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extension mobility 201 error Esom Hill, Georgia

Explanation A user tried to activate Call Back, but it is already active. Probable Cause A Cisco Web Dialer session expires •After the Web Dialer servlet gets configured or •If the Cisco Tomcat Service is restarted. Click OK three times to save the new environment variable. When the administrator chooses the current device settings for the logout profile, three things occur: It causes the file ADP000011112222.cnf to be created.

Recommended Action Step1 Check the SCCP version of SRST. Table8-3 Troubleshooting Error Messages That Display on the Phone Error Code Message on Phone Recommended Action 201 [201]-Authentication error The user should check that the correct UserID and PIN were entered; Could not insert new row - duplicate value in a UNIQUE INDEX column" "Warning 7" Appears During Login to Extension Mobility IP Phone Extension Mobility Access is Slow IP Phones Stuck Click Update.

For example, if the External Call Control Diversion Maximum Hop Count service parameter is 12. Check the userid and password. Note:If you use Cisco CallManager 6.x, you can restart the Cisco Tomcat service from the CLI with this command: admin: utils service restart Cisco Tomcat Extension Mobility Users Automatically Logged Out The device profile default is used whenever a user logs into a phone model for which no user device profile exists.

Note:In order to find which IP phone the user is logged in to, go to Microsoft SQL Server > Enterprise Manager > Databases > Tables; open the table Device ,and check Symptom #1 Caller phone reset occurs after CallBack softkey is pressed but before Call Back is activated. Solution: The installation failed in some manner (root cause not yet determined). The routing response code for each routing request exists in the trace.

Probable Cause #3 The status window on the manager phone displays the message, Filtering Down. Call failed due to exceed maximum diversion hops or maximum diversion hops to the same translation pattern. –A caller receives reorder tone. –Check the Cisco CallManager SDI trace. In the Logs, i can see the error "The user is inactive in LDAP" but the user is active in AD and checked the service accounts everything fine. If you are still having problems, use the troubleshooting solutions in Table8-2.

Parked calls revert too quickly. All learned patterns get purged from Cisco Unified Communications Manager. –Troubleshoot your network to get IP connectivity restored. Table8-2 Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Manager Extension Mobility Problem Description Recommended Action After a user logs out and the phone reverts to the default device profile, the user finds that the You are now able to delete the phone.

Step2 Determine whether the button template is assigned to the phone. After discovery, check to see if a UserID/Password is passed. Then try to associate a device to the user from the Cisco CallManager Administration pages. Probable Cause The Cisco Communications Manager directory service may be down.

The Find and List Users window displays. Cisco Unified Communications Manager routes the call based on the failure treatment. –An adjunct route server diverts a call without a destination in the obligation. Corrective Action Check the dial rules. Corrective Action Perform the following procedure to properly configure the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Assistant route point.

not listed in Trusted List of Ips service parameter)Error:- Extension mobility fails after upgrade to 8.0.3Resolution:--> In the CUCM OS Administration page, re-generate the "Tomcat" certificates in all the nodes in Problem:The user that has logged in does not have any services associated with their User Device Profile. Check Mark "Enable Extension Mobility" and click on Save and Then Apply and then Reset the IP Phone. Line appearances, speed dials, services, and message waiting indicator (MWI) information are present on the phone upon log in, as if the phone is assigned to the user.

After user name and password are entered, the phone displays "LoginServer conn. Solution—Error 6 indicates an error when communicating with the database. Solution: Change System > Server name to an IP address. Procedure Step1 From Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, choose Device > CTI Route Point.

Could not insert new row - duplicate value in a UNIQUE INDEX column The root cause of the problem is the intermittent failure to delete the auto-generated device profiles (ADP) for The preceding bullet supports the case where the route is deny, but the obligation is not reject. The Find and List Actively Logged In Device window appears. Could not insert new row - duplicate value in a UNIQUE INDEX column.

Select Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS). Check the URL services, and if it is set to the CallManager Server name, replace the CallManager Server name with the IP address. Corrective Action #1 Uninstall the console by choosing Start > Programs > Cisco Unified Communications Manager Assistant > Uninstall Assistant Console and reinstall the console from URL https://:8443/ma/Install/IPMAConsoleInstall.jsp. Right-click the object, and choose Properties.

You must log in by using your Cisco Unified Communications Manager userID and password. Device Profile Default With Cisco CallManager 4.0 only, you configure a device profile default for each model of Cisco IP Phone that you want to support Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility. Probable Cause The user reset the phone. Complete these steps to delete the existing Virtual Directory.

The adjunct route server denies a call, but the CIXML response contains an obligation other than reject. Step1 Check the phone version. You cannot delete a directed call park number that a device is configured to monitor (by using the BLF button). Cisco Unified Communications Manager cannot connect to the adjunct route server. •The URI in the External Call Control Profile window in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration is not correct. (Call Routing

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