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fuzzyfinder_textmate error Terre Haute, Indiana

Fugitive also allows you to view what branch you are working in directly from vim. Is that an intentional change on aesthetic grounds? Thanks a lot, :Errors was indeed the command I was looking for. Yes, I'm doing the obvious; changing the Makefile "--enable-rubyinterp", doing a "make uninstall" a "make clean" and a "make install".

It’s definitely a powerful tool, but the fuzzy finder for files was not TextMate’s cmd-T, and my instinctive attempts to treat it so were causing me a lot of aggravation. Every time I used it I had to insert a space—vim is smart enough to do that for you. I have exhausted myself and cannot find an answer. Oh, look! 50 of the files in open buffers have been updated!

And I love it. Its making me so nostalgic :) Jonathan LaCour10 Oct 2008 My most frequently used rails.vim feature is :AS. ruby - Vim Command-T plugin error: could not load the C extension - St... I use make which uses cc.

Vim works fine on OSX. The difference is that it relies upon a pre-generated ctags file to be loaded in your Vim instance. Takeshi NISHIDA’s fuzzyfinder.vim script seemed like exactly what I wanted…at first. One thing that I would like is predefined filters to reduce the match list, e.g.

Then you need to have a function that will revert changes done to the plugin and an s:Execute function definition in each plugin, like this: function s:Execute_I_do_not_expect_function_with_this_suffix_to_be_defined_by_the_plugin_so_I_add_it_to_avoid_name_collisions(s) execute a:s endfunction . I spent quite a while trying to get it working, and it turns out that there aren’t any real options for colorizing specific parts of the text in that autocompletion popup More info here: http://vim.dindinx.net/vim7/html/insert.txt.php#popupmenu-keys For fun, I asked around in #vim, and got the same answer. Textmate?

It adds a TextMate mode, for completing file names in a similar fashion to how TextMate[2] does file completion in its cmd-T window. Is it just me? I like to tell it not use the quickfix window: let g:pyflakes_use_quickfix = 0 Pep8 The final plugin that really helps validate your code is the pep8 plugin, it'll make sure Fantastic for quickly switching between buffers.

When you have the file you want selected, you can do: CTRL-] – open in new tab. Brad10 Oct 2008 I have a plugin which is similar to what you are trying to achieve (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2013). Enjoy! Jamis16 Oct 2008 Vim + NERDTree works great.

Getting comfortable with a specific machines GUI version of the program seems odd. 2. I store my Vim config on github. Why use something else ? Jamis10 Oct 2008 or, not list, sorry.

In your ~/.vimrc just add: set foldmethod=indent set foldlevel=99 Then you will be able to be inside a method and type ‘za' to open and close a fold. Super handy. Cheers, Francesco flevour30 Nov 2008 @AdulteratedJedi, I’m afraid I’ve no idea why that’s happening. I’m experimenting with a cocoa tree view that sends files to a specific vim server, and it mostly works, but I’m still not sure it’s the right solution.

Iwork with a big application. No. It will save you a lot of time saving and running just to find out you missed a colon. Install fuzzyfinder_textmate, but use sethbc’s fork from github.

View More at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27632887/vim-segmentation-faul... Close Save VIM › Vim - Ruby - Dev Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search fuzzyfinder.vim and rubygems 1.3.1 are not compatible ‹ Previous Topic Next Topic › This is worth the amt of money I paid for TextMate alone! I’ll fix the docs today. @savvy, did you install the fuzzyfinder.vim script, as well as the fuzzyfinder_textmate.vim script?

The installation steps that worked for me: Compile Vim with Ruby using macports: sudo port install vim +ruby Download fuzzyfinder.vim 2.16 to ~/.vim/plugin Download fuzzy_file_finder.rb to ~/.vim/ruby Download fuzzyfinder_textmate.vim to ~/.vim/plugin If I only use console windows, then everything looks like a console window, both in the alt-tab switcher, and in the dock. TextMate’s “snippet” feature never clicked for me, and the only times I used it were by accident (when it annoyed me more than it helped me), but I really was hooked The latest MacVim supports a URL handler: mvim://open? Just add this to your environment.rb: Footnotes::Filter.prefix ||= ‘mvim://open?url=file://’ if RUBY_PLATFORM.include?(‘darwin’) Rich28 Oct 2008 @Justin, the fuzzy_ignore setting only ignores files, not directories.

So I share your feelings of “homecoming” and rediscovery. You can maybe try setting g:fuzzy_ignore to ‘vendor/rails/**’, until someone submits a patch to improve the ignore support. vim plugin FuzzyFinderTextMate error - Stack Overflow View More at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1601267/vim-plugin-fuzzyfinder... It tells me that it can’t write the file, but it DOESN’T TELL ME WHICH FUCKING FILE IT IS.

Then again, if you’ve not felt this particular pain, then you’re definitely not the target audience for MacVim. Rich10 Oct 2008 I’ve recently gotten hooked on Vim’s integration with ctags and cscope. It’s very young and fundamentally less powerful than Vim or Emacs and the only features that I really like are the ones people add-on with Bundles that have limited control. About 14366 results I was getting the same error "E492: Not an editor command: FuzzyFinderTextMate" with OS X 10.6.2.

It seems I lack sufficient reputation to post more than one link.) share|improve this answer answered Jul 30 '10 at 7:04 George Anderson 712613 add a comment| Your Answer draft I’ve wanted something like this for a long, long time. Mac users that ssh to where they use vim make sure you have X11Forwarding enabled on the /etc/ssh/sshd_config (ubuntu) and then when you log in to your shell you’ll be using Make sure the vim you installed was compiled with ruby support.

Not often, but sometimes, I’ll accidentally modify a buffer when the file hasn’t yet been checked out of perforce. It doesn’t automatically rescan, unfortunately. Fast forward three years.