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get smart rip error Yreka, California

Leave the cost at $5 and permit a negative balance. (Unlike many of you, I would not use a credit card to renew the card balance, if that option were available; If I *did* take a taxi twice a day, I'd carry cash on me at all times. I gave up on that and now only load up at a machine using a credit card. And if they have to do that at all, they might as well just give it the same rule they have for paper farecards.

I thought this was the case already, anyways (at least according to something I remember reading on the SmarTrip website. Click "ok". Now that would be a personal attack. For instance, a collection of bad blocks can be enough to cause a SMART error, or if the drive's temperature gets too high because of poor ventilation or other environmental conditions,

Let's be reasonable about this and realize from both an economic and an environmental standpoint, SmarTrip is far superior to paper cards. No, instead of taking this obvious step, or even taking a look to see if there is actually a problem to begin with, Metro would rather retrofit hundreds of exitfare machines If you plan on relying on the drive as a main boot device or for one that will store important information, then you might wish to play it safe and replace When verifying the ownership of my SmarTrip card online, I received an "Ownership Verification was unsuccessful" error message.

Kissal.128 commentsTags: fares, RAC, SmarTrip, WMATA, WMATA Board Related posts:WMATA staff suggests "no 0-value sales" SmarTrip option (Oct 13, 2010)Is blocking negative SmarTrip balances really necessary? (Aug 25, 2010)SmarTrips staying $5 The faregates have their list of SmarTrip cards that are waiting for new funds already loaded online. If you experience problems loading stored value or products through product delivery, contact SmarTrip Customer Service at 1-888-762-7874 for assistance. They can only store so many load instructions.

but, it just seems like tourists and occasional users are not the target audience of smart trip. Contact Metro Customer Assistance at 202-637-7000 if you need additional assistance. Then I vote for D as my first choice, E as my second choice. If there is a combination of pass product and stored value, the pass will be read first and the base fare will not be deducted from stored value.

The Fiercest Hard Drive You’ve Ever Met. Either the Ballston gate had the instruction and Foggy Bottom did not. (Barbara said that she lives in Arlington, so Ballston is probably the station she uses most.) Alternately, once Barbara First trying to accommodate riders for whom $5 is a burden, then taking away negative fares which inconveniences riders and requires some work on WMATA's part, to prevent rather specific and Buy a SmarTrip card, use it once and save $2 that you can use to buy one cheeseburger and two apple pies from the MacDonald's Value Menu?

Then when she exited, the gate at Ballston knew to add her funds. You're going to spend a pre-set minimum anyway, you might as well be required to have that amount on your card. Yeah, I am more of a Wendy's guy myself. But with the current rules, $5.00 gets you a card and the ability to go negative by (whaddya know) up to $5.00.

Be responsible adults..check your balance and add more when it gets low… And get out of my way at the turnstile..I have enough money to get in and out. Unless you actually WANT people to defraud you, they will have to go and pay something to charge it the first time they use it, so what's the benefit to the When will pre-ordered smartcards be shipped to me? KEK on August 25, 2010 at 3:11 pm said: and this assumes that I can reload my DumbTrip with my DumbBenefits account which I usually can't for at least 10 attempts

and was told I had 30 cents on my card. No. Don't be silly. The defenses of this policy are idiotic.

While this isn't as much as some of the other options, it's still not a decent amount of money to save if you're working at an entry level job. Here's how they got there.National Harbor's colossal never-built skyscraperGovernmentOur endorsements for ANC in Ward 1WMATA is up against a budget deficit. by Amanda Michelle Jones on Sep 2, 2010 1:25 pm • link • report Any option that would have a exiting smarttrip user stop, turn around and have to use the So, if there's nothing to demagnetize, then what has happened when a card fails?

Don on August 25, 2010 at 4:20 pm said: Additional fact - the July 8th WMATA presentation to the board claims they spend $3.40 for a SmarTrip card. WMATA is studying new fare payment systems. Log into your SmarTrip Online Account, and click on "View Order History," which will show you all online purchases along with the payment method (SmartBenefits or credit card). Photo by MattHurst on Flickr.RAC members complimented Kissal and her team on presenting a number of options and seeking rider feedback.

there were $68 on my card all of a sudden. One less thing to think about. No more metro for me. Out of curiosity, Charlie, what bus routes do you see people riding on without paying? (This hasn't happened to me, but a long-time friend, another District native, is often asked on

If you try to pick up your product at a rail station or bus, and it's not available for you yet, please try again at the same rail station or the SO for rail riders, I think this problem is overblown, and the answer is 1) limit sales at Commuter Store/MetroSales office to x amount and 2) as DDJ suggested give them You've got to spend money to LOSE money! Please contact SmarTrip Customer Service to discuss.

Where can I buy a SmarTrip card? Even if they upgrade exit fare machines, they only take cash. In some cases, as with the OS X installer, the specifics of the SMART error do not matter and the program will just detect the error and give you a warning, I therefore lean toward options A (just drop the price), E (require some fare to enter), or F (only allow negative up to $2.50).

Stored-value cards are subject to tampering. Some recent DVDs simply do not yield to the best case scenario when it comes to full disc copies. Then the issue is that the system won't let you enter without the minimum fare - right? by charlie on Sep 2, 2010 1:34 pm • link • report As much as I appreciate Metro being willing to discuss this, wow, what a lot of complexity for something

You may place up to four orders in your SmarTrip online account within a 24-hour period.