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FEC as a Separate Stream .................................36 14.2. Congestion Considerations Another issue with the use of FEC is its impact on network congestion. For instance, wagering game presentations can be related to attracting wagering game players to groups of wagering game machines, presenting game related outcomes across multiple wagering game machines, expressing group gaming When these modes are enabled, the video macroblock (MB) header and motion vector partitions (which are much more important to the quality of the video reconstruction) are transmitted in the partition(s)

Yes, their one-nanometer transistor is certainly merely a proof of concept. (They almost sounded like they just wanted to prove it can be done--and... 10/15/201612:26:12 PM traneus I subscribe to Science, For audio streams, the bitstreams generated by many of the new audio codecs also contain data with different classes of importance. The FEC bit string is thus the bitwise exclusive OR of these protected media RTP packets. The wagering game system architecture 200 can also include a wagering game server 250 configured to control wagering game content, provide random numbers, and communicate wagering game information, account information, and

The wagering game machine 260 can also include a content store 262 configured to contain content to present on the wagering game machine 260. I need to edit my original question –Matthew Kemnetz Aug 21 '12 at 19:34 Nonetheless, that's still a very high error rate for a Reed-Solomon system. Each vector has a subset of the data units 102 ordered in a sequence. It SHALL be set to 0, and SHOULD be ignored by the receiver.

If the original media packets are a,b,c,d, the packets generated by the sender are: a b c d <-- media stream f(a,b) f(c,d) <-- FEC stream where time increases to the Interoperability considerations: none Published specification: RFC 5109 Applications that use this media type: Multimedia applications that seek to improve resiliency to loss by sending additional data with the media stream. The one or more machine-readable storage media of claim 8, wherein the operation for determining the level of importance of the gaming data includes operations comprising: detecting a wagering game event; Packet Structure ...........................................9 7.2.

FEC Packet Structure 7.1. The computer-implemented method of claim 1, wherein the one of the vectors includes non-corrupted data units, and wherein recovering the one corrupted data unit comprises: performing an additional logical exclusive disjunction N is called the sequence number base, and is sent in the FEC packet as well. Calculate the recovery bit string as the bitwise exclusive OR of the protected bit string generated from all the media packets in T and the FEC bit string generated from all

However, in some embodiments, the operations can be performed by logic not described in the block diagrams. It refers to only those packets used to generate the level 0 FEC payload, if not explicitly stated otherwise. Therefore, for brevity, to avoid having to describe the interconnection between player and player account in every instance, a “player account” may be referred to herein in either context. The account server 270 can also track performance of players, machines, and servers.

The payload format uses XOR parity codes. As a result, the lighting presentation may disappoint or even confuse the player at the wagering game machine 160 and other players at the casino. The second section describes example operating environments while the third section describes example operations performed by some embodiments. Generated Sun, 16 Oct 2016 00:51:58 GMT by s_ac15 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection

Skip the first 2 bits in the recovery bit string. 6. The gaming environment server 190 provides gaming effects data in a packet 130. In the discussion below, some flow diagrams are described with reference to block diagrams presented herein. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

The rationale for rule (b) is that the protection offset (for each associated packet) is not explicitly signaled in the protocol. Note that level 1 protection operates on a different set of packets from level 0 and has a different protection length from level 0, so are any other levels. For example, the gaming effects module 291 can coordinate a synchronized presentation of lighting and sound effects across a bank of wagering game machines and/or other lighting and sound producing devices Because the payload specified in this document is signaled by different MIMEs from those of RFC 3009, there is no concern of misidentification of different parity FEC versions in capacity exchange.

The wagering game server 250 can include a content controller 251 configured to manage and control content for the presentation of content on the wagering game machine 260. Set the payload type in the new packet to the next 7 bits in the recovery bit string. 11. Reconstruction of the RTP Payload Let T be the list of packets (FEC and media) that can be combined to recover some media packet xi at a certain protection level. Protection Operation FEC packets are formed from an "FEC bit string" that is generated from the data of the protected media RTP packets.

ULP FEC packet #2 has two protection levels. In some embodiments, the lighting device 161 and/or the speakers 167 may be attached and/or associated with the wagering game machine 160, but controlled by an external effects controller, such as The gaming environment server 190 can vary the size of the matrix 140 based on the conditions of the system 100 (e.g., based on an amount of signal noise on the If 1 is signaled, only one level of FEC protection SHALL be used in the stream.

Registration of audio/ulpfec Type name: audio Subtype name: ulpfec Required parameters: rate: The RTP timestamp rate that is used to mark the time of transmission of the FEC packet in a A property of XOR is that if “a=b^”, then “b” or “c” can be reconstructed with “a.” For example: “b=c^a” and “c=b^a.” Therefore if one of the three elements is corrupted, The gaming environment server 190 then performs XOR operations on the second group of XOR check bytes 181A-H, which generates a second additional XOR check byte 181I. ULP FEC packet #2 with two levels has length L0+L1 (plus the header overhead).

According to RFC 3550 [1], RTP participants that cannot recognize a payload type must discard it. As long as only one operand in the equation has been corrupted (e.g., element “d”), it can be recovered by XOR of the remaining elements (i.e., elements “b,” “c,” “e,” and The wagering game machine 160 includes a lighting device 161 with light sources (e.g., light emitting diodes, or LEDs 162) affixed to the lighting device 161. Set the SN field in the new packet to xi.

The padding of octet 0 MUST be added at the end of the bit string. 5. The gaming environment server 190 then organizes the FEC codes (e.g., FEC codes 134, 136, 137, and 138) and the data units 102 into the packet 130 according to a specific Why is the spacesuit design so strange in Sunshine? In MPEG-4 Visual Simple Profile, there is the optional data partitioning mode.

The multi-media casino content can be presentable across a plurality of casino content presentation devices (“presentation devices”) in a casino. Other procedures MAY be used, but the end result MUST be identical to the one described here. 8.1. The gaming effects module 291 can provide emotive lighting presentation data, including light presentation commands on emotive lighting devices on or near wagering game machines, as well as other devices within In RED packet #5, the redundant encoding block header for the FEC packet data block is as shown below in Figure 22.

Thus, the TS value in FEC packets is always monotonically increasing. Offer / Answer Consideration .............................39 15. Packet A has 200 bytes of payload, packet B 140, packet C 100, packet D 340, and packet E 160. It will be followed by the FEC packet data, which, in this case, includes an FEC header (10 octets as shown in Figure 8), ULP level 0 header (4 octets as

IANA Considerations ...........................................31 13.1. It is either 16 or 48 bits depending on the value of the L bit. RED Packet #1: Media Packet A RED Packet #2: Media Packet B RED Packet #3: Media Packet C RED Packet #4: Media Packet D RED Packet #5: FEC Packet, Media Packet RadekOriginal AssigneeWms Gaming, Inc.Export CitationBiBTeX, EndNote, RefManPatent Citations (26), Non-Patent Citations (5), Referenced by (6), Classifications (18), Legal Events (4) External Links:USPTO, USPTO Assignment, EspacenetIterative XOR-matrix forward error correction for gaming

The fourth section describes additional example embodiments while the fifth section describes additional example operating environments. The packets are separated into sections of decreasing importance, and protection of different strength is applied to each portion - the sections are known as "levels". Embodiments can be presented over any type of communications network that provides access to wagering games, such as a public network (e.g., a public wide-area-network, such as the Internet), a private The FEC algorithm and protocol are defined in this document for generic forward error correction with unequal error protection for real-time media.