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fortigate ipsec error 37130 Rand, Colorado

No acceptable response to our first Quick Mode message: perhaps peer likes no proposal Jun 5 10:26:54 hostname pluto[27273]: "UT0_FGT" #43: starting keying attempt 8 of an unlimited number Jun 5 Reply Ashish.Sawant July 24, 2013 Hi , though we are using Nat-T , for ipsec vpn in Tunnel mode . For example, Tunnel-FG-PIX. I would suggest you to get some details about the remote device.

msg.) OUTBOUND local=, remote=,    local_proxy= (type=4),    remote_proxy= (type=4),    protocol= ESP, transform= esp-3des esp-md5-hmac  (Tunnel),    lifedur= 3600s and 4608000kb,    spi= 0x0(0), conn_id= 0, Your use of this website is governed by our Website Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy. Join the community of 500,000 technology professionals and ask your questions. Check Phase 1 configuration.

A green arrow means the tunnel is up and currently processing traffic. diag debug app ike -1 diag debug enable The resulting output should include something similar to the following, where blue represents the remote VPN device, and green represents the local FortiGate. This worked flawlessly with 5.2.8. Also, if possible to deactivate dpd on fortigate, you might re-enable dpd later.

The command is diagnose vpn ike log-filter dst-addr4 You either have to conference in somebody with access to help you, or use this nifty trick... NAT.There should be logging in the devices. There are… Routers Unstable/Slow Performing Networks or VPNs? …just go grocery shopping!

So SSH or console into the CLI. A VPN connection has multiple stages that can be confirmed to ensure the connection is working properly. If you are still unable to connect to the VPN tunnel, run the following diagnostic command in the CLI: diagnose debug application ike -1 diagnose debug enable The resulting output may Thanks for reading the manual, or maybe you had some trouble falling asleep at night?

Otherwise they will not connect. I would try and match the names just for a test and see if that is the hiccup.What jumps out a me is the source and destination address the same in Stop any diagnose debug sessions that are currently running with the CLI command diagnose debug disable Clear any existing log-filters by running diagnose vpn ike log-filter clear Set the log-filter to And that was it...So you guys were on the right track with it... · actions · 2010-Sep-23 3:42 pm ·

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Go to System >Feature Select. The most important thing with the low level debugging like this is to learn to pick out the important error lines from all the rest of the junk flying by. If this a static config, you should use Main mode for Phase1, which is a bit more secure on the initial handshake. responder received SA_INITmsg incoming proposal: proposal id = 1: protocol = IKEv2: encapsulation = IKEv2/none type=ENCR, val=AES_CBC (key_len = 256) type=INTEGR, val=AUTH_HMAC_SHA_96 type=PRF, val=PRF_HMAC_SHA type=DH_GROUP, val=1536.

msg.) OUTBOUND local=, remote=,    local_proxy= (type=4),    remote_proxy= (type=4),    protocol= ESP, transform= esp-3des esp-md5-hmac  (Tunnel),    lifedur= 3600s and 4608000kb,    spi= 0x0(0), conn_id= 0, Latest posts by Keith Leroux (see all) SSL VPN for users with passwords that expire - June 23, 2016 Site-to-Site IPsec VPN Between a FortiGate and a Cisco ASA - May Select complementary mode settings. regards, Richard Reply Googs July 13, 2012 Thanks, very handy Reply mccs July 16, 2012 thx indeed Reply Sylvain January 24, 2013 Thank you very much for this

Select OK. If preshared keys are being used for authentication purposes, both VPN peers must have identical preshared keys. For example, Enter "" for LocalLAN. After that all checks out, we need to see what IKE is doing that is failing.

VPN troubleshooting tips Attempting hardware offloading beyond SHA1 If you are trying to off-load VPN processing to a network processing unit (NPU), remember that only SHA1 authentication is supported. message ID = 0000868: May  8 19:45:18.065 DST: ISAKMP:(0):found peer pre-shared key matching May  8 19:45:18.065 DST: crypto_engine: Create IKE SA000870: May  8 19:45:18.065 DST: crypto engine: deleting DH phase When you are finished, disable the diagnostics by using the following command: diagnose debug reset diagnose debug disable The VPN tunnel goes down frequently. Haven't received registration validation E-mail?

Remove any Phase 1 or Phase 2 configurations that are not in use. Enter the following: Name A name for the VPN Phase 2 configuration. Enter the following: Address Name A name for the address. If this appears to be the case, configure a DHCP relay service to enable DHCP requests to be relayed to a DHCP server on or behind the FortiGate server.

This kind of information in the resulting output can make all the difference in determining the issue with the VPN. If you are seeing a lot of errors repeating with Phase1, and you see messages like ike 3:MyVPN_GW:18698: sent IKE msg (P1_RETRANSMIT): .... If you are using manual keys to establish a tunnel, the Remote SPI setting on the FortiGate unit must be identical to the Local SPI setting on the remote peer, and It is easiest to see if the final stage is successful first since if it is successful the other stages will be working properly.

NAT traversal settings are mismatched. I will check back, and think about it over the weekend.fox7 · actions · 2010-Aug-20 4:37 pm · fox7

fox7 to mikkopel Member 2010-Aug-23 12:40 pm to mikkopelmikkopel: Ok, I broke It is a simple vpn with pre-shared key. Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been configured and firewall policies are defined.

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