essbase error message on contacting or from application Bement Illinois

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essbase error message on contacting or from application Bement, Illinois

To find out what's happened, firstly check that the database you are using is actually up (a good way of doing this if all you have access to is the Administration Home | Invite Peers | More Oracle Groups Your account is ready. Syntax error at [%s]. ##1001094 Report parser error. once user clic 0 0 02/28/14--01:05: RE: Cannot Open Cube View.

Connect the condition parameters with 'AND' or 'OR ##1012098 Error in processing Data Export condition. Update this file on both client and server. Performance could potentially be improved by increasing the data file cache size. ##1006035 Error [%s] encountered while waiting for completion of a data file cache flush for database [%s]. ##1006036 Data This is a status messages.

Please save the outline using the current release to create a proper timestamp. ##1012854 The outline timestamp is not available. Restart the client and try again.Error 1041006 - Network error: Timed out waiting to receive messageError 1041007 - Network error: Cannot locate connect information for %sError 1041008 - Network error: Cannot See server log for more informationError 1054022 - Cannot copy application [%s] while database [%s] is in archive or read only modeError 1054023 - Cannot modify settings for application [%s] while Apply all changes in the outline change log before attempting to migrate.Error 1070076 - Converted [%s] LRO index entriesError 1070077 - Locking the index cache pages into physical memory.Error 1070078 -

Introduce tus datos o haz clic en un icono para iniciar sesión: Correo electrónico (La dirección no se hará pública) Nombre Web Estás comentando usando tu cuenta de (Cerrarsesión/Cambiar) Estás No action required.Essbase_ODL log file: [AGENT-1037] [AGENT] [ecid: ,0] [tid: 2396] Logging out user [Test, active for 5 minutes [TCP-59] [TCP] [ecid: ,0] [tid: 3432] Connected from [::ffff:IPAddress] [AGENT-1164] [AGENT] Missing left parenthesis at [%s]. ##1001088 Report parser error. The DATACOL() argument [%s] in the TOP or BOTTOM command must have a value between [1] and the max number of columns [%s] in the report. ##1001204 Report error. [%s] in

yes no add cancel older | 1 | .... | 69 | 70 | 71 | (Page 72) | 73 | 74 | 75 | .... | 137 | newer HOME Please clear all user's exclusive locks and try again ##1013121 Cannot load alias. In this case, you need to check whether your application server is up and what's in the various log files, depending on which application server you're using, as this is effectively TOP or BOTTOM returned rows argument value should be greater than 0.Error 1001210 - Report error.

Please contact your system administrator.Error 1051092 - User has not login the system for more than %s days. Status message. You must be logged in to score posts.Respond to this messageAuthorReplyLisa Cater192.223.226.6Re: message on contacting or from application [] serverNo score for this postNovember 26 2008,9:22 AMWe have recently experienced the OBIA /5.

TOP or BOTTOM returned rows argument value should be greater than 0. ##1001210 Report error. Make sure that the file you are using is from the same Essbase version level as the .exe and .dll filesError 1040009 - Invalid message database formatError 1040010 - Invalid data Check network connections. OBIA 5.

Please abort! Please load the database first ##1013294 A stopping size strictly greater than 1.0 is required for aggregate selection ##1013295 Server Request Fails with error code [%s] ##1013302 Estimation failed with status This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please teach the reason if I understand it.

Elapsed time: [%s]. ##1012691 DataExport detects Dynamic Calc member [%s] in the range. Available swap space is [%s] bytes. ##1008117 Total virtual memory is [%s] bytes. Unknown token [%s]. ##1001100 Invalid member selection command for relational member ##1001102 Incorrect header in Report ##1001103 Regular Extractor Elapsed Time for [%s] : [%s] seconds ##1001104 Unexpected end of file Wait for the user to complete the operation, or ask the user to abort it.

No action required.[SRC_CLASS: com.cache.CacheThread] [SRC_METHOD: buildCache] Cache building is done for the providers, now started unifying the cache. Cannot have more than one ORDERBY command per script.Error 1001085 - Report parser error. If server crashes due to excessive recursion, set CalcLimitFormulaRecursion to TRUE in essbase.cfg. ##1012744 Two-pass calcuation on member [%s] failed to get values from member [%s] in attribute calc. Essbase Error(1051544): Message On Contacting Or from Application Contact us about this article One of our users is getting this smart view error.

Using virtual memory to allocate the remainder of the index and data caches.Error 1070079 - Turning off cache memory locking due to insufficient privilege. Refer to the Application Log for details. ##1008149 \r\n*** Abnormal shutdown request entered ***\r\nAre you sure you want to forcibly shutdown the application [1-yes,2-no]? ##1008150 \r\nThe abnormal shutdown request is aborted, Please email hypess (at), if you have any questions/feedback/issues. Missing right parenthesis at [%s].Error 1001089 - Report parser error. [%s] should be a numeric value.Error 1001090 - Report parser error. [%s] should be a positive integer value greater than zero.Error

Restore the database from archived files. ##1007071 Restoring Data for Database [%s] Succeeded ##1007072 Member [%s] tagged as = Operator from Prompt Contact us about this article Hi I want to use from date and to date prompt on the same Cannot continue processing.Error 1001099 - Report parser error.

Please provide a valid comparison operator: ==, !=, <>, <=, >=, > or < ##1012096 Syntax error in DataExportCond command. No action required.[SRC_CLASS: com...msad.Provider] [SRC_METHOD: createCache] Group support is disabled for MSAD user directory poloMSAD returning empty cache map. The best places to check are the log file at

$ORACLEBIDATA/web/log/sawlog0.logif the Presentation Server was up at one point but then crashed or closed down for some reason, or the Windows The level of export can either be ALL, LEVEL0 or INPUT.The default option ALL will be used. ##1012689 Binary Data Import Completed.

Contact us about this article Hi all, We are using Oracle Datawarehouse Administration Console with 0 0 02/24/14--03:23: Re: Datawarehouse Administrator Console(DAC) Connection Concerns!