fatal error when parsing file conf/bitbake.conf Limon Colorado

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fatal error when parsing file conf/bitbake.conf Limon, Colorado

Cloning the repository makes it easy to get bug fixes and have access to stable branches and the master branch. As with the inherit directive, the .bbclass file must be located in a "classes" subdirectory in one of the directories specified in BBPATH. Logging will be handled in a way similar to shell tasks as well. ERROR: '/oeroot/openembedded/recipes/perl/perl-native_5.8.8.bb' failed Now, I am out of ideas....

cd stuff/openembedded-core git cherry-pick -x 5c20144fd6d936becc419ae4e4b091b5bbfd2f1c git cherry-pick -x 00c501866a2de14f8e1c1c99a0ca36b799f8b123 V2.0 Images To configure V2.0 builds, see OpenEmbedded (core) Configuration for V2.0 Images. BrowseBrowseInterestsBiography & MemoirBusiness & LeadershipFiction & LiteraturePolitics & EconomyHealth & WellnessSociety & CultureHappiness & Self-HelpMystery, Thriller & CrimeHistoryYoung AdultBrowse byBooksAudiobooksComicsSheet MusicBrowse allUploadSign inJoinBooksAudiobooksComicsSheet Music You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 4 As an example, suppose you needed a recipe to include some self-test definitions: include test_defs.inc Note The include directive does not produce an error when the file cannot be found. The BitBake Command1.5.1.

Here is an example that conditionally sets a variable based on the value of another variable: python __anonymous () { if d.getVar('SOMEVAR', True) == 'value': d.setVar('ANOTHERVAR', 'value2') } The "__anonymous" function Initially, A is set to "1 45" because of the three statements that use immediate operators. export Note: Sourcing 'export' configures the shell environment for the current shell session. Feel free to update and repost, just please make sure they work properly.

BitBake only supports this directive when used within a configuration file. At the code level, there are a variety of ways both the basehash and the dependent task hashes can be influenced. shipped with Fedora 23 requires gtk+ to be updated to 2.24.28 to avoid the following build failure: Can't use 'defined(@array)' (Maybe you should just omit the defined()?) at /home/user/oe-core_V2.5/build/out-glibc/work/armv7at2hf-vfp-neon-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/gtk+/2.24.25-r0/build/demos/gtk-demo/geninclude.pl line 43. NOTE: The script will then open up .bashrc with gedit, this is to allow you to remove additional OE_HOME entries if you add them accidentally, if there is only one entry

I'm using Ubuntu 14.04. Install it to increase performance.NOTE: Using cache in '/home/cosmin/openpli/cache/oe-cache.dm500plus.cosmin'NOTE: Parsing finished. 4031 cached, 0 parsed, 164 skipped, 28 masked.NOTE: package dreambox-image-1.0: startedNOTE: package dreambox-image-1.0-r0: task do_rootfs: startedERROR: function do_rootfs failedERROR: see Refer to the following 'Adding the Qt5 Layer', 'Adding the Java layer' to see examples on how to add a new layer to our setup. Here is an example: OVERRIDES = "architecture:os:machine" TEST = "default" TEST_os = "osspecific" TEST_nooverride = "othercondvalue" In this example, the OVERRIDES variable lists three overrides: "architecture", "os", and "machine".

Thank you in advance for your advice. Looking at the expanded shell functions in the run file and the output in the log files is a useful debugging technique. I tracked down the error using supplementary logging and figured it's happening right here: print "Test 1.5"try:print "Test 1.5.1"cfg_bb = parse.handle(os.path.join('conf', 'bitbake.conf'), cfg_bb)print "Test 1.5.2"except IOError as e:print ("Test 1.5.3: eroare: Asking so I can track down the failure.[*]Question: If the "build-dm500plus/ conf/ bitbake.conf" should NOT exist, what's supposed to happen in the bbimage script when looking for the bitbake.conf file?

foo_1.2.2.bb and foo_2.0.0.bb) where each version contains some identical functionality that could be shared. Variable Flags3.7. File Download Support4.1. The order in which BitBake runs the tasks is controlled by its task scheduler.

Build Dependencies3.9.3. These files fall into several areas that define machine configuration options, distribution configuration options, compiler tuning options, general common configuration options, and user configuration options. Toradex Version Ångström Distribution OpenEmbedded/Yocto Codename Yocto Project Release 2.1 v2013.06 dylan 1.4 2.2 v2013.12 dora 1.5 2.3 v2014.06 daisy 1.6 2.4 v2014.12 dizzy 1.7 2.5 v2015.06 fido 1.8 2.6 v2015.12 The BitBake datastore is not automatically available.

Re: Adding mraa into image-full for bitbake M_Sherlock Jul 8, 2015 4:41 AM (in response to CMata_Intel) Hi tried it, didn't work. Here is an example: A ??= "somevalue" A ??= "someothervalue" If A is set before the above statements are parsed, the variable retains its value. If you want to build for the apalis-imx6 or colibri-imx6 machine some downloads require you to read and accept the NXP®/Freescale EULA available in stuff/meta-fsl-arm/EULA. Setscene The primary purpose for running BitBake is to produce some kind of output such as an image, a kernel, or a software development kit.

Conditional Syntax (Overrides)3.2.1. Syntax and Operators3.1. Appending (.=) and Prepending (=.) Without Spaces3.1.8. Information in append files overrides the information in the similarly-named recipe file.

HTTP/FTP wget fetcher (http://, ftp://, https://)4.3.4. Append Files1.4. At a basic level, it is sufficient to know that BitBake uses the DEPENDS and RDEPENDS variables when calculating dependencies. Note2: This will at first build take hours, download lots of stuff and fill 'build/out-glibc', so have at least 60 GByte free.

Again, the incremental build solution contains code that first figures out the variable and function dependencies, and then creates a checksum for the data used as the input to the task. Since "foo" is listed in OVERRIDES, the conditional variable A is replaced with the "foo" version, which is equal to "X". Base configuration metadata consists of the bblayers.conf file to determine what layers BitBake needs to recognize, all necessary layer.conf files (one from each layer), and bitbake.conf. Re: Adding mraa into image-full for bitbake M_Sherlock Jun 24, 2015 2:31 AM (in response to JPMontero_Intel) i added /home/mark/v1.1/meta-clanton_v1.1.0-dirty/meta-intel-iot-middleware \into the file bblayers.conf located at /home/mark/v1.1/meta-clanton_v1.1.0-dirty/yocto_build/confand then ran bitbake mraa

For builds before V2.1 I had at least one installation where bitbake consistently failed on some task because there was garbage in the ccache. Note Some tasks are marked as "nostamp" tasks. Inter-Task Dependencies3.10.