failed to close metadata file for error - 1 Great Lakes Illinois

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failed to close metadata file for error - 1 Great Lakes, Illinois

However, the job history shows the job completed successfull without errors. I fixed the error, and the solution would build correctly after that. In the Value box, type 0. Go to 'Project Dependencies...'.

Writer errors Writer name: 'System Writer' Writer Id: {e8132975-6f93-4464-a53e-1050253ae220} Writer Instance Id: {a9e9ad80-b17f-43fc-abde-693530722a5f} State: [9] Failed Last error: Timed out Writer name: 'WMI Writer' Writer Id: {a6ad56c2-b509-4e6c-bb19-49d8f43532f0} Writer Instance Id: {3ded1ea5-65c9-4e2b-bc0a-3064690a3eea} From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Client Computers. Make sure the check box under "Build" for the project it can't find is checked. WAITING_FOR_BACKUP_COMPLETE status for writer 'Registry Writer'.

I've seen this in the past where after fixing issues, subsequent compiles show NEW errors. If your solution path is something like "My Project%2c Very Popular%2c Unit Testing%2c Software and", it cannot resolve the metadata file, perhaps we should prevent some invalid words like %2c. Please check the network connectivity from this MediaAgent to the CommServe and make sure services are running on the CommServe. I'ld turn that off too, if I knew how to.

Error Code 19:1597 Failed to start phase [...] on [...] due to network error [...]. Error Code 9:90 Authentication failed for host [...]. I know (well, I have some evidence supporting this) that the drive itself isn't faulty as I managed to backup my old laptop to the drive using duplicity and it worked Failing the scan.

Different phases of the backup or restore operations require reviewing different communications paths. Brandon M. Here is how to get the command args and errors from deja. Buz Wilson (buzwilson) wrote on 2015-06-25: #53 I fixed this error by simply making a metadata file in .cache/deja-dup i.e., from the home directory issue the terminal command touch .cache/deja-dup/metadata dejadup-preferences

Check the project dependencies and the build order to verify if some project (say 'project1') which is dependent on other (say 'project2') is trying to build before that one (project2). Could not encrypt challenge string when connecting - authentication failed. I will upload the appropriate logs > momentarily. > > To manage notifications about this bug go to: > > Rob Frohne (frohro) wrote on 2015-10-08: #60 Hi Kirk, Here Run mountvol command from the Command Prompt at the administrator level.

For Windows Metadata collection to work the bytes per cluster needs to be 1024MetaData Collection is not supported for a Cluster size of 512You can check this using fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo Solution Make sure that the drive that hosts the snapshots has sufficient space to post the new snapshot. Most other people here say, they symlinked/over-mounted ~/.cache. Maybe this had some effect as well.

Please verify that the MediaAgent version is compatible with the client version. 19:249 Failed to get the CommServe host name from the platform information. Build Order and Project Dependencies: Go to 'Solution Explorer'. Created an "metadata" file last week. Any logs, any --verbose switch? (didn't see any..?) Dario Nuevo (wee-xbe) wrote on 2014-09-29: #34 It seems deja-dup (or duplicity) has a problem with backup folders that are either symlinks and/or

I then tried to list-current-files and got: [email protected]:~$ duplicity list-current-files file:///home/frohro Local and Remote metadata are synchronized, no sync needed. Error=9000024. Additional Information System state backups are capable of backing up both the active and passive nodes in a cluster database. Shared SAN Storage - single poin...

Success! Section (1): In general solutions: I had 4 errors of this kind (‘metadata file could not be found’) along with 1 error saying 'Source File Could Not Be Opened (‘Unspecified error Error Code 28:243 Failed to collect disk, volume or partition information for 1-Touch Backup . 1-Touch recovery cannot be done. Also, check the registry entries on the CommServe, MediaAgent and the Client.

In the Name box, type nChatterFlag. Go to 'Solution Explorer'. I also have .cache/deja-dup symlinked to elsewhere, in my case to a folder on a extra hard drive. For Windows Metadata collection to work the bytes per cluster needs to be 1024MetaData Collection is not supported for a Cluster size of 512You can check this using fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo

Backup will continue with phase [Scan]. Rebuild every project individually (Right click> Rebuild). CsSnapRequestor::BackupComplete() - Deleted snapshot set CsSnapRequestor::BackupComplete() - Aborting backup! The main alternatives seem to only offer time- and space- > consuming complete backups. > > -- > You received this bug notification because you are subscribed to > duplicity in

I will > post results. > > -- > You received this bug notification because you are subscribed to the bug > report. > > > Title: > 'metadata' file Err:[1450] Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service. Sometimes the dependencies are not sync. –Carlos Toledo Jun 1 at 0:02 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote I had this problem for days! What are Imperial officers wearing here?

For more information on how to filter system state components from a backup, see Filtering System State Components from a Backup. What I have tried so far: My code is compiling and running. I cleaned the solution and restarted VS. chmod'ing it to the more common "0755" made it work again.

From the logs these additional error codes are part of the message: In the Filescan.log file on the client 30:98 Failed to initialize Job Control. Share This Page Tweet Your username or email address: Do you already have an account? Virtualize Me I no longer see all clients on m... CsVolumeList::Add() - Added [\\?\VOLUME{0C022041-FF03-11DE-8B2F-806E6F6E6963}\] to volume list Once the FileScan.log shows the above error, then system state VSS snap is started for the file scan and the following error message is

Call GatherWriterStatus("After DoSnapshotSet") [FAILED, throwing CV exception] - Code = 0x80004005, Description = E_FAIL Entering [CsSnapRequestor::DeleteFolderMetadata] CsSnapRequestor::DeleteFolderMetadata() - Not attempting to delete folder metadata Call DoShadowSet() [FAILED, throwing CV exception] -Code If you run a job summary report with details, you should see if metadata collection failed for that volume. Just trying to save the next guy some frustration as none of the other solutions worked for me either. –Eric Jul 24 '14 at 19:22 This does not provide Applies To Virtual Server iDataAgent Note EXT4 is currently not supported for metadata collection.

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