error_msg invalid parameter / error msg Baconton Georgia

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error_msg invalid parameter / error msg Baconton, Georgia

Answer: Appreciate if you can like this page if you find it useful! - Click "Like" If you think your friends would be interested to see this also, you can share DRF Network Message has been blocked. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. Error Message: CUP_XCP-GENERIC-6-XcpCmResumeSockets: Outstanding internal packet or database requests have dropped back below configured threshold.

Please try another. 381 API_EC_USERS_REGISTER_PASSWORD_WEAK Your password should be more secure. text FORMAT does not support user selected allocation unit sizes.... And this is what I've tried: "Simplified" public async Task GetSignatureUrl(){ client = new HelloSignClient("MyApiKey", ""); var request = new SignatureRequestSendRequest { Title = "this is title, Subject = "this is Reason [String] Explantion: DRF Restore process encountered errors.

Examples[edit] The content of this message is dependent on the language setting in Special:Preferences. Explantion: Cisco UP Replication Watcher has detected that replication has been successfully established on this node. Parameters incompatible with fixed disk. ... The XooMLe application currently uses this approach (XooMLe provides a RESTful API wrapper to the existing SOAP based Google API).

Reason [String] Explantion: DRF backup failed since no registered components are available. For example, the following URL connects to Meerkat and requests all Linux related articles from the past two days, and formats the results in RSS 0.91: Now, try specifying an Verify that no other process is listening on the same port using netstat Error Message: CUP_PE-GENERIC-6-PEStateStopped: Cisco UP Presence Engine service is terminating Explantion: Cisco UP Presence Engine service is terminating However, unlike SOAP, REST-based web services do not have a well-defined convention for returning error messages.

AdditionalInfo [String] Explantion: An attempt to connect to database failed. For basic information on the footnotes system, see Referencing for beginners; for advanced help, see Footnotes. An application parsing a XooMLe response would have to search for this specific error message, and this can be notoriously brittle -- for example, the XooMLe server might simply change the This alarm does not compromise data or prevent the use of the system.

If some error occurs, an XML document with zero elements is returned. Error Message: CCM_DRF_MASTER-DRF-3-DRFSftpFailure: DRF sftp operation has failed. Error Message: CCM_DRF_MASTER-DRF-3-DRFRestoreFailure: DRF Restore process failed. This can cause connectivity failures to HTTP based clients.

ServiceName [String] Reason [String] Explantion: Unable to stop the specified service after serveral retries. Error reading directory. ... fql.query,fql.multiquery 614 FQL_EC_UNRESOLVED_DEPENDENCY Unresolved dependency in multiquery fql.multiquery 615 FQL_EC_INVALID_SEARCH This search is invalid fql.query,fql.multiquery 617 FQL_EC_TOO_MANY_FRIENDS_FOR_PRELOAD The user you queried against has too many friends to be used with Preload Possible Types are ADDRESS, PORT, FILE, BOOLEAN, STRING, and UNSIGNED_INT.

See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – ]]> Wing's FAQ on FB Dev - Where can I This error can cause the data on the Cisco Unified Presence cluster to get out-of-sync with the data on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster Recommended Action: Please verify the Cisco You didn't consider the implications to caching of using 2xx responses when a resource wasn't found, for example. Something unexpected occurred that might compromise data or access to data or cause IDS to fail Recommended Action: Requires db admin intervention Error Message: CCM_DB_LAYER-DB-6-IDSReplicationInformation: Information about IDS replication class_id [String]

Recommended Action: Start the service manually. It also has the additional disadvantage of mapping all HTTP error codes to application specific error codes. admin.setAppProperties 212 API_EC_PERMISSION_OFFLINE_ACCESS Renewing a session offline requires the extended permission offline_access 220 API_EC_PERMISSION_ALBUM Album or albums not visible 221 API_EC_PERMISSION_PHOTO Photo not visible 230 API_EC_PERMISSION_MESSAGE Permissions disallow message to user If this condition persists, you may consider moving users to a different Cisco Unified Presence node in the cluster Error Message: CUP_PE-GENERIC-5-PELoadHighWaterMarkCleared: Cisco UP Presence Engine service high water threshold has

events.edit Info Section Errors Error number PHP Constant name Error description Generated by methods 1050 API_EC_INFO_NO_INFORMATION No information has been set for this user profile.setInfo 1051 API_EC_INFO_SET_FAILED Setting info failed. It significantly lowers the barrier for new developers, and enables all information related to a web service to be directly viewable within a web browser. The module does the work of parsing the commmand line, generating any usage messages, and reading a configuration file. Recommended Action: This alarm is for information purposes only; no action is required.

User Action: To find out which parameters are valid for a command, type HELP at the command prompt followed by the command name. Reason [String] Explantion: No feature selected for backup Recommended Action: Ensure at least one feature is configured before attempting a backup. Within this element, an error code and explanatory message are returned, as well as all of the parameter names and values of the original request. In case someone is in a similar scenario please check at this solution.

events.edit 1001 API_EC_EVENT_NAME_LOCKED You are no longer able to change the name of this event. if the input name does not correspond to a parameter, the function returns undef and sets error code and error message parameter_set_by indicates how the parameter value was set. Recommended Action: Please check the component backup logs and contact support if needed. Bookmarking has similar issues.

Note - If changing this setting, make sure that you have the memory available. Overview If you pass in a malformed or invalid API request, an error result gets returned. Error Message: CCM_DRF_MASTER-DRF-3-DRFTapeDeviceError: DRF is unable to access tape device. Error Message: CCM_DB_LAYER-DB-3-ErrorChangeNotifyClientTimeout: A change notification client was responding slowly and has been removed.

Explantion: The change notification buffers in shared memory have been rebuilt due to conflicts. You may also want to gather traces to examine them for anomalous activity during the time that client was blocked. Ha, o'zbekchani bilaman, Buxorodanman. This service is responsible for writing the Proxy configuration file Error Message: CUP_SIPD-GENERIC-3-ESPConfigNotFound: Cisco UP SIP Proxy service configuration file not found SipModule [String] SipAuthenModule [String] SipEnum [String] SipNumExpand [String] SipNumServices

This alarm does not compromise data or prevent the use of the system. Recommended Action: Please check the CM log file for more details. Machine Readable Error Codes: As a third criteria, error codes should be easily readable by other applications. Users will experience lag until issue is resolved.

Error Message: CUP_XCP-GENERIC-3-XcpComponentConfigError: The XCP component detected a bad configuration. Please try registering again. 388 API_EC_USERS_REGISTER_NO_GENDER Please select either Male or Female. Recommended Action: Please add Cisco Unified Presence Server node in the application server list on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server and start Cisco UP Sync Agent service. Meanwhile, I have copied the list of error code from I obtained from the wiki page ( before: **************************************************************************************** Each method call to the API may return an error instead of the expected result

What does a well diversified self-managed investment portfolio look like? Does the recent news of "ten times more galaxies" imply that there is correspondingly less dark matter? About O'Reilly : Sign In Academic Solutions Jobs Contacts Corporate Information Press Room Privacy Policy Terms of Service Writing for O'Reilly Community Authors Community & Featured Users Forums Membership Newsletters O'Reilly ServiceName [String] Reason [String] ErrorString [String] Explantion: Failed to deactivate this service.

This disk cannot be QuickFormatted. Recommended Action: Check the syslog for system error code. Recommended Action: Use RTMT to check the Cisco UP SIP Proxy service trace log file for any detailed error messages Error Message: CUP_SIPD-GENERIC-3-ESPRegistryError: SIP Registry failure InvalidContact [String] ExceedMax [String] RegistryDatabaseError This could be caused by lost connections, and failed reconnects Recommended Action: Use RTMT to check the Cisco UP SIP Proxy service trace log file for any detailed error messages Error