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fatal error in gc suspendthread failed Irwinville, Georgia

JNI and Local/Global References The JNI references returned by JVMTI are all JNI Local References. Watch out for JVMTI memory allocations by some of the interfaces. Do you have any USB devices plugged in apart from storage, printer and kb/mouse? Certain JVMTI features are controlled by asking for JVMTI Capabilities, and some of these can cause changes in JVM performance, but most features are available while the JVM is running "full

A simple non-BCI heap dump can be obtained by tagging all the loaded classes ( jclass objects or java.lang.Class) and then using JVMTI IterateOverHeap: static jvmtiIterationControl JNICALL
heapObject(jlong class_tag, EnableGC No JVMTI equivalent. Excellent Good Fair Poor Comments: Your email address (no reply is possible without an address): Sun Privacy Policy Note: We are not able to respond to all submitted comments. Did you try starting PoE without steam running?

The tags can be used to uniquely identify an object, or provide a way to categorize objects. RunGC ForceGarbageCollection GetThreadObject No JVMTI equivalent, not needed. See JVMTI SetJNIFunctionTable. Consider some kind of tracing or logging option in your agent.

Back to top #2 Sking Posted 28 August 2014 - 09:16 AM Sking QA Lead Developers 547 posts Hey awakenevil, I Googled your error and it seems to be a GetCallTrace GetStackTrace JVMTI provides bytecode offsets, not line numbers. GetMethodClass GetMethodDeclaringClass jobjectID2jobject No JVMTI equivalent, not needed. On Windows only, export the Agent_OnLoad and Agent_OnUnload externs.

This was used for creation of JVMPI Heap, Monitor, or Object event dumps, which are not created by JVMTI. Isolate any JNI object references ( jobject, jstring, jclass, or jthread) that need to be saved. JVMPI_EVENT_THREAD_END JVMTI_EVENT_THREAD_END JVMPI_EVENT_THREAD_START JVMTI_EVENT_THREAD_START JVMPI_EVENT_INSTRUCTION_START No direct JVMTI equivalent. On Linux and Solaris, use version scripts or mapfiles when building your shared library, to limit the externs available to Agent_OnLoad and Agent_OnUnload.

Have the pause=y option print out a message containing the PID (see getpid). Same here Back to top #5 Koth Posted 06 April 2015 - 01:43 PM Koth Arch Prelate of the Obsidian Order Members 103 posts Location:Melbourne, Australia I get this consistently every Expected JVM Performance Differences Just using JVMPI triggers a different JVM bytecode interpretation loop, changing the overall application performance. In short, for garbage collection to work, the GC suspends all running threads (via SuspendThread), then calls GetThreadContext on each to figure out what memory regions to scan for references.

Essentially if you google for the KSP forum that is about this bug you will find every possible attempted solution (And some people for whom these never solved it, sadly) Mail Nicolas Cannasse 2007-07-12 14:53:51 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by audrey sotoHello,My name is Audrey,I a noob with haxe and actionScript programming. same thing, no dice. The special case of the new bytecode is a less-than-obvious problem.

It should also help to update your graphics drivers and/or Video BIOS. If in the original bytecodes this return bytecode is a target of a jump, do you want the inserted bytecodes to be executed? Ps.: Any Unity engine game by the way should have that particular FAQ entry. JNIEXPORT jint JNICALL Agent_OnLoad(JavaVM *vm, char *options, void *reserved) { jint rc; jvmtiCapabilities capabilities; jvmtiEventCallbacks callbacks; jvmtiEnv *jvmti; rc = (*vm)->GetEnv(vm, (void **)&jvmti, JVMTI_VERSION); if (rc != JNI_OK) { fprintf(stderr, "ERROR:

Access to the current thread data will almost always be faster than accessing thread data from another thread. It is important that you check these error codes, even though the examples in this document don't. Reload to refresh your session. It wasn't clear that a special JVMTI Exit function was necessary.

With JVMPI, a request would be made for a Heap Dump, and the resulting JVMPI event would contain a single large block of data in a specific format that would need static void jl_try_deliver_sigint(void) { jl_ptls_t ptls2 = jl_all_tls_states[0]; jl_safepoint_enable_sigint(); jl_wake_libuv(); if ((DWORD)-1 == SuspendThread(hMainThread)) { // error jl_safe_printf("error: SuspendThread failed\n"); return; } int force = jl_check_force_sigint(); if (force || (!ptls2->defer_signal && JVMPI_EVENT_GC_FINISH JVMTI_EVENT_GARBAGE_COLLECTION_FINISH JVMPI_EVENT_GC_START JVMTI_EVENT_GARBAGE_COLLECTION_START JVMPI_EVENT_HEAP_DUMP No direct JVMTI equivalent. Event Callbacks Once you have set up the event callback, and enabled the events, the callback functions will get called from the JVM.

The newarray bytecode doesn't have this problem, and in fact the only way to capture these objects is by inserting bytecodes immediately after the newarray bytecode (don't forget the anewarray and Note that JVMTI just provides the ability to do BCI, it does not provide BCI support code for you. If you already have an account, login here - otherwise create an account for free today! These options may not be available in all the VM's and this is not an officially supported option.

JVMPI_EVENT_RAW_MONITOR_CONTENDED_EXIT No JVMTI equivalent. Never implemented in the Reference Implementation of JVMPI. Welcome to Unity Answers The best place to ask and answer questions about development with Unity. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

It was ported to the HotSpot Virtual Machine in Java 2 SDK version 1.3.0 but was never as stable as in the original Classic Java virtual machine 1 .