fatal error error while processing include xsl file Karbers Ridge Illinois

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fatal error error while processing include xsl file Karbers Ridge, Illinois

XSUE-0009: this method is not supported by string class. However I am puzzled that it doesn't work in the latest BIP Desktop.Can you point to a document that states from what releases parameter expansion in the import statement is supported?ReplyDeleteKanichiro XML-24212: type string does not allow facet string XML-24213: wildcard intersection is not exprssible XML-24214: base type not allow string derivation XML-24215: complex type string is not a derivation of type XML-20131: Element string already declared.

XML-20138: REQUIRED attribute string is not specified. XSUE-0013: The bind identifier has to be of non-zero length. My reports crash unless I remove the subtemplates.:( The Weblogic is working as a service in a Windows 2k3 SP2 and I had to add log4j-1.2.8.jar and ojpse.jar to the classpath. XML-22037: Unsupported feature: string.

XML-22048: The string element children must precede all other element children of an string element. XML-20118: NDATA value required. TXU-0504: Then jdbc:oracle:thin:@ will be supplied. XML-20106: Could not find Notation string.

I have defined the variable in xdo.cfg and restarted the server. Pre-Defined BI Publisher Property List Here is a list of the BI Publisher's pre-defined properties. _XDOCALENDAR _XDOLOCALE _XDOTIMEZONE _XDODFOVERRIDE _XDOCURMASKS _XDONFSEPARATORS _XDOCHARTTYPE _XDOOUTPUTFORMAT _XDOSVGFONTEMBED _XDOCTX All the locale related properties values The oramds imports can only import from within the apps folder structure. Share your feedback and let us hear your voice @bipublisher on Twitter, on our official Facebook page, and Youtube!

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XML-20109: PI with the name 'xml' can occur only in the beginning of the document. XML-25125: Only one of (string) attributes is allowed. When migrating to the jdk 1.4 parser, the parser only works if *all* XSL files are merged into one single file. XML-20103: Illegal token in content model.

XML-20117: NDATA not allowed in parameter entity declaration. Common Header and Footer Style with Sub Template Dynamic Date Parameter - Current Date JNDI for BI Server - Part 2 Query is cancelled with BI EE, Why? ► September (2) It appears that BIP Desktop is not expanding the value and is taking it as a literal. Juan Luis Baptiste Greenhorn Posts: 2 posted 11 years ago Tried that before, copied the xsl fils to the same dir of the xml and I still get the same error.

However, you can assign values from BI Publisher's pre-defined properties or custom properties that you can create both at a server and a report level. XML-20151: Entity string used but not declared. XML-32211: a problem was encountered because incorrect customization was specified. XML-22109: Internal error while reporting SAX events.

XML-32209: a problem was encountered because multiple javaType customizations were declared on the node string. I will show you how to set the custom property later, but for now, let's assume we have a custom property called, ‘HTTPSERVER', and the value is ‘knishida-lap.us.oracle.com:9704/bip'. As the JDE Embedded version is I understand that this feature may not be present. Illegal characters in path.

XML-20127: Reference to an external entity not allowed in attribute value. An error occurs while processing the XPath expression; the expression is ora:doXSLTransformForDoc('xsl/format_dates.xsl', $csvXml). The row id attribute can only get values from scalar columns. XML-22035: Axis string not found XML-22036: Cannot convert string to string.

Change your template to use BIP_REPORT_HOME_Q.ReplyDeleteAnonymousJanuary 15, 2010 at 2:48 AMOk, I had defined 2 variables:BIP_REPORT_HOME with a value of c:/Tools/... XML-20281: NMToken must contain atleast one NMChar. http://bipconsulting.blogspot.com/2010/01/bi-publisher-logging-debugging-part-4.htmlReplyDeleteAnonymousJanuary 14, 2010 at 5:44 AMWe are getting an error when trying this method. I am able to call sub templates with the static URl in Import statement but after applying HTTPserver property statement in xdo.cfg file and then applying in import statement it is

XML-20241: Unable to open entity string. XSUE-0008: Character string is not allowed in an XML tag name. XML-20180: User Supplied NodeFactory returned a Null Pointer. XML-24005: element string not assessed XML-24006: element string laxly assessed XML-24007: missing attribute declaration stringin element string XML-24008: type absent for attribute string XML-24009: invalid attribute value string XML-24010: attribute value

While login into BI Publisher. It's just bizzare. template. XML-20149: Element string used but not declared.

XML-22900: An internal error condition occurred. XPath Error Messages XML-23002: internal xpath error XML-23003: XPath 2.0 feature schema-element/schema-attribute not supported XML-23006: value does not match required type XML-23007: FOAR0001: division Top Tags 10g 11g apex barcodes bi bi_publisher BIEE bip bipublisher builder bursting chart charting charts check_printing conditional conference data_entry drill_down dynamic ebs education enterprise error excel Reason: ja… AlexG in Server subsystem failed. XML-20221: Invalid char in text.

Guess you have to play around with directory hierarchy either in the java code levl or at the xsl:include level. XML-20104: Could not find element with ID string. That's it for today. XML-25122: Query must be supplied to set multiple parameters XML-25123: Error reading string.

To implement this, we created one dummy report and added template rtf. XML-22039: Extension function error: Error invoking constructor for string XML-22040: Extension function error: Overloaded constructors for string XML-22041: Extension function error: Constructor not found for string XML-22042: Extension function error: Overloaded the only issue i have is it prints a blank page at the end. XML-22029: Cannot transform child string in string.

Reason: ja… Eric Elzinga in Server subsystem failed. Posted by Kan Nishida at 5:06 AM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest 24 comments: AnonymousJanuary 12, 2010 at 7:26 AMDoesn't work for me.At runtime, the variable is not Home About Posts Comments Email alsb application server bea books bpel eai edn esb fusion11g glassfish java jdeveloper open source oracle oracle aq osb soa soasuite testing weblogic webservices Home soasuite XSUE-0017: Can not create oracle.sql.STRUCT object of a type other than oracle.sql.STRUCT (i.e.

XSUE-0018: Null is not a valid DocumentHandler. XML-25014: Resulting page is an empty document or had multiple document elements. XSUE-0010: The number of bind names does not equal the number of bind values. Place the xdo.cfg under %BIP_REPOSITORY_HOME%/Admin/Configuration If your BI Publisher Repository root is ‘C:\OracleBI\xmlp\XMLP' the xdo.cfg file should be located at C:\OracleBI\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration 3.

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