fatal error 33 konica Herod Illinois

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fatal error 33 konica Herod, Illinois

I cannot get into the reset menu because of the error. I couldn't see what the error was exactly, as I was running it in Linux, so I do not have the status monitor.Now it will not even finish booting - it Or, it does not turn ON after being turned OFF. Does this indicate a problem with the optica sensor?

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When paper runs out in the 2nd paper cassette, paper empty occurs. Next, the CPU judges that the toner empty occurred when thus detected toner near empty has been counted by a certain number of times. As the PC drum turns, the transfer roller also turns. When SC29-4 or SC29-7 is detected ten times in succession, this error code is displayed.

Andy by agrygor on Oct 21, 2007 at 3:43pm Add comment Please sign in to comment 0 I have emptied the waste toner as described by Tex (there was heaps in The reflected laser beam by the rotating polygon mirror passes the three lenses, producing a parallel scanning laser beam. SC42-20 Power supply cooling fan /1 (FM19) and /2 (FM20) rotation check. Sometimes it also fails to pick paper when only a small amount of paper in tray too, even though the tray is lifted.

SC77-35 After the press motor (M105) starts the home position detection operation, the press home sensor (PS105) does not turn ON within a specified period of time. The development from the memory into the page memory is not terminated within a specified period of time. Any help would be appreciated.Sept 8-08Issue was the gears on plastic sprockets not meshing properly. It is within the hard drive only. –serverstackqns Jan 29 '15 at 4:00 Is the disk in a RAID configuration?

SC21-04 It is checked that the operations of the transfer/separa-tion cleaning motor (M18) are over. The drum READY2 signal (READY signal) is not detected within a specified period of time after M2 turns ON. However, an error detection sig-nal (24V cut off) is not detected. Accordingly, by measuring the voltage across the resistor, the printer can know whether the imaging cartridge is a new one or not.

An error detection signal of M19 is detected while M19 is ON. Accordingly, the paper fed by the synchronizing roller is pinched by the PC drum and transfer roller for feed- ing to the fusing section. Unless there’s other information out there, I was told that the only way I can roll back the update is by restoring from Time Machine.I know this might be better suited Item 1 Strobe (Host Cik) 13 Select (X flag) 25 S.

I have noticed if I assist the paper it hangs because it's not being lifted up. I couldn't find one on the Konica Minolta site. Unless the cartridges are rotated "into the removal position", one is simply UNABLE to remove any cartridge except the one that is in "removal position", and thus not needing to be Note that, during printing, the seal voltage is the same as the sleeve roller voltage and discharge is not made.

by kazbowa on Jan 29, 2007 at 9:05pm Add comment Please sign in to comment Try doing a DRAM clear in Service Mode. TS1 Fusing Roller Thermostat Shuts off the application voltage to the fusing roller heater lamp (H1) when temperature becomes abnormal. Also, due to the rotation of the polygon mirror unavailable, the displacement of the index sensor, and the index sensor being defective, the index sensor cannot detect the laser. As I said before the machine was running just fine for over a year.

any suggestions would help by kmprinter on Apr 17, 2007 at 1:46am Add comment Please sign in to comment You can turn go to menu...engine..and under the cartridges menu.. I'll try your tip the next time I refill one of the cartridges. The drum READY1 signal (READY condition) cannot be detected within a specified period of time after the drum motor (M2) turns ON. However, an error detection signal (24V cut off) is not detected.

Double feed of paper in the 2nd paper cassette is prevented by the separators of the paper cassette. As a result, the output of the photointerrupter is "H". Note that when two or more screws are used on the part in question, only one represen- tative screw may be marked with red paint. 1-4. SC70-01* Communication error.

SC77-07 Stapler rotation motor (M6) abnormality. Active: "H" PC5 1 st Cassette Paper Near Empty Sensor Detects paper near empty condition of the 1st paper cassette. LCC error. Two technicians later she has been told that they do not know why this is happening and that she will have to get a replacment card which will cost over $1200.00.

The SVV is not detected within a specified period of time. Clean this with soft cloth or tissue.If that fails, look at the rubber roller on the toners - one or more may have surface damage if found, throw it away and any help would be greatly appreciated.sheine0127 by sheine0127 on Nov 16, 2009 at 6:48pm Add comment Please sign in to comment 1 PROBLEM: Text prints much lower than the set margins. SC18-31# When the upper limit sensor /3 (PS22) is OFF, PS22 does not turn ON within a specified period of time after the paper lift motor / 3 (M21) turns ON

Synchronzing Roller Sensor (PC2) Light is blocked: Output = H Paper 1^- Light passes: Output = L [No paper] [Paper present] (6) 1st Cassette Paper Size Detection The paper size for There is a small slider (black) that is held in place by a spring. This will preserver the current config while refreshing the boot files. The printer was doing great for a few weeks when one day it started to make this grinding gear noise and the printer stopped and gave me an error 17H.

B-2 PagePro25 PARTS IDENTIFICA- TIONS B-3 PagePro25 B-4 PagePro25 CONTROL PANEL 3-1. At the same time, the paper take-up roller turns for a moment to securely feed the paper. TH1 detects a temperature of 200°C or above 30 times in a row in a specified period of time. LARGE SIZE COUNT: The total number of printed sheets for A3 and ledger after delivery from the factory is displayed in 7 digits.

NOTE The printer is hot immediately after it has been used. by unknown on Oct 4, 2008 at 8:27pm Add comment Please sign in to comment 1 I have a model 2300w which is having two problems. This abnormal condition recurs even a specified period of time after FM1 is turned OFF and then turned ON, and an error detection signal (24V cut off/ blowout of ICP) is by chuckgroenke on Nov 15, 2006 at 5:30pm Add comment Please sign in to comment 5 I just changed the toner on my magicolor 2400 and now I get the 17h

SC46-83* The receiving event of the message is undefined. Any help would be appreciated!