exercise error correction english grammar Ellery Illinois

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exercise error correction english grammar Ellery, Illinois

Sometimes the schools close for the bad weather. If we want to make a statement in the simple past tense, we do not use did unless it is a short answer to a question (or to express emphasis). If we want to say that the speaker has $0.00, we can say I don't have any money or I have no money. For adjectives, this generally applies to adjectives that require an action (e.g.

Maybe they're not going to finish the project on time. A history explains a chronological collection of events that shows how something has progressed, changed, or developed over time (the history of the world, a person's medical history, the history of Generated Sat, 15 Oct 2016 11:50:34 GMT by s_ac15 (squid/3.5.20) There are no parking spaces.

We use the unreal conditional to talk about hypothetical or unreal situations in the present or future. An adverb should not be the subject of a sentence. On my first day, they told me that we are going to have orientation at the end of my first week. 18. What time was I born?

I listen a lot of different types of music. 5. We are five working on this project. I'm not very good for cooking. 13. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below.

I'm glad we're practicing grammar because I do make a lot of mistakes. The Old Man and the Sea was written for Ernest Hemingway. 10. We're probably going to be late because of all this traffic. Almost never I'm awake at midnight.   Sometimes is a bit different.

Please borrow lend me your badge so I can get into the storage closet. We need the verb to be. I'm thinking of to go home because I'm tired. 19. The “ed” adjectives are used to describe nouns that receive a feeling or emotion. 40.

We don't use Maybe + subject + I'm going to to communicate a future possibility. Answer I was still doing my homework at 10:30 pm last night. * Use past progressive for actions that were in progress at a specific time in the past.

18.     Before the main verb: Your dog probably wants to go outside. No, they don’t.

to be Are you Michael? They intensify the adjective and can be used to communicate something good or bad. 32. Answer If the world ended tomorrow, I would be very sad. * This is the second conditional. Yes, we should.

He is good for cooking. In reported speech, will becomes would or was/were going to. I study always before I go to bed. Do you have a dog?

I don't like. Can he swim? To agree with a statement which has the verb to be, we use the verb to be in the short response (or simply say "yes"). Karly is good at ice skating.

I had a hard time getting in touch with my supervisor. Examples: I agree with you I am agree with you. The baby will probably born in April. If we had a gym here, I can work out after work. 14.

like in "There is no one on the line" or "There is an empty table" .. We like it. That said, we do recommend that you resist the temptation to overanalyze these questions or to assume that there is always a re-written answer choice that is better than the underlined She's not used to speaking English on the phone, so it sometimes makes her nervous.