error xoops handler does not exist Alsey Illinois

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error xoops handler does not exist Alsey, Illinois

I did everything this guide suggested to get debugging on, but still just got a white page.I started manually debugging by inserting die("here"); type statements in the code.Narrowed the problem to Did you know ? All I can acces is my cpanel. Reload to refresh your session.

We aren't responsible for their content. Published: 2005/3/20 3:29 • Updated: 2005/3/20 3:29 RVirtue I'm not sure why this is the case, but my XOOPS automatically put into the banned ips field in the general settings Every time I submit something I get the error message (see below). Once I did this properly, all fired up just as expected.

Somebody please help me...Thanks prashob. Some people don't need a large hosting account, and therefore, only having one DB user account is more than adequate.You missed my point entirely. Published: 2005/4/16 16:13 • Updated: 2005/4/16 16:14 JMorris Thanks for your note. Published: 2005/4/18 0:25 • Updated: 2005/4/18 0:25 toddherrold Hi guys,I don't have the link in front of me right now, but someone answered the question of how to modify the mainfile.php

Cumulus Tag Cloud - 2 2.5 2.6 4 6 admin adslight Android AntiHarvesting AntiSpam API Apple Battlefield billige Blocks Bootstrap BÈ Captcha cell cent chronolabs Clicks Cloud content CĂN CƯ demo Thanks!-SG Published: 2005/7/10 13:14 • Updated: 2005/7/10 13:14 SuperGeek Based on what I found at: single line of code must be something similar to: echo 'register_globals = ' . Top The art of asking questions. You cannot post without approval.

Bluesteel Aw:: Bug beim Einloggen #3 Registriert seit:17.03.2010 Beiträge: 6 Das Profile Modul ist installiert Ich habe aber Trotzdem das Vorstellungs Forum rausgenommen und siehe da es geht ich bedanke mich can't get in to the administration or mysql anymore...heeeelp please Published: 2005/11/29 8:16 • Updated: 2005/11/29 8:16 pandemonium I did all the tips above, but the problem still remain:Notice [PHP]: Only Recent Q&A List How to minimize Spam registrations by bots? The fix does not suggest making multiple databases, but to create multipleb database users to access the 1 XOOPS database and have these share the load by rotating these users in

They've been out for the past 1/2 hour, just when I was doing some highly intesive modifications to my site. e.g. This page cannot be displayed due to an internal error.How can i rectify the error.. If this fixes your problem, try re-enabling one at a time, to determine exactly which module(s) are causing problems.

You cannot reply to posts. All attempts produce the exact same result which is a 'white screen of death' immediately after 'Saving configuration data..' installation screen.One other thing of note, is I'm running Fedora in a You signed out in another tab or window. You can\'t post an empty message.

Check your FTP program settings (make sure you "preserve directory structure", and do NOT "force lowercase", etc...) and try again installing/uploading the files again.2. "Call to a member of a non-object"Very Often it will be in a file called config.php, base.php, include.php or common.php. Then try to refresh the site. I've turned on all permissions, I've changed structure ownership, I've disable SELinux and disabled the firewall (which is more a 'hail Mary' thing than reality).

Loop through the array, looking for the particular class.3. Published: 2005/1/27 18:24 • Updated: 2005/1/27 18:24 carnuke Herko Coomans wrote...Quote:... Near line 83, change "error_reporting(0);" to "error_reporting(E_ALL);".4. I would appreciate any assistance you could offer.Thanks, Published: 2006/3/28 16:40 • Updated: 2006/3/28 16:40 Thomazi I've been reading more on this site and I 've discovered a fix for PHP

The solution here by flaggada works perfect I can see the form and list views. EVERY time it was on of the search engines. Something wierd is going on , the local backup is working fine. But, You have to turn on debug mode to view it.

Published: 2006/2/11 8:43 • Updated: 2006/2/11 8:43 Simplepsy Simplepsy,I would suspect the problem is with the your host. XOOPS Teams Board of Advisors XOOPS Innovators XOOPSers Annual Reports XOOPS Etiquette Learn Books Wiki FAQ Demo Core Guides Module Guides Use Download XOOPS Modules Module Packs Themes Support Forums International It should be merged into the master branch soon. Error : Class XoopsIcms_memberHandler does not exist Handler Name: icms_member" Hope this helps in finding a solution.

To set this up, you must complete 5 steps.1) Log in to ops and go to packages > MySQL. Julian's commit for xoops has been merged. Is there any chance to connect to Active Directory with SSL conn... This module can then be deactivated.* Or you can go to the line # specified and change the line from include('yourfile'); to include_once('yourfile'); - ackbarrC.

etc.B: Common Error Messages (and fixes)Once you produce an error message you can begin to diagnose your particular problem. Sorry for the trouble. --Julian I will test the latest from Submitted by btesec on Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:14am. if so and you still can't get in to turn on your debug then make a polite request int he forums. get help on a question Answer here!