fax rsprec error Lanai City Hawaii

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fax rsprec error Lanai City, Hawaii

BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/34 APIERR_MODULE_CONFIG_TIMEOUT No valid response for module configuration. BT_STATUS_ERROR_DIAL 3/267 DIAL_NO_WINK 2nd or later wink missing for Feature Group D. BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/33 APIERR_MODULE_I20_FAILURE Module I20 enable failure. This code occurs when the user configuration file parameter max_timeout has been enabled and the specified timeout has expired.

Fuer weitere Informationen zu Infotech SecureMail Service waehlen Sie bitte: http://www.infotech.at This email has been scanned by Infotech SecureMail Service and it has been classified as secure. Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details You seem to have CSS turned off. Thanks, Lee. Call UsCareersAvailable Positions at Advantage Technologies BlogArticles (866)730-1700 RightFax Errors-Deciphering the Resulting Status Codes in RightFax Written by Fred Reda.

This Knowledge Base article helps to decipher these Resulting status codes. Without any problems!! the PersonalFaxNumber field), which allows entering of a custom fax number to be displayed in the fax cover page. BT_STATUS_ERROR_HANGUP 4/78 HNG_RCVB_INVAL_DMACNT Invalid DMA count specified for receiver.

FireFox MS-Windows node QuickBooks tripwire Login Copyright © 2004-2016 by Alexis Wilke See the License for more info Theme and hosting by Made to Order Software Corp HomeProductsOpenText RightFax Another thing to look into is the baud rate. A: This sounds like a problem with the modems signal processor or with the fax line (i.e. This looks more like a compatibility problem now between the endpoints. > Apr 20 10:46:50.42: [ 2490]: RECV training at v.29 9600 bit/s Apr 20 > 10:46:50.42: [ 2490]: MODEM set

The modem does not detect the acknowledgement signal for a successful page transmission from the remote fax machine when this error happens, so the fax is transmitted multiple times, depending on https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/hylafax-users __________________________________________________________________________________ Dieses Mail wurde vom Infotech SecureMail Service ueberprueft und fuer sicher befunden. The only problem I have is sometimes receiving faxes. Thanks, Lee. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stay on top of everything new and different, both inside and around Java (TM) technology - register by April 22, and save $200 on the JavaOne (SM) conference,

BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/31 APIERR_DRV_RESOURCES Driver out of resources. caused by line noise). Please don't fill out this field. Busy signal received after the maximum number of retries, resend the fax at a later time. 302FCP_BUSY2Normal busy; remote end busy (off-hook).

BT_STATUS_ERROR_HANGUP 4/45 HNG_XMITD_RTN_DCN Transmitted DCN after receiving RTN. Or better how to fix it! Posted in RightFax on 19 September 2013. BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/8 APIERR_TOOSOON Dialing was attempted too soon.

For more information on Infotech SecureMail direct your web browser to: http://www.infotech.at Re: [hylafax-users] "RSPREC error/got DCN (sender abort) {E103}" From: Lee Howard - 2009-04-22 12:50:41 Johannes Wagner-Meingassner wrote: > Thanks for help. BT_STATUS_ERROR_HANGUP 4/105 HNG_RCVD_DCN_COMREC DCN received for command received. BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/30 APIERR_ASYNC_CONTEXT_ERR Async context error.

Print this pageBrooktrout Error CodesLink: http://www.extracomm.com/Extracomm/FAQ.NSF/FAQs/1d85d6a58c05403b882567d8006808c4Apply to: ExtraFax for Exchange; ExtraFax for Domino All versionsLast Modified Date: 02/04/2015 Brooktrout Error Codes The following is a list of general Error Return Codes Try dialing the number from another phone to verify the number. 331FCP_SITNOCIRNo circuit detected; end office or carrier originating failure, possible dead line. I have Included the log-file and a config.ttyIAX0 file. Try resending the fax. 340FCP_UNKNOWNAn error occurred due to an unknown cause.

However, these status messages, in conjunction with troubleshooting the telephony integration, can be useful in determining the nature of failures. BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/21 APIERR_PACKET_PARSE Packet or command parse error. Return CodesDescription 1HNG_RNG_DETRing detected without a successful handshake. 2HNG_ABORTCall aborted. 3HNG_NO_LOOP_CURRENTNo loop current or A/B signaling bits. The Central Office connected to the dialed number generates this signal.

BT_STATUS_ERROR_DIAL 3/259 DIAL_NO_LOOP_CUR No loop current detected. BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/26 APIERR_FIRMWARE_ERR_DETECTED Firmware detected an error. The line is down. https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/hylafax-users __________________________________________________________________________________ Dieses Mail wurde vom Infotech SecureMail Service ueberprueft und fuer sicher befunden.

No, thanks Home / Knowledgebase Home Solutions Document management & delivery for ERP Payables Approval Purchase order approval Sales order processing Purchase order processing Electronic invoicing Proof of delivery Collections management BT_STATUS_ERROR 2/14 APIERR_RINGING Ringing during dialing attempt. Re: [hylafax-users] "RSPREC error/got DCN (sender abort) {E103}" From: Johannes Wagner-Meingassner - 2009-04-25 19:35:42 Hi! Thanks, Hannes _______________________________ Johannes Wagner-Meingassner Network Operations Telefon: +43 (0)7752 81711 DW 541 Telefax: +43 (0)7752 81744 DW 541 Email: [email protected]

If you are lucky the fax machine on the other side will also print the same document. The logs give errors like this: Dec 16 13:13:43.60: [24763]: SESSION BEGIN 00000141 441323729828Dec 16 13:13:43.60: [24763]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.1.5Dec 16 13:13:43.60: [24763]: <-- [4:ATA\r]Dec 16 13:13:49.75: [24763]: -->