error writing to tunnel http socket bad file descriptor Amf Ohare Illinois

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error writing to tunnel http socket bad file descriptor Amf Ohare, Illinois

If a cache notices its own hostname in this header for an incoming request, it knows there is a forwarding loop somewhere. The fact that you are looking at an X2 already means you have nothing to worry about for your workload and honestly the X2 may even be more than you need. New module Webmin Users 0.990 When a user is created in the Webmin Users or Cluster Webmin Servers module with his theme set to 'Default Webmin theme', the error Can't locate If not specified a string of the form "Lavf/" will be used.

New module Linux Firewall 1.000 Sometimes rules cannot be moved up or down in a chain. Accepted URL formats: crypto:URL crypto+URL 3.6 data Data in-line in the URI. Why, yes you can! Definitions: int sockfd, portno; struct sockaddr_in serv_addr; –user1336117 Jun 29 '12 at 9:07 add a comment| 3 Answers 3 active oldest votes up vote 4 down vote accepted In general, when

This is explained in Features/Redirectors. The netapp write performance is going to be entirely dictated by spinning disks...with two exceptions.      1.) The NVRam can soak up bursty writes...and drain those writes to the underlying disks. So you have either closed the socket before calling write() or you have corrupted the value of 'sockfd' somewhere in your code. ffmpeg -i input.flv -f avi -y md5: Note that some formats (typically MOV) require the output protocol to be seekable, so they will fail with the MD5 output protocol. 3.16 pipe

If neither of these is realistic, then the sibling relationship should not exist. Installing this Webmin module will fix the problem. New module ProFTP Server 0.90 Network addresses like are not accepted in access control. New module BIND DNS Server 1.030 On systems with a large number of zones, Webmin displays a search form on the module's main page for finding zones.

urlParse: Illegal character in hostname '' By Yomler of A combination of a bad configuration of Internet Explorer and any application which use the cydoor DLLs will produce the entry New module Printer Administration 0.990 If a webmin user is able to view print jobs, he can execute any command as root by including shell characters in the printer name in New module Samba Windows File Sharing 0.88 Existing user mapping files are not displayed and edited properly. New module Apache Webserver 0.960 The Apache module does not recognize HP's version of Apache 2.0.

Whitespace characters (space, tab, newline, carriage return) are not allowed in URI's and URL's. Segment Violation at startup or upon first request Some versions of GCC (notably 2.95.1 through 2.95.4 at least) have bugs with compiler optimization. New module BIND DNS Server 0.970 When using zones within views, the access control page for the module does not show any zones to limit a user to editing. If omitted, the announcements are sent to the commonly used SAP announcement multicast address (, or ff0e::2:7ffe if destination is an IPv6 address.

options contains a list of space-separated options of the form key=val. If you accidentally delete the PID file, Squid will continue running, and you won't be able to send it any signals. However, it will not find zones that are in views. playpath It is the path or name of the resource to play with reference to the application specified in app, may be prefixed by "mp4:".

New module BIND DNS Server 0.970 When trying to move a zone to another view, the error Not an ARRAY reference appears. The test is performed internally, before the dnsservers start. ' FATAL: Failed to make swap directory /var/spool/cache: (13) Permission denied Starting with version 1.1.15, we have required that you first run For example: cd squid-1.1.x make realclean ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/squid make What are these strange lines about removing objects? initial_pause Do not start playing the stream immediately if set to 1.

Ss 0:17 /bin/bash /etc/squid3/helper/redirector.shYou want the (squid) process id, 8893 in this case. Cache the input stream to temporary file. Disabling the old proxy settings in IE is not enought, you should delete them completely and only use the proxy.pac for example. Please type your message and try again. 2 Replies Latest reply: May 27, 2013 2:42 AM by Linjo Strange issues with OSX client onethirtyone May 21, 2013 11:55 AM Anyone ever

The best fix for this is to assign squid a low-privilege user-id and assign that uerid to a group-id. timeout Set timeout in microseconds of socket I/O operations used by the underlying low level operation. This document was generated on October 14, 2016 using makeinfo. At the same time, its not strictly a miss either since the local object data is still valid, and the Not-Modified reply is quite small.

By default no value will be sent. We really need to change ICP so that freshness parameters are included. New module PostgreSQL Database Server 1.160 On versions of PostgreSQL that don't support schemas, the error message 'Attribute schemaname not found' will appear when a database icon is clicked on. Contact us about this article I wish to find out if this is a possibility the VMware can offer from View 5.2?  Otherwise,  I see top reviews on Atlantis that seem

Alternatively, if the directory already exists, then your operating system may be returning "Permission Denied" instead of "File Exists" on the mkdir() system call. Yes, Squid supports Microsoft NTLM authentication to authenticate users accessing the proxy server itself (be it in a forward or reverse setup). If they are not the same, you may get messages like "permission denied." To find out who owns a file, use the command: ls -lA process is normally owned by the announce_port=port Specify the port to send the announcements on, defaults to 9875 if not specified.

I guess it could also happen if something made squid block for a long time. New module Updates to Webmin 1.150 Linux Firewall 1.150 On Fedora systems, the firewall module can fail with an error about the /etc/init.d/iptables status command. Your first point of troubleshooting should be to test with a newer supported release and resolve any remaining issues with that install. One of them should be a little ftp "folder." Double click on this.

Fill data in a background thread, to decouple I/O operation from demux thread. The M3U8 playlists describing the segments can be remote HTTP resources or local files, accessed using the standard file protocol. In this case, the destination address can’t be changed with ff_udp_set_remote_url later. New module File Manager 0.980 Files whose size is greater than 2 Gb are sometimes not shown properly.

ftp-anonymous-password Password used when login as anonymous user. NTLM for HTTP is, however, an horrible example of an authentication protocol, and we recommend to avoid using it in favour of saner and standard-sanctioned alternatives such as Digest. stimeout Set socket TCP I/O timeout in microseconds. Negative or very large numbers in Store Directory Statistics, or constant complaints about cache above limit In some situations where swap.state has been corrupted Squid can be very confused about how

Multiple cookies can be delimited by a newline. Do pstat -T and look for the files value, typically expressed as the ratio of currentmaximum.