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gentoo proftpd error Woodland Hills, California

I was under the impression that it was a > debugger, and I don't know enough about programming to be able to > understand that. If a segfault occurs, the logs should show something like this: ([]) - ProFTPD terminating (signal 11) ([]) - FTP session closed. Then allow your 2 users in the general LIMIT LOGIN section : Code: #VALID LOGINS AllowUser user1 AllowUser user2 DenyALL Once done here is how to modify the How can I limit users to a particular directory tree?13.

If you are still having problems, and you have verified that your proftpd.conf is correct, the next step is see what debugging messages are generated during an FTP session, as described User contributions on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International License. You need to read your operating system documentation to figure out how to do this. View Git Changelog Resources Related bugs Documentation Forums posts Git repository browser Git log Changes feed Installed files (via PFL) Gentoo Packages Database Data currrent as ofMon, 17 Oct 2016 03:40

It may have say /bin/false for security reasons. When authentication fails for any reason, ProFTPD uses the syslog mechanism to log the reason for failure; using the AUTH (or AUTHPRIV) facility. It could be that proftpd is not using the configuration like you assume it is. Consult your local fstab(5) (or vfstab(4) for Solaris) man pages for more information.

changed the password, commented out the last two lines, still error 530. Be sure to include the version used, your proftpd.conf, and possibly any debug information. For example:

... HideGroup staff ...
7. File/Directory hiding isn't working for me!

You need to make Assume the following directory structure: /path/to/ftp/ /path/to/ftp/folders/ /path/to/ftp/folders/incoming/ /path/to/ftp/incoming --> /path/to/ftp/folders/incoming/ (symlink) And assume that you have the following in your proftpd.conf: DefaultRoot /path/to/ftp/ If the symlink is created using: #

Adv Reply Page 1 of 123 1231151101 ... The following document describes how to ask good questions that are likely to be answered: Last Updated: $Date: 2012-12-02 00:23:36 $ ProFTPD Highly configurable GPL-licensed FTP server software Current Versions But looking into it now, it appears it may be used more simply to give a better idea of what's going on. To list the modules compiled into the server: $ proftpd -l Knowing the modules helps to pinpoint the source of error messages (e.g.

If asked to send debugging information to the mailing list, you can send the relevant snippets (if you know what the relevant debug messages are), or you can capture the debug The reason that both need to be allowed is that a restarted/resumed upload is a form of overwriting the file.

Also note that using HiddenStores and AllowStoreRestart is incompatible, as mentioned The limits are more effective against downloads than uploads.

There is no method to control the total bandwidth a single VirtualHost context can use.

17. CHMOD isn't Note that the server will log using a syslog facility of daemon (and level debug when debugging) for most of its messages; during authentication, messages are logged using the authpriv facility.

Using that address and a very handy command called addr2line, you can determine the location of that address in the source code: $ addrline -e ./proftpd 0x809b1e1 In this example, I But I think it's strange that the xferlog has been empty two times now since I started to use my ftp server, is it cleared by default? AllowOverwrite on AuthAliasOnly on # Choose here the user alias you want !!!! any help would be appreciated, thanks Adv Reply October 22nd, 2005 #3 frodon View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Ubuntu French Roast Join Date Jun 2005 Location France Beans

Once you have the debug output and various other information, and are still in need of help, search the FAQ, Userguide, and mailing list archives for material related to the problem. This setup used to work for a while, but looking back through /var/log/messages, it appears this started on 1 Sept. Why doesn't Anonymous ftp work (550 login incorrect)?16. and run your proftpd like normal.

To get around this apparent limitation, it is possible on modern operating systems to mount directories at several locations in the filesystem. DefaultRoot lets you specify a root jailed directory (or "~" for the user's home directory), and an optional group-expression argument which can be used to control which groups of users the Gentoo is a trademark of the Gentoo Foundation, Inc. I want to support normal login and Anonymous under a particular user15.

Instead, if you create the symlink using: # cd /path/to/ftp # ln -s folders/incoming incoming then that symlink should work within the chroot; the key is to use relative paths which The reason should be clear from a casual inspection of the nature of the chroot command. There is a reference exemple here and i think it's a good start to read this exemple. Don't hesitate to post in this thread or send me PM to report bugs, ask new features, correct my english, suggest improvement and thank you to give me feedback about this

If you do not wish to give the user a valid shell, you can always use "RequireValidShell off" to disable this check.

If UseFtpUsers is not specifically turned off, make OFF means that the use of TLS is optional. The RELEASE_NOTES and NEWS files contain, as always, the full details. Normally, directive blocks are allowed in the server config, , and contexts.

Voters 872. To enable this ability, you will need to configure proftpd with something like: $ ./configure --enable-devel=stacktrace ... BTW - http replicator works well for distfiles. There are example configuration files included with the source." now i downloaded the source and had a look on the config files, but i couldn't find anything relevant.

How do I add another anonymous login or guest account?2. And permissions on both /usr and /usr/portage give r-x to other. First, you can create a directory structure inside your anonymous FTP root directory, creating a single directory for each user and setting ownership/permissions as appropriate. i've read the otheer forum but all my setting should match...