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flash player security error 2028 Olney Springs, Colorado

The problem was that I had set the publish settings parameter "Local playback security" to "Access localfiles only" when changed to "Access network only" the problem disappeared. Just Copy and Paste the Code Below into your Web Page... share|improve this answer answered Jun 29 '12 at 13:34 George Profenza 31.6k984150 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Have you considered wrapping your application as air share|improve this answer View 3 Replies Javascript :: SecurityError: Error #2060: Security Sandbox Violation Feb 5, 2010 I'm trying to access a swf function from javascript using External Interface given by adobe and I

Returning to the original folder with download from Longtail site the readme.html displayed player with error #2028. Our current app is run in Firefox in kiosk mode and the webcam recording is just a part. Then i downloaded the non viral version and it worked, the readme.html played de video but, before that i had a mensage warning me that player.swf is trying to comunicate to All rights reserved. © 2005-2016 Wowza Media Systems, LLC.

It's like it doesn't see the updated reference. I used the crossdomain.xml as well but nothing have changed. New! JW Player Browse our products, company, resources, and pricing Dashboard Content, players, analytics, and account management Developer Join the community, demos, references, dev guides, and tools.

View 3 Replies Silverlight :: A Webpage That Can Discover And Play Music From The Local Filesystem? It has to be on the web, or at least on a web server.

Up Down JW Player User Apr 04, 2014 01:14PM EDT 0 rated : hey, Ethan i My video was captured with nokia x5 smartphone.09/25/2010 12:09 PM 2,533,723 250920~1.MP4 25092010008.mp409/25/2010 12:21 PM 7,290,200 250920~2.MP4 25092010011.mp403/10/2011 02:47 AM 199,160 video.mp4Thanks Up Down Ethan Feldman JW Player Support Agent Dec 22, 2010 Here's a way to read/write anywhere on any local or mapped hard drive with AIR. (Coded for non-Flex):Code:import flash.filesystem.*;var _drive:File = null;var _stream:FileStream = null;[code]....

When debugging the pre-loader, at this point I am getting an error which says:SecurityError: Error #2148 File SWF http://localhost/flash/dd.swf cannot access local resource file:///D|/Projects/FlashApps/dd/assets/html/style.css.The application must be loaded by the pre-loader, Any ideas?Ta. Happy Holidays! :)

Up Down JW Player User Apr 04, 2014 01:13PM EDT 0 rated : Hello,got the same problem. I have yet to test this at work on a NAS drive which uses UNC paths.

I will provide some feedback once I get to work and test this out, and whether or not I have to use the full UNC path to point to the files, You can click a version and download the ZIP files (the links are at the bottom).


The player is licensed under a Creative Commons License. We just need a solution that runs in the browser. Support Search the articles, ask the community, or give feedback © 2016 Longtail Ad Solutions, Inc.

stripslashes($theValue) : $theValue; $theValue = function_exists("mysql_real_escape_string") ? However, I'm still getting email saying they see a play button within a circle with a line through it. Is there any job that can't be automated? Videos and Tutorials Webinars Case Studies Developer Tools SUPPORT Support Articles Forums Test Players Software Updates Open a Support Ticket Plans & Services Support Plans Advisory Services Live Event Support COMPANY

What does dot forward slash forward slash mean (.//)? URL: File? View 3 Replies SecurityError: Error #2148: SWF File XXXXXXXXXXXXX.swf Cannot Access Local Resource Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.flv Aug 25, 2009 For me FLASH is such a pain with security and javascripting...but, I am trying both with native video and using exclusively flash as well.

View 15 Replies Flash :: SecurityError - Error #2148: SWF File Feb 7, 2012 i am fresher to the flash devekopment. You can't play external videos locally. Now that it is in functioning order, I decided I would port it over to a playbook app via a Flash Builder 4.4 ActionScript Mobile project. What i noticed is that when i run the readme.html in my computer at work, which runs Windows 7 64b, i got that message but, when i run the same file

No external files, only local files, will be played. However the image is never displayed. Certainly could be another part of the code but the error seems very general. The erro courred while i have try access from intenet .. In my case opened it with Google Chrome.

Jan 25, 2012 I am trying to load a swf file which contains xml based image gallery on 25th frame of the timeline inside flash professional cs5.5 using actionscript 3. Up Down Ethan Feldman JW Player Support Agent Apr 04, 2014 01:14PM EDT 0 rated : The error happens locally because of: ‘plugins': { ‘metaviewer-1': {position: ‘left', size: '200'} } Would this be very difficult?Basically the hardest thing here is that the controls need to be embeddable into a browser. View 1 Replies Similar Posts: Professional :: SecurityError: Error #2028: Security Sandbox Violation Mar 25, 2011 i have this error : Fonts should be embedded for any text that may be edited at

Unzipped mediaplayer.zip and could play the readme.htm file. Though both are mp4 files, the header were a bit different. as is says the same thing about Copy and Pasting the code... Flash security restriction.

Up Down JW Player User Apr 04, 2014 01:13PM EDT 0 rated : Huh?

If Dumbledore is the most powerful wizard (allegedly), why would he work at a glorified boarding school? The only difference is player.swf. View 1 Replies Actionscript 3 :: Debug Local Flash File With Preloader - Security Error Feb 26, 2012 I have two Flash files: pre-loader and application.Pre-loader: (D:ProjectsFlashAppsddedd.fla) is doing basically this:var Register DOWNLOADS CONTACT Free Trial Toggle navigation PRODUCTS Products Wowza Streaming Engine Media server software Wowza Streaming Cloud Live streaming service Wowza GoCoder & SDK Mobile capture and encoding app Wowza

Make sure you have the MIME-TYPE set for FLV if you are positive it is there.

Up Down JW Player User Apr 04, 2014 01:13PM EDT 0 rated : thank If you use this version of the player, it will not have the error, and will work locally - http://www.longtailvideo.com/jw/upload/mediaplayer.zip Thanks! Today I downloaded it again, -viral is added to the name of package and I got the same error message. Guess I have to look for another player or another way of embedding videos in a local folder to be played.

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