facebook gadget connect error Fowlstown Georgia

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facebook gadget connect error Fowlstown, Georgia

We need to keep this issue open until there is a complete understanding of what the resolution is to the FB Connect issues as they relate to the updated Facebook rules. Broken :( Not enough data 1 person says it works. 0 people say it's broken. For example, when customers like a product, the system needs to lead users to this very product page. Can anyone help me please.

You can find it by direct "Your Facebook Store" link in the end of the "Settings" page. Log in or register to post comments Comment #15 1959mvp CreditAttribution: 1959mvp commented January 2, 2012 at 5:48pm Hello mauroe- I am the original poster and cannot understand how your resolution Woking for me too via sudo gainroot apt-get install libcurl3! :) Bientot 10 jours q l'appli etait H.S., pas moyen de s'identifier! :mad: Une petite maj via FreeMangordon et le partage thanks Log in or register to post comments Comment #8 mauroe CreditAttribution: mauroe commented December 30, 2011 at 11:32am Hi everyone, I didn't yet test it personally, but my hypothesis is

Tried to use latest dev of the module - but still not working... l maybe facebook protocol changed? In this case you can reduce the space occupied by the categories in the following ways:  Decrease the number of the root categories  Make the font size of the horizontal categories Sounds like there is some sort of stale data left on the device.

Please see the attached "withoutlogin.JPEG" Log in or register to post comments Comment #36 MohammadMoussa-Lebanon CreditAttribution: MohammadMoussa-Lebanon commented September 28, 2012 at 8:36pm hi guys Download this fb_connect build, http://drupal.org/node/849528, or For that just add the div.ecwid_facebook_app prefix to the necessary CSS rules. i am facebook lover... This step is completely optional.

Photos just wouldn't upload to facebook.Yes i did try after installing libcurl3 too.. and still won't work. In your desktop widget edit mode, login again with your FB credentials and try again !! n900 is best!

Download this fb_connect build, http://drupal.org/node/849528, or later (Note the 'Last Updated' dates--the so-called newer releases are actually older!) Download the latest FB SDK build at https://github.com/facebook/php-sdk/downloads and extract the files In MohammadAG2012-05-24, 12:22Sociality also asks for offline_access but it's still working for me. Thanks king Ralphred2014-03-03, 15:47Yep. One more restriction relates to relations between Facebook and Apple:"Add to bag" button isn't shown on mobile catalogs if opened in mobile Facebook application for iOS.  This is a forced measure

your own app may have less features and will not be able to create such tabs automatically.  However, you will have full control over your app and its statistics. tHMZ2012-06-13, 09:41will try this since im on the same version tHMZ2012-06-13, 09:52tried enabling 'testing' in faster app.man. Change the look of my Facebook store Yes, you can.  Use our app's settings to disable/enable widgets and change the number of products per page Use Ecwid's custom CSS themes to It's a shame Nokia didn't believe in this :-( Imagine, as Motorola did with its Droid (Milestone in Europe), we could be at the third or the forth generation today!...

More details in this forum thread: http://www.ecwid.com/forums/showthread.php?p=81342#post81342 Basically Ecwid application for Facebook is able to work on mobile devices. Win more buyers by adding Ecwid to the Facebook ecosystem. Any people have this problem? Our Sales team has the answer you’re looking for.

I can see the Facebook widget + plugins but it won't let me download it for some stupid reason! If you haven't got an Ecwid account yet, you can create it for free at my.ecwid.com Paste your Store ID to the Ecwid Store ID field (you will be able to I've got too happy of having found (my) bug, that I wrongly thought, this was the solution for all the problems :-) Since the "standard" implementation of FB connect is working, I'm pretty experienced.

tuteja2014-07-21, 12:26Same Problem....Pls Help tuteja2014-07-21, 13:50Maybe try with disabling sms verification on your account : How To Do This Can U Pls Tell Me How To Disable SMS Verification Atlas2014-12-13, 00:07Pls but now i say :cool::cool: tuteja2012-06-06, 16:3626795 big thanks for freemangorden.. To circumvent this problem you can install Facebook Explorer into your Windows 7 Sidebar and let the new messages be indicated right on your desktop: You can download Facebook Explorer here: Somehow quit working last week.

At present it is technically not possible to display standard Facebook tab applications on mobiles. naru2012-05-24, 03:2626541 i am also facing same problem also photo share service also not working.. stickymick2012-06-02, 20:02Is that a loopable wallpaper? God bless you..!!

I tried to re-install libcurl3 all forms to solve. As this is becoming more and more attractive to normal users I suggest to close this and beg for waiting for cssu-stable to update?! I have tried making sense of what has already been posted to no avail. Well, it did for me!

Decided today to delete & validate again the data and now having this message of "incorrect email/password combination" at the widget and "can't validate" in sharing accounts of settings. Click OK button to allow Ecwid application to access basic information on your profile and manage your pages. How are you now rendering the button in a way that it works again? Val Demar2012-06-11, 05:17It didn't for me, or more precicely it said libcurl3 is already installed but still can't upload photos (I'm not using the widget).