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eyebeam error 401 Gerlaw, Illinois

Because X-Lite is supplied FREE of charge by Counterpath Software, X-Lite is NOT supported by SmartFone. Cannot enable account Bria for iPhone - Problems with registration, mostly by error 401 or 404 401 code Share Getting a code 401 Unauthorized account Adan Jimenez shared this problem 2 Back to top taariqqMagicJack NewbieJoined: 31 Aug 2008Posts: 7 Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:12 am Post subject: For now, I have plugged in one mj and forwarded other lines to If you have both online, then they may ping-pong back and forth depending on the refresh rate set to register. · actions · 2008-Nov-2 1:05 pm · (locked) VTBrendanViatalkPremium Memberjoin:2005-06-27Clifton Park,

will have to do until we find resolution to the eyeBeam issue. Your VoIP provider was unable to tell you why you're receiving errors from their server? NOTE: To continue with the installation process you will need to have both X-Lite and these instructions on the computer screen at the same time. (Reduce these instructions to a floating Reply URL 1 Martin Thorpe ● 3 years ago I get the same issue but only when off site from the PBX itself (FreePBX), for example I cannot register from my

The BEST and most widely used codec is now G729 BUT it is used at a cost and therefore only available in purchased devices. - Right Click in the display and Q: When using the eyeBeam, why doesn't my phone number automatically log out from my Cisco desk phone?A: Since the eyeBeam utilizes a different firmware than the Cisco handset, a single Q: Given that the Counterpath eyeBeam is a SIP device, does ShoreTel now support other SIP devices?A: No, ShoreTel's policy regarding SIP devices has not changed. More Information View the generic SmartFone User Instructions Login to your User Control Panel to review Personalised User Instructions Download the X-Lite 3 User Manual for extensive user information and advanced

I plug mj into the other computer and it works fine with mj softfone interface. If that fixes the problem, I'd like to know. If it does not automatically appear then RIGHT click in the display and left click (select) SIP Account Settings... What is the difference between a Single Group License and an Individual License?

Microsoft Security Bulletin(s) for October 11 2016 [Security] by NICK ADSL UK225. Thanks. Instance (Cluster) Specific TFTP See the instance-specific table in the TFTP/Config Server article to determine the correct TFTP IP addresses for programming your phones. You might try to put "[email protected]" under Account Advanced/Auth Name.

Based on : Reply URL 1 Bogdan ● 3 years ago Great.

Download and install the CounterPath X-Lite softphone.After the software has been installed and launched, click "Go to Account Settings" or navigate to Softphone > Account Settings.In the SIP Account window, enter They couldn't find anything wrong.Seems OK what you tried. An automated voice will announce your current balance to you. Sorry, "dates" was not the right term, maybe: I mean the account-settings I got from my provider (for this comment I changend numbers and pw):

SIP-Adresse: [email protected] Auth.-Name: [email protected] Auth.-Passwort: abcdefg

How do I move/migrate Bria 4 license to a different computer? Especially when connecting to the other VoIP services at the same time.Is your PAP online too? Reply URL 1 Bogdan ● 3 years ago Martin Thorpe wrote:I get the same issue but only when off site from the PBX itself (FreePBX), for example I cannot register from How do I troubleshoot a 500/502/503 error when registering or calling?

wrote:Can you tell us what you mean by "account-dates"? Tags 401, 403, authentication, registration, calling, Error, Error 401, Error 403, Can't call How do I troubleshoot a 401/403 Authentication Error? i changed to correct time and date and the error was gone http://www.phoneservicesupport.com/error-code-list-and-thier-meanings-t1829-15.html Not sure if this will solve your problem, but someone claims it worked for them. The specific post Dial as if you are calling from another planet!

Taking a break from Windows Update [Security] by camper269. wonder if the password extracted may not be getting the correct string? The BEST and most widely used codec is now G729 BUT it is used at a cost and therefore only available in purchased devices. - Right Click in the display and What account configurations do Bria Cloud and SaaS deployments support?

Microsoft is the Devil ... [Microsoft] by NormanS551. Your Magic Jack and Magic Jack Plus phone service information resource FAQ Search Memberlist Usergroups Register Profile Log in to check your private messages Log in Error Code 401 - Unauthorized The 401 and 404 errors are both server side errors relating to verifying your identity. Their product line includes three products that emulate the form and function of the Cisco 7940, 7941, 7960, and 7961 model phones that are supported by the ShoreTel Sky phone system.

E911 Policy Due to the inherent mobility of IP phones, whether hardware-based or software-based, it is extremely difficult to determine a user's location in an emergency. You might try to put "[email protected]" under Account Advanced/Auth Name. Its a shame because the product is excellent, especially video calling but its not much use when I can only use it locally on my LAN. (for me)"Its a shame because We suggest that you authorise an Automatic Call Account Recharge to avoid running out of call credits. 3 X-Lite Features Click the arrow to the Right of the display to show

Premium SmartFone Members can call us for assistance. Can your VoIP provider review this and comment? Back to top arshadh60MagicJack NewbieJoined: 24 Jan 2009Posts: 1 Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:37 pm Post subject: heard the same from other users, since last night! I guess till someone able to find out do not plug in your majicjack to get upgrade.

Do you have any ideas why the app is not working, and what I can do to fix it? 1 The same problem Follow This Topic Oldest Newest Popular Comments I believe we use this softphone in our call center, so they should be fairly familiar with it.-Brendan · actions · 2008-Nov-2 4:59 pm · (locked) VTEricjoin:2008-08-27Clifton Park, NY

VTEric to Authentication Errors like the 401 or 403 mean that the server is rejecting your connection, usually for Registration, but sometimes for calling. Remember to make ALL your landline and mobile calls in Full International Format.

Click "OK". Did you set the Domain Proxy? · actions · 2008-Nov-3 11:32 am · (locked) anon one8join:2008-11-02

anon one8 Member 2008-Nov-3 11:57 am nothing has really worked for me and setting up Based on : http://translate.google.ca/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.qdsl-support.de/showthread.php%3Ft%3D17945&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dsip%2Bvoip3.bmcag.com%2Bauth%26biw%3D1248%26bih%3D979 We by default (if not user specified) send as Auth Name just username. This provider needs [email protected]

How do you set QoS for Bria 4 in Windows? my computer time and date was messed up. If you'd like to PM me your information I can monitor the traffic that your softphone is sending to our servers.Another thing to try is to append the port number at Powered by: UseResponse - Feedback Software CounterPath Technical Support Submit Ticket Topics New Topic Knowledge Base Store Login New Topic CounterPath Technical SupportTopicProblemUncategorized Properties Category Uncategorized Tags iOS 6.1.3, iPhone,

Reply URL 1 Mike Mc. ● 2 years ago Here's the data flow: REGISTER sip:megapathvoice.com SIP/2.0Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKPjs.zrEXuLRK-r2cYtAYHg24RmAY6GDX.RMax-Forwards: 70From: "Adan Jimenez" ;tag=GlzDxxhztWTksZCsWXUcaY-K2-EJAmOqTo: "Adan Jimenez" Call-ID: 35vzxOuP-3g.CCB3RGxc7oRCi7Pci3YLCSeq: 6915 REGISTERAuthorization: digest username="5059336935", realm="megapathvoice.com", Why is Bria 4 slow to make an outgoing call? bria android tablet edition 401 unauthorized Error 401. While the Enhanced version will work with ShoreTel's system, the Basic version will save you money for the same functionality.

You should hear yourself back with a very short delay (less than half a second) This test determines a number of things. my computer time and date was messed up. D Setting the Best X-Lite Audio Codecs We suggest you ONLY use the GSM, iLBC and Speex codecs. But I am also running a windows version of Bria 4 that is accepting the credentials and works wonderfully.

You may get a warning like... "Do you want to keep blocking this program?" You MUST set your firewall to UNBLOCK all requests by X-Lite! 9 You should then mometarily get This provider needs [email protected] a lot! i specified the port but it STILL didnt workand so far as of this morning it not working · actions · 2008-Nov-2 9:39 pm · (locked) anon one8

anon one8 Member