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gba elink link error Weippe, Idaho

I bought this card for the same reason (Mother 3) and damn this card is crap, even my uber old FA2Advance is better, sadly it's only 256MB Any step by step Posted almost 8 years ago Quote Permalink nazoraa Hopefully somebody can help me out with the E Link, I'm having trouble with it, too. It should be. It's nothing but 006 and 002 errors.

thank you SO much! I'm using Windows XP. I guess I better start saving up cash for that EZ Flash IV and a mini SD card with a lot of memory. Thanks in advance Posted almost 8 years ago Quote Permalink Niceguyeddie616 I haven't played anything else yet, don't really have any other GBA ROMS, but I guess I can go test

Plus, the first eLink I got (the defective one I had to get a replacement for) did not come with the mini CD disc. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could ZIP up the contents of the CD and email it to [email protected] No kidding... You mean that FFVI also did not work (and thus you can infer that the Mother3 ROM didn't fail because it alone was bad)?

I have tried TWO USB cables, the one that CAME with the cart and another one for a digital camera. Mine actually had the disc too, but the file would always give me errors and would not load properly off the disc. I got an email a 3 or 4 days ago from dealextreme apologizing for a delayed shipment. Destructobot, Oct 29, 2008 Top #2 OP Newcomer Vox Vocem Newbie Joined: Oct 29, 2008 Messages: 7 Featured Posts: 0 Location: Channel Z Country: I've tried both ways, no luck, still

Have you updated the EZflash software (ezfla_up.bin)? So I'm gonna return it, and get an EZ Flash IV instead. The problem is that neither of these files show up when seen through the EZ Flash, just random gibberish. ALso make sure your GBA/DS is charging while you download the files, and make sure you're plugged into a direct USB port.

Also, from this one site I saw, I read that the "ownership" of eLink 1gbit was only 1 week-1 month. And the software, did not give me the error, it told me what was on the elink, the help file and some other weird file. Here's what I did: 1) Copied the files from the installation CD to my hard drive. 2) The “Elinkblahblah.exe” file from the installation CD gave an error whenever I tried it, It is better to contact your seller and return it for a new one." kneifelspy, Oct 30, 2008 Top #9 Newcomer thethirst Newbie Joined: Oct 31, 2008 Messages: 2 Featured

by あやすけ at 09:51 昨日はありがとうございま.. Respect is the most important thing ever. All rights reserved. Help?

Destructobot, Oct 29, 2008 Top #4 OP Newcomer Vox Vocem Newbie Joined: Oct 29, 2008 Messages: 7 Featured Posts: 0 Location: Channel Z Country: well, crud. I haven't experienced a similar enough problem to give a 100% answer… Posted almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago) Quote Permalink gBev Crap. Also will reimburse me for the cost of the return shipping. I bought the Elink too and it's a dud.

The fact that it doesn't also points to a bad memory card. it's blank! Windows will search for a driver and you just point it to the folder you copied off the CD. Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried to email eLink for support at the gbaelink site?

No matter what I try it gives me the same two errors. In any case, the recommendation has been removed from the first post, though of course that provides little solace to those of you who bought one of the duds… Posted almost Just send me a PM. It has worked fine for some others.

The elink turns on and I can use the software, but I can't burn anything to it. We haven't narrowed down yet whether it's the card, or the ROM. Posted almost 8 years ago Quote Permalink Fishing Minigame Champion The batteries in these things last pretty darn long. All others flased the "USB Online…" screen for a brief second before turning a blank, taunting white.

It's nothing but 006 and 002 errors. I waited like 3 WEEKS to get that Elink and now I Just realized it's a bad one… My Youtube Channel Posted almost 8 years ago Quote Permalink You can't grasp Posted almost 8 years ago Quote Permalink gBev Ness-Ninten-Lucas:I got my Elink last night and apparently, it's bad one… I keep getting the 006 and 002 errors. I guess you get what you pay for.

Everything on the surface seems to be working… Hail Mary Pass Possible Solution: Is your card formatted to FAT16? I can not get this to function properly even when following directions on other sites to the letter.I hope that there is some fix to this so that I don't have by かっとん at 07:55 ・DC本体がMIL-CD.. If anyone did not receive the disc, i will be more then happy to give the software I have to you!

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