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etrust cannot phone home error 1717 Boone Grove, Indiana

Try a test call to see if the issue has been resolved 7. To verify that Phone Home is working successfully Issue the following command: C:\Program Files\CA\eTrustITM>phonhome.exe The result should now be: phonehome to servername has been successful Note: In some cases, with To do so, add one of the following registry values: HKLM\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\eTrustITM\CurrentVersion\NameCli\ExcludeInterface HKLM\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\eTrustITM\CurrentVersion\NameCli\IncludeInterface These are string values with the syntax x.x.x.x/bits. Use additional Policy Proxy Servers and Redistribution Servers located in regional offices to distribute policies and updates.

Clear the application Android Click Here for a Video Guide of these steps Sometimes things can go haywire within the app. Search your home screen for the "Play Store"(android) or the "App Store" (iOS) if you need to download it. Planning a Tiered Implementation › Scaling CA Threat Manager to Fit Your Business Scaling CA Threat Manager to Fit Your Business CA Threat Manager can scale in size to fit any If the MAC address is in the database, then suppress that MAC address by putting it in the binary value: HKLM\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\eTrustITM\CurrentVersion\NameCli\ExcludeMac.

Using the registry editor of your choice, navigate to the key of the InoNmSrv service HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\InoNmSrv Add a REG_MULTI_SZ type value name DependOnGroup, and leave the value empty. NOT your FreedomPop app, but the calling app that comes with the phone. More information: CA TM Roles and Responsibilities Redistribution Server Responsibilities Policy Proxy Server Responsibilities Copyright ©2009 CA. It should read the following: Stopped iGateway servcies, and edited the spin.conf to as below AVClient Restarted the igateway service How do I solve the

On non-Windows use one of the following commands: regutilav -s \\hkey_local_machine\\software\\computerassociates\\etrustitm\\currentversion\\namecli excludeinterface REG_SZ regutilav -s \\hkey_local_machine\\software\\computerassociates\\etrustitm\\currentversion\\namecli includeinterface REG_SZ Copyright ©2009 CA. Some organizations may even extend outside national borders. Make sure you are using the FreedomPop Calling application If you have never logged into the Messaging App (android) or the FreedomPop Voice and Text application, please make sure to do All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2009 CA. Note: If you are using a Domain Administrator account, the format must be: domainname\username How do I solve the error message: Phone Home Error Message 1717? Use at least one additional server acting as both a Policy Proxy Server and a Redistribution Server. iOS Go to the dialer on the phone.

Try a test call to see if the issue has been resolved. 3. Y ou must have available data to make and receive calls/texts. In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files\CA\ShareComponents\ThidParty\Tomcat\5.5\WebApps and rename the AdminGUI folder to AdminGUI.old.Restart the Apache Tomcat Application Server Service.Log into the CA TM console. If it fails, make sure the machine is listening on port 42508 by using the command 'netstat -an'.Delete the registry the following registry value and attempt to discover the machine again

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Support Team by calling (888) 743-8107 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST. Click Herefor an Android Video Guide of these steps Attempting a carrier reset is recommended when first activating your phone, unable to connect to mobile data with strong coverage, or having Troubleshooting › Discovery Issues › Sweep Elections Sweep Elections The following tips provide debugging information for using the Sweep Election method: Verify the ITM Server is running by clicking the Client Slide or Tap "Power off" and leave the device powered down for at least 10 seconds.

Update the FreedomPop Messaging (Android) or FreedomPop Free Voice and Text (iOS) app Since we are constantly updating our apps with improvements and new features, sometimes an update is required to Select "Yes" or "OK" to ensure that our service functions correctly. On non-Windows, use the following command to delete this registry entry: regutilav -rv \\hkey_local_machine\\software\\computerassociates\\etrustitm\\currentversion id Check the eTrustITM\DB\Tree\leaves.dbf on Windows, or $CAAV_LOC/ino/DB/Tree/leaves.dbf on non-Windows, for another machine that has the same Regional offices should be identified as points from which distribution of policy and updates can be performed.

Look for Applications or Application Manager, and from there select the FreedomPop Messaging App. Now find the "App Store" application and tap to open it. The [phonehome] section in the inoc6.icf configuration file has been appropriately configured as shown below: [phonehome] ServerList=IP address of the server [License] section should contain the following value: HostServer=Host name of You can reach out to our FreedomPop Support team through the Ask a Question link on the right hand side of this page.

Get help from our Community Forums. Copyright ©2008 CA. The following list provides scaling recommendations based on three organizational sizes. Log in with a local Administer or Domain Administrator account.

The procedure below assumes the following environment: CA TM Management Console has been installed. iOS Watch the video below for steps on setting up your iOS device. Perform a power cycle. We strongly recommend having the most updated version of our app if you are experiencing issues with calling or texting.

A "no service" area will show up in white. (*Note: Check both LTE and 3G coverage, some areas only have one type available.) 2. Cycle the RPC service and reproduce the problem. If it could use improvement, please select "No". The Remote Install Utility will be used to install remotely.

On non-Windows, logs are located in $CAAV_LOC/ino/log. We strongly recommend giving the app full access to Contacts, Microphone, Notifications, Mobile Data, and allow the app to use "Background App Refresh." 3rd party calling and texting apps We recommend Accessing your FreedomPop Account How to call and text on your FreedomPop phone Setting up your phone GSM SIM card How to Check Your Coverage Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Print Tap Profile Update then PRL Update.

On Windows, the MAC addresses of the machine may be found using the command 'ipconfig /all'. Making the CA TM Server service depend on the RPC service, will effectively start the service after iLeafAdn.dll has already initialized. Follow the link to update your Billing Information with a valid payment method. Initiate a Carrier Reset.

Copyright ©2009 CA. iOS Press and hold down on the Freedompop application until all of your apps start to shake and a little "x" appears next to them (note: apps that came with the It's best to remove them and download them again later to ensure that they aren't interfering with calling or texting. Complete a PRL and Profile update Android Click herefor a video guide of these steps Settings may vary from device to the next.

To ensure that the Server service depends on the RPC service Note: Do not attempt to manage any services while executing the following steps. The CA TM Server service depends on the RPC service, not the other way around. This ensures a better overall view and management of the data in the organization. It may take up to 30 minutes for the payment to push through.

Large (over 5,000 users) Large organizations with over 5,000 users can be nationwide or global. Stop the Apache Tomcat Application Server Service. Ensure that FreedomPop is set as your default messaging application. It is essential that the FreedomPop app is set to your primary messaging and calling application, and has all the necessary permissions to work properly Android Click Herefor aVideo Guide of

Once processed, your account will be reactivated and your account status will return to Good Standing. Your account status may become suspended if: a) There isa missed or failed payment on the account. For example, assume you want to be discovered on the 141.202.14.x subnet, then you would want to set the IncludeInterface value to ''.