fatal error in parsing device registration file Kapolei Hawaii

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fatal error in parsing device registration file Kapolei, Hawaii

I 'm still getting this issue, a reboot also didn't help. Using the script: for i in {1..50} do CID=`docker run -d -P registry` for j in {1..20} do docker kill $CID 2> /dev/null docker restart $CID done docker kill $CID 2> hmalphettes commented Sep 1, 2014 Thanks @openfirmware: on an existing ubuntu VM installing aufs and reinstalling docker was the easiest. @rthomas cheers! While installing an app, it may be displayed There is a Problem Parsing the Package.

futex_wait+0x1b2/0x290 Jul 2 23:18:45 mesos-slave-3 kernel: [1212008.000726] [] do_group_exit+0x3f/0xa0 Jul 2 23:18:45 mesos-slave-3 kernel: [1212008.000730] [] get_signal_to_deliver+0x1d0/0x6f0 Jul 2 23:18:45 mesos-slave-3 kernel: [1212008.000734] [] do_signal+0x48/0x960 Jul 2 23:18:45 mesos-slave-3 kernel: [1212008.000736] Show 20 replies 15. You can try to install apps in different network. I have already shared the solutions of error 492 and error 498 of android.

I believe this can be set with an option to the docker daemon. Then, Try to install it. users last hour0Registered user hits last week493Registered user hits last month6427 Go up issue after cloning e-tbuziness from aix to hp-UX Next thread: working days Prev thread: plsql error Message Score So if you are using an older version of android, upgrade it to the latest/newer version.2.

The run command will mount the container and the container exiting will unmount it. This is mentioned on the Ubuntu install docs, but it is noted below the 13.04/13.10 instructions. The run command will mount the container and the container exiting will unmount it. Thanks Prince Edited by: user12094010 on Mar 16, 2011 1:53 PM Edited by: user12094010 on Mar 16, 2011 1:53 PM Edited by: user12094010 on Mar 16, 2011 1:54 PM Like Show

ndevenish commented Sep 8, 2014 I'm having this problem on 1.2.0 on ubuntu 14.04. So, Make sure, You or someone has not changed the code and the apk name is not changed. That hints at why coreos provides docker is configured with btrfs and I would only get those issues with ubuntu (14.04, docker-1.2). Please enter a title.

Corrupted APK can cause Parse Error. rthomas commented Jul 10, 2014 @michaelbarton yes, this is on EC2 instances with the ephemeral volume attached as the docker target and running Ubuntu 14.04. soichih commented Sep 18, 2014 I've recently updated the kernel / glibc / initscripts, etc.. Then try to install the app.

However, this is not needed, as the basefs is read during container.Mount() anyway, and basefs is only valid while mounted (and all current calls satisfy this). This seems minor, but this is actually problematic, as the Get/Put pair will create a spurious mount/unmount cycle that is not needed and slows things down. Printing systems are now products of InfoPrint Solutions Company. Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search Our apologies...

The other bit of info I mentioned in an earlier comment is the timing - it appears to happen after about 14 days of uptime - three of our slaves had With this change devicemapper is now race-free, and container startup is slightly faster. However when I use the command: dtc -O dtb -o imx6dl-tx6u-801x.dtb imx6dl-tx6u-801x.dts ...I get the following error: Error: imx6dl-tx6u-801x.dts:13.1-9 syntax error FATAL ERROR: Unable to parse input tree Lines 12,13,14 are:- I was looking on that too (transportable tablespaces option), but I think it is not supported yet by Ebusiness to move across platforms, by the way I would like to test

ashish235 commented Jun 12, 2015 @vbatts, below is my dokcer info and Udev sync status. [[email protected] ~]# docker info Containers: 17 Images: 263 Storage Driver: devicemapper Pool Name: docker-253:1-13461186-pool Pool Blocksize: SudarshanHi Kabir,I just wants to install google play in my phone.. bukit selambau candidates: by griffin. I mean Parse Error.

Once the devicemapper device becomes corrupted like this, we are unable to start any more containers on that instance - we either reprovision it, or stop docker, frag the directory and To ensure that we only unmount once we split up run() into create() and run() and reference the mount until after the commit(). Docker-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Alexander Larsson (github: alexlarsson) 0c71015 alexlarsson referenced this issue Feb 11, 2014 Merged Avoid extra mount/unmount during container registration #4067 unclejack commented Feb 11, 2014 @alexlarsson Could Hope it helps you!

Hidayathullah ... 11700 9 A. Try to install it on another android device which have newer version of android and have powerful device.Alternative Methods to Fix Parse Error:If these methods don't work for you, You can install I m unable to install any apps and also my paly store is not working, whenever I open paly store it show white screen. All db and apps tier services are up however trying to access to OA login page via the brower IE failed and the page appslogin.jsp is not displayed.

Try to get access from any client tool (SQL*Plus) to your database server, are you able to get access? Then, Tap on Uninstall Updates. lucnfcxbdfBad terrible I hate it Hasibul KabirThis methods didn't work for you? If you are one of them using any of these, Try to disable these temporarily in case of fixing there is a problem parsing the package.

Apache log I do not have any error so for. [16/03/2011 16:40:43:845 EDT] oracle.apps.mwa = /apps2/property/product/trn/appl/mwa/11.5.0 [16/03/2011 16:40:54:619 EDT] Fatal error in parsing device registration file. FWIW, I switched back to the aufs graph storage a couple weeks ago and haven't looked back since jstaph referenced this issue Sep 17, 2014 Merged Try to avoid issues when The commands I used were: cd ~/AOSP/kernel_imx / export CROSS_COMPILE=`pwd`/../prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-‌4.6/bin/arm-eabi- / make imx_v6_v7_defconfig / make dtbs –CJBS Jun 16 '15 at 23:26 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote https://linux-sunxi.org/Device_Tree#Compiling_the_Device_Tree You can optimize your android device.

linux embedded device-tree share|improve this question edited Jun 16 '15 at 23:22 CJBS 5,29013158 asked Feb 13 '15 at 15:18 mkpeker 1814 add a comment| 2 Answers 2 active oldest votes Correct me if I am wrong.