gdi error in loading raw bitmap fonts Wabash Indiana

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gdi error in loading raw bitmap fonts Wabash, Indiana

Definition at line 5608 of file gdi.h. #define FONT_CHARSET_GB18030_0"GB18030-0" EUC encoding of GB18030 charset. This type of exception will not cause ThumbsPlus to terminate. ThumbsPlus could not rename the file. Except for some brain-damaged network software, this is not usually a problem. 5113 : Error reading file.

FONT_OTHER_AUTOSCALE Auto scale the bitmap glyph to match the desired font size. ThumbsPlus could not write detail information to the temporary file. ThumbsPlus could not access the specified disk drive. The spacing between characters can now be manually set.

Continuation files should have the same name as the first file, with the extensions '.002', '.003', etc. 5199 : Invalid input line in file (continuing)... An additional OS error code will be reported after the ThumbsPlus error code. The 64KB value is no accident. MG_EXPORT const DEVFONT *GUIAPI GetNextDevFont (const DEVFONT *dev_font) Get next devfont information.

It should be possible to encode special characters as icons are usually imported over non-visible glyphs Improve icon import Allow importing grayscale images into a single channel, rather than full 32bit. Updated libjpeg to 9a. Added support for generating textures with DXT1, DXT3, and DXT5 compression. ThumbsPlus was unable to either synchronize or tile all of the selected files or open view windows.

Be sure that your TEMP environment variable points to a valid, writable disk drive with sufficient free space. 5205 : Error writing Undo file. Please select a license before printing. Yes No Additional feedback? 1500 characters remaining Submit Skip this Thank you! See error: 8001 8012 Unable to initialize resources in thumbnail database.

This error occurs when ThumbsPlus gets an operating system error attempting to read the contents of a file. Restart Windows and try again. 5003 Error creating dialog box! A program exception occurred while trying to render the specified metafile. See also warning message 6016. 5051 : Cannot watermark - unexpected watermarking error ().

Also, confirm the font is an IDAutomation font. Lets try it with 5000 bitmaps.   # of Bitmaps Reserved KB KB Reserved per Bitmap KB # 64 KB Blocks/Bitmap 10.000 1.709.096 171 2.7 5.000 986.024 197 3.1   When While either selecting an batch set name from the "Set Name" dropdown list (on the Batch Process | Set Information dialog) or attempting to execute a batch process on a group ThumbsCD requires the THUMBSCD.REG file be located in the same folder as the THUMBS.TDB file.

See error: 8001 8017 Unable to update thumbnail record. No attempt is made to interpret the PostScriptTM text. Added ""clear all"" option. How can I get a RAW file to show in a PictureBox ?

Returns:TRUE on success, otherwise FALSE. update stacktrace and exception name –Sriram Sakthivel Jul 30 '13 at 21:20 "Parameter is not valid." –user2635745 Jul 30 '13 at 21:31 add a comment| Your Answer draft You must purchase a site or concurrent use license to run ThumbsPlus on a network. But one thing is missing: Call Stacks.

ThumbsPlus could not copy the file. This error is displayed during batch processing if a vector (metafile) is processed and the output file type is a raster file type. This type of exception will not cause ThumbsPlus to terminate. Note that ThumbsPlus cannot label: •CD-ROM drives.•Write-protected diskettes.•Network volumes. 5089 Cannot access disk %c:.

Runtime error, compilation error... –empi Jul 30 '13 at 20:43 ba is a byte[] while MemoryStream expects a ? Either quit the task (Image | Tasks | Quit Task) OR let the task complete before attempting to start another scan in the same area. 5054 Unable to create process to If the PostScript fonts are installed, do not use the same version as the True Type fonts. Most likely, the Thumbs8.exe file is damaged.

For more information, see error 5064. 5068 This BETA version of ThumbsPlus will expire on . FONT_UNDERLINE_LINE With underline. filterThe handle font smooth mode, it must be a value of mg_FT_LcdFilter. It was unable to create it, or unable to open it to read the details in.

Try downloading and installing the latest Direct Media installation from Microsoft. Cerious Software technical support will need this OS error code to diagnose the problem. 5057 Conversion process read pipe error: . The most likely reasons are: •The file is on a read-only (CD-ROM) or write-protected disk.•The file is on a network drive and you do not have sufficient permission to remove it.•The Add font preview Allow user to write text and see the outcome.