fvwm main error cannot read startup config file tried Sylmar California

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fvwm main error cannot read startup config file tried Sylmar, California

There is an incorrect check in configure. You can take a look at my TRAC for now: clickThe forums and man pages help A LOT. Alex and 6 more people already have write permissions in cvs. visual-class can be "StaticGray", "GrayScale", "StaticColor", "PseudoColor", "TrueColor" or "DirectColor". -I | --visualid id Causes fvwm to use id as the visual id for the window borders and menus.

By defining a colorset. Can I get those on other windows as well? The command: Style * DecorateTransient tells fvwm you want titles and buttons on transient windows. Some applications place the window's upper right hand corner 5 pixels above and to the left of the upper left hand corner of the screen; others may do just plain bizarre

fvwm seems a lot more complicated than KDE - the only wm i ever used. Editres" Exec exec editres + "" Nop + "&E. Edge resistance settings vary between themes, so you'll need to experiment with different globalfeel components from other themes until you find one you like. When Sarge came out I reinstalled everything to get a clean OS (I had installed lots of stuff on sid that I used like one time and never again..).

Every time I update my install, my currently running fvwm session dies. Division by zero is ignored. Why? Moreover, you can use the colors in this color cube in your X resources configuration files and/or as arguments to colors options.

errors) of fvwm? The multiple disjoint desktops allow you to pretend that you really have several screens to work at, but each screen is completely unrelated to the others. Where do I ask questions about fvwm? The EdgeResistance option of the Style command command allows for specifying an explicit resistance value for moving windows over the screen edge between two Xinerama screens.

XTerm" Exec exec xterm + "&2. No, thanks Modules I’m using FvwmButtons (or GoodStuff in 1.xx), and sometimes the buttons stay depressed, and other times they don’t. XLock" Exec exec xlock -mode random + "" Nop + "&D.

EXTENDED WINDOW MANAGER HINTS Fvwm attempts to respect the extended window manager hints (ewmh or EWMH for short) specification: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Standards_2fwm_2dspec and some extensions of this specification. If I switch to the > other desk, the little proxy is still there, always on the current > page, even though the actual window is still on desk 0. This is not our primary mission, but we think fvwm does a pretty good job of producing these appearances. AutoRaise" Module FvwmAuto 200 Raise Nop + "&W.

For example, replace DestroyFunc IconFunc AddToFunc IconFunc + C Iconify off + M Raise + M Move + D Iconify off with: DestroyFunc IconFunc AddToFunc IconFunc + C DeiconifyAndRearrange + M Thanks for all help! Where do I find the current version of fvwm? This section explains what is a font name for fvwm and which fonts fvwm loads.

BI-DIRECTIONAL TEXT Arabic and Hebrew text require bi-directional text support to be displayed correctly, this means that logical strings should be converted before their visual presentation, so left-to-right and right-to-left sub-strings Thanks Philipp -- If you have problems in Windows: REBOOT If you have problems in Linux: BE ROOT Previous Message by Thread: FVWM: FvwmPager is confused about StickyAcrossPages FvwmPager will show Exit Fvwm" Popup MenuFvwmQuitVerify DestroyMenu MenuFvwmUtilities AddToMenu MenuFvwmUtilities "MenuFvwmUtilities" Title + "&T. With Xft the situation is bit different as Xft supports only iso10646-1 and iso8859-1.

I’m trying to use fvwm under CDE/COSE, but encountering difficulties. We have to first get out of this bar, then the hotel, then the city, and then the country. A positive value rotates the image clockwise. I'll now try to configure fvwm.

Let's continue this topic on fvwm-themes-devel list, if needed. The disadvantage of this method is that it is visually disturbing (see the ColormapFocus command for a better control of the color maps switching). Usually what people want from this, is a means of making a window stay on top for a time, and then putting it back in the layer it was in originally. Entry deleted from font path. (Run 'mkfontdir' on "/usr/share/fonts/75dpi"). (WW) The directory "/usr/share/fonts/TTF" does not exist.

I’d really like {OpenWindows, NeXT, Win95, Mac, etc} look and feel.Are you going to support that? But can anyone say > me, where are the usually config-files for the extra menu? TIA. Many applications request a specific position where they want to appear (the so called ‘program specified position’).

Among these are FvwmCommand, FvwmForm FvwmForm-Talk and FvwmConsole. nothing. See the INSTALL.fvwm file for more information. this machine has Integrated ProSavageDDR KM266 graphics card with 32MB of shared memory.

Where can I find them now? Windows using SloppyFocus acquire focus when the pointer moves into them and retain focus until some other window acquires it. Older hardware uses something called 8 bit color. A geometry specified as something like: xterm -geometry -5-5 places the window's lower right hand corner 5 pixels from the lower right corner of the visible portion of the screen.

Stop FvwmTaskBar" KillModule FvwmTaskBar + "&U. Starting with release 2.3.15 you can hold the alt key down and keep hitting tab. It means that the value is surrounded by single quote characters and any contained single quote is prefixed with a backslash. Please refer to the Emulate command as well as to the Mwm specific options of the Style and MenuStyle commands for details.

Any suggestions?