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gallery2 error message Tendoy, Idaho

The gallery directory is indeed in my moodle directory, and as I said, the path check comes out correct in settings. In other words, creating a top level album "lib", "themes", "modules", "install", .. To use a different main php file after G2 is installed follow these steps: Disable and uninstall the URL-rewrite module. Once you get the original source from Subversion, updating is as simple as going to your G2 directory and typing "svn update".

How can I view the error log of the webserver? You may notice that this doesn't apply to two different domains which have the same webroot. To support upgrades, find this line in upgrade/index.php4: function generateUrl($uri, $print=true) { Just after that line add: $uri = str_replace('index.php', 'index.php4', $uri); And change upgrade/index.php to upgrade/index.php4 in main.php4. Restore will then recreate the before mentioned items to their original, backed-up state into Gallery2; creating a new MGM instance.To do list:Migrate the Gallery2 bread crumb trail to Moodle's bread crumb

How come some of my images in private albums are shown? My struggle so far is the single sign-on side of things to make it look seamless (I really really really need to figure out this scripting stuff!).HAverage of ratings: - Permalink It has to be created in the folder of your Gallery 3 installation (the folder with "index.php" in it). There's gotta be a way to fix this--I don't understand how this could be a problem...

Some hosts setup a query limit on your MySQL database. If you forgot your username please contact the admin such that the admin can look up your username in the database. "Logins to this account are temporarily disabled due to multiple Getting the error message from debug output is particularly important for ERROR_STORAGE_FAILURE errors, as this is the only way to get the detailed error message from the database. Sometimes, you are actually logged in but still see a page that looks like you are not logged in because your browser did not update its own cache.

Hope you can patch these up, this is a really great module for moodle!Average of ratings: - Permalink | Show parent | Reply Re: Gallery Module: Gallery2 IntegrationJ. When I tried to use the java full  screen slideshow applet (one of my favorite parts of gallery) I get an error saying there is no active remote module at the Specifically, look for the instructions after: Reset the password to pre-4.1 style for each user that needs to use a pre-4.1 client program. Also, you can try to override the system-wide default settings in a .htaccess file.

Possible reasons for missing / modified files: Error during the FTP upload of the Gallery 2 files Use of Winzip or other problematic archive programs to unarchive the Gallery 2 .zip. Of course your path is different from this example path. Above error message. Does it show no theme blocks at all?

To get the SVN version of Gallery, see the next FAQ item. This is in contrast to Gallery 1 that merely creates urls to images that an outsider could browse to, if he or she knew the url. Average of ratings: - Permalink | Show parent | Reply Re: Gallery Module: Gallery2 IntegrationWill TaylorThursday, 13 April 2006, 5:14 AMTHANK YOU !!!!Got this up & running smoothly without a hitch Be aware that Gallery 2 themes are not compatible with Gallery 3.

If you use mod_layout with Apache, make sure it is disabled for gallery files. I tried to play with shorter time value but it changed nothing. Why can't I install with MySQL 4.1 or higher? More Info I use apache's mod_layout and notice some odd error messages, what is the problem?

All rights reserved. If you don't have access to php.ini, you can add this line to your .htaccess file in your gallery2 folder. I'm sure this will have a major role in 'converting ' erstwhile Moodle-suspicious art, photography and media teachers . I had not counted C:\ as a common element.

what is wrong? 4.19 I can't install G2, what should I do? 4.20 I get a blank page / a network/webserver error, what's wrong? 4.21 I can't login anymore, what can The same with web directory, deleting old one and replacing it with on from backup. Why does GD cause my PHP script to run out of memory? This is a Zend Optimizer bug.

Here's a step by step guide: Before moving the directory, consider the security aspects and ensure that the new home for your Gallery data folder is outside the web-root. I'll give these for what it's worth to the developers. Does anyone know how to correct it?Average of ratings: - Permalink | Show parent | Reply回應: Re: Gallery Module: Gallery2 Integrationlin lisWednesday, 18 October 2006, 8:07 PMI change gallery2.1 to gallery2.04 See this list of requested features.

I get an error about "max key length" installing with MySQL? There are two ways of keeping current any time, using nightly builds or using Subversion. Have you visited it's settings screen? It is secondary to making a fully-featured product for now, but as we get closer to the official release date it will gain higher priority for the development team.

In this case, pay special attention to the System Checks step of the installer and make sure that there are no missing or modified files. It might be that the issue you are experiencing has already been fixed in the updated version. It's available via 'Site admin' -> 'Plugins' since Gallery 2.2. If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: Sarunas K - 2011-08-04 Before upgrade my database had 30 tables

See "Site admin" -> "Modules". Cause Most themes do not include the admin area so after you apply a new theme it will not change. Nothing works anymore after changing theme See FAQ: I have changed the default theme and nothing works anymore. You have two choices: Either access G2 only with one of the vHosts / (sub-)domains or Don't use the URL rewrite module And if you decide to use the URL rewrite

Edit your config.php and turn on buffered debug mode by changing this line: $gallery->setDebug(false); to $gallery->setDebug('buffered'); Then try again. DavidAverage of ratings: - Permalink | Show parent | ReplyRe: Gallery Module: Gallery2 IntegrationMark NielsenMonday, 27 March 2006, 1:34 AMOh!  Well that makes perfect sense   The backslashes (\) are removed from At the moment, this is over and above what I need for my specific situation on a couple of sites. Save the text file and rename it to phpinfo.php (or any other file with the extension .php) 4.

There's really no further information I have for you outside of what I've posted above which is the error message. Maybe your webhost limits how many database queries can be done per hour. If you don't have enough free disk space to migrate it all at once, you can migrate a few albums at a time. Can someone confirm?

Gives error message "Failed to login into remote gallery. Gallery needs these prefixes (/v/, /d/, ...) to detect different types of requests. /v/ for album and photo "view" pages, /d/ for download URLs, etc.