generic scsi sense error Witter Springs California

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generic scsi sense error Witter Springs, California

Open() calls may be blocked due to exclusive locks (i.e. The direction of the transfer is indicated by 'dxfer_direction'. Most likely the 'host_status' will be set to DID_ABORT or DID_RESET. Nearly all adapters will return zero in 'msg_status' all the time.

Mmap-ed IO is requested by setting (or or-ing in) the SG_FLAG_MMAP_IO constant into the flag member of the the sg_io_hdr structure prior to a call to write() or ioctl(SG_IO). For file descriptors associated with sg devices: POLLIN one or more responses is awaiting a read() POLLOUT command can be sent to write() without causing an EDOM error (i.e. The associated values are: SG_INFO_DIRECT_IO_MASK [0x6] SG_INFO_INDIRECT_IO [0x0] data xfer via kernel buffers (or no xfer) SG_INFO_DIRECT_IO [0x2] SG_INFO_MIXED_IO [0x4] part direct, part indirect IO The type of info is unsigned SG_FLAG_LUN_INHIBIT The default action of the sg driver to overwrite internally the top 3 bits of the second SCSI command byte with the LUN associated with the file descriptor's device.

However it is still possible (but unlikely) that the mid level or an adapter may block (or yield EAGAIN). sg_header, the original sg control structureC. The easiest way to decode a sense buffer is to use a tool, I know of two: sg3_utils provides sg_decode_sense since version 1.31 libscsicmd implements it a web tool is available The 'host_status' field has the following values whose #defines mimic those which are only visible within the kernel (with the "SG_ERR_" removed from the front of each define).

N.B. What the sg driver does3. If necessary, data in kernel buffers is transferred to the user space. The 'flags' argument should contain MAP_SHARED.

In a sense, the user application is "sharing" data with the sg driver. When this interrupt arrives the data transfer is complete. Indicates a COPY, COMPARE, or COPY AND VERIFY | | | command was aborted due to an error condition on the source | | | device, the destination device, or both. Only those requests that have been issued by a write() and are now available to be read() are counted.

This may not be fatal (and the command may have succeeded). WRITE). host_status These codes potentially come from the firmware on a host adapter or from one of several hosts that an adapter driver controls. It is important to realize that a CHECK CONDITION may vary in severity from informative (e.g.

Try again later. | ENOMEM | memory required for this request could not be | | allocated. The next part is the ASC and ASCQ these are found in bytes 12 and 13 (13 and 14 if counting from 1). Limit is SG_MAX_QUEUE active requests. For SCSI 3 (or later) devices, this internal LUN overwrite does not occur.

This only means that unlock needs to happen for the action to be allowed. The existing (and original) sg interface based on the sg_header structure is still available using a write()/read() sequence as before. EINTR o While waiting for the O_EXCL lock to clear this call was interrupted by a signal. it has no effect on access via sd, sr or st to that device).

If the target detects an invalid parameter | | | in the additional parameters supplied as data, then the target may| | | have already altered the medium. EBADF w File descriptor was not open()ed O_RDWR. The 'buffer' should point to an object of type sg_io_hdr_t and 'count' should be sizeof(sg_io_hdr_t) [it can be larger but the excess is ignored]. A following read() can take as long as the user likes.

The direction constants placed in 'dxfer_direction' in the new interface have been chosen to have negative values. to maintain state information). The driver byte is composed out of two nibbles: the driver status and the suggestion. If not, the ENOSYS error message is placed in errno.

It suggests some actions to be taken such as retry, abort or remap. In such a case some random other command will be failed with a sense buffer that indicates the problem was in a previous command. The following pseudo code shows code that is useful for scanning the sg devices, taking care not to be caught in a wait for an O_EXCL lock by another process, and a SCSI Test Unit Ready command */ SG_DXFER_TO_DEV /* e.g.

driver_status One driver can potentially control several host adapters. This technique allows application writers to initialize the buffer and perhaps deduce the number of bytes actually read from the device (i.e. cmd_len This is the length in bytes of the SCSI command that 'cmdp' points to. A read() will not interfere with any request associated with the SG_IO ioctl() on this file descriptor except in a special case when a SG_IO ioctl() is interrupted by a signal.

Indicates a SEARCH DATA command has satisfied an equal | | | comparison. | |--------+--------------------------------------------------------------------| | Dh | VOLUME OVERFLOW. The responses of those commands can then be obtained. The last column of the cat /proc/scsi/sg/devices listing shows the online/offline status of a device ("1" means online while "0" is offline). The type of pack_id is int.

The "abnormal" case is when SG_SET_FORCE_PACK_ID is set and a 'pack_id' other than -1 is given to read(). can't use write() ). A copy of the original HOWTO (in plain text) is at sg version 2 from lk 2.2.6 in the 2.2 series. Where some facility has been added during the lk 2.4 series (e.g.

sg version 3 in the linux kernel 2.4 series. Data Protect Data Protect is received when the device is working but locked, either a physical write lock or for Data-at-Rest encryption when the device was not yet unlocked or the In most cases the device will have a timeout of its own after which it will transition to replying 4h Hardware Error instead of the Not Ready reply. Clock is stopped when stage 2 in "theory of operation" is reached pack_id usr_ptr these are user provided values in the sg_io_hdr_t (or struct sg_header) that sent the request SG_SET_RESERVED_SIZE (and

SG_GET_REQUEST_TABLESG_GET_REQUEST_TABLE 0x2286.  This ioctl outputs an array of information about the status of requests associated with the current file descriptor. Flags can be a number of the following or-ed together: O_RDONLY restricts operations to read()s and ioctl()s (i.e. The idea is to allow interface variants in the future that identify themselves with a different value. [The parallel port generic driver (pg) uses the letter 'P' to identify itself.] The timeout This value is used to timeout the given command.

Take care to also set 'dxfer_direction' to any valid value (e.g. a SCSI READ command */ SG_DXFER_TO_FROM_DEVSG_DXFER_UNKNOWN The value SG_DXFER_NONE should be used when there is no data transfer associated with a command (e.g. open() ).