntiaul and read all o/ps. FINIS" do i = 1 to sysprint.0 say sysprint.i end "EXECIO * DISKR SYSPUNCH (STEM syspunch.

Here is my JCL: //JS01OF01 EXEC PGM=IKJEFT01,DYNAMNBR=30,REGION=0M, // PARM='REXTIAUL DB2U /RPT /COMMAS /CSV' //SYSEXEC DD DSN=MY.CLIST,DISP=SHR //STEPLIB DD DISP=SHR,DSN=DB2DEVL.DSNEXIT // DD DISP=SHR,DSN=DB2DEVL.DSNLOAD // DD DISP=SHR,DSN=DB2DEVL.RUNLIB.LOAD //SYSREC00 DD DSN=MY.OUT.REXXTIAU.SYSREC00, // DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE), // Registered Office: The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ. Telephone: 0131 225 4555. The string of text is the concatenation of lines delimited by a ";". (ex. "line1;line2;line3").

Registered in Scotland no. They mean the same thing. Question #2. I wrote a Rexx “api” which called DSNTIAUL PARM(‘SQL’) – I called it DSNTISQL – before the days of DSNREXX.

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SC218813. by expat » Fri May 08, 2009 4:13 pm The input or output file INPU is not allocated. You can also do what you want with bpxwdyn. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender and delete it (including any attachments) immediately.

Ellis Systems Programmer Deere & CompanySee the reply in contextNo one else had this questionMark as assumed answeredOutcomesVisibility: CA Workload Automation1479 ViewsLast modified on Nov 8, 2013 3:46 PMTags:ca_workload_automation_esp_editionContent tagged with OP is dyslexic and misspelled the DDname in the EXECIO.Post by Steve ThompsonI have spent some time looking through the archives and didn't see anything that matches what I'm seeing.I have