error-1497 unlock the workstation Armuchee Georgia

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error-1497 unlock the workstation Armuchee, Georgia

Employ the Enable User Profile Directory policyIf the fact that the Windows user account's SID changed is a by-design and frequent occurrence (for example, if a ZENworks Dynamic Local User (DLU) The message, tperrno_msg, indicates the reason for the failure. If an application-defined buffer type, check the uninitialization function to see that it is coded correctly. ACTION Add all functions which can be dynamically associated with a service name to the buildserver command line.

ACTION Change the IPCKEY value, reload the configuration file, and boot the application. Each line of this file is considered to be an argument to the -s option. This warning usually occurs when a cleanup was attempted when update activity was heavy. 1514 ERROR: Out of ACL cache entries. ACTION Modify the application code calling tpreturn().

The transaction was aborted by the system, and the caller received a TPESVCERR return code. SEE ALSO EVENT_MIB (5), TM_MIB (5) 1483 INFO: .SysClientState: User usrname on LMID state change to state DESCRIPTION This message indicates that the client specified above changed to a new state. Novell is now a part of Micro Focus Home Micro Focus Home Skip to Content Knowledgebase FAQ Register Your Product Support Handbook My Favorites My Favorites Close Please ACTION No action required.

It occurs during a high level of concurrent access by many processes. ACTION No action required. If your application is not partitioned, contact your BEA TUXEDO Technical Support. 1552 ERROR: Cannot perform operation, DBBL is migrating DESCRIPTION While sending an unsolicited message to a process on a Contact your BEA TUXEDO Technical Support.

The current number of clients and the maximum number of clients are printed. If a given function name is longer than this maximum length, then that function name will be truncated. This userlog message is issued because control will not return to the service routine. If an "I'm OK" message has not been received from machine during the previous "BBLQUERY * SCANUNIT" seconds, the DBBL prints this warning message.

The desktop is XP with client 4.91.sp4. ACTION No action required. Then change the CLOPT line for this server such that it conforms to the proper syntax. The modified value will not be put into the environment.

ACTION No action required. SEE ALSO svropts(5) 1545 ERROR: Invalid -p values lw,tt:hw,ct DESCRIPTION One of the values lw, tt, hw or ct are incorrect. Try unlocking the workstation again, or select a different credential type for unlock. In the normal way, the clients should do a tpterm() before exiting the application.

If this check also fails, machine will be considered partitioned. This error is most likely due to an application-specific problem. ACTION This is an informational message. It then attempted to roll back the transaction, and encountered an error when calling the database resource manager's xa_rollback() routine [previously known as xa_abort>()].

ACTION In order to eliminate this message, remove the duplicate service advertisement from either the buildserver command line or the CLOPT line for this server in the ubbconfig(5) file. 1466 WARN: If you believe that your system has enough memory and that the memory in the server has not been corrupted, contact your BEA TUXEDO System Technical Support. 1548 ERROR: Unable to ACTION Increase the sizes of the bulletin board tables and reboot the application. This has been detected within the BEA TUXEDO libraries invoked by the client, and the client is abortively terminating processing via a call to tpabort().

SEE ALSO buffer(3c), typesw(5) 1533 ERROR: Type switch buffer uninitialization routine failure DESCRIPTION While freeing up a buffer in tpreturn(), the buffer unintialization function, _tmuninitbuf(), returned an error. Re-try the operation. 1539 ERROR: Error getting Group Environment filename DESCRIPTION While booting a server, the associated group entry could not be found so any group environment file will not be The database system documentation or error logs may contain more information about why xa_start() failed. 1385 ERROR: xa_end returned errcode DESCRIPTION This message is issued if a process attempting to commit SEE ALSO EVENT_MIB (5), TM_MIB (5) 1490 WARN: .SysMachineFullMaxwsclients: LMID capacity limit DESCRIPTION This message indicates that the given LMID reached the capacity limit on the number of WS clients.

The process invoking the service routine will receive an error return code. SEE ALSO EVENT_MIB (5), TM_MIB (5) 1488 WARN: .SysMachineFullMaxconv: LMID capacity limit DESCRIPTION This message indicates that the given LMID reached the capacity limit on the number of concurrent conversations. SEE ALSO svropts(5) 1546 ERROR: Cannot lock Bulletin Board DESCRIPTION While testing the server pool, an error occurred while attempting to lock the bulletin board. SEE ALSO tpsuspend(3c) 1374 ERROR: tpresume xa_start flags flagval returned errstring DESCRIPTION The call to xa_start from within tpresume with the XA flag value flagval (either TMJOIN or TMNOFLAGS ) returned

Run tmloadcf(1) on the new ubbconfig, and reboot the affected server. 1465 INFO: Duplicate advertisement of service servicename (func functionname) ignored. You may get a better answer to your question by starting a new discussion. File recursion is not supported by buildserver(1). SEE ALSO EVENT_MIB (5), TM_MIB (5) 1519 ERROR: TUXCONFIG value (val) is longer than the allowed length of len DESCRIPTION The value specified, , in the TUXCONFIG environment variable is longer

Posted by twig at 9:16 AM Friday, October 2, 2009 "Error: Workstation Locked" An unexpected error occurred while attempting to unlock the workstation. Error -1497 (0xFFFFFA27) If you ever got an error logging in with the Novell login box with the eDirectory option, try logging in with another option and running this registry command SEE ALSO tpalloc(3c), tptypes(3c) 1530 ERROR: Memory allocation failure DESCRIPTION An attempt dynamically to allocate memory from the operating system failed while trying to send a transaction message. Resolution The CCS_E_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE (-1497, 0xFFFFFA27) error can be returned from NICI under a variety of circumstances, such as when required NICI system files cannot be located or have been corrupted.