fusioncharts error while retrieving data from the chart-object Temecula California

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fusioncharts error while retrieving data from the chart-object Temecula, California

f[c]=a[c]:d[c.toLowerCase()]=a[c]},protectedMethods:{},events:{BeforeInitialize:function(a){var b=a.sender,a=b.jsVars,c=this.chartType();a.fcObj=b;a.msgStore=a.msgStore||new t;a.cfgStore=a.cfgStore||{};a.previousDrawCount=-1;a.drawCount=0;a._reflowData={};if(!(a.userModules instanceof Array)&&(b=a.userModules,a.userModules=[],typeof b==="string"))a.userModules=a.userModules.concat(b.split(","));if(!d.chartAPI||!d.chartAPI[c])a.needsLoaderCall=!0},Initialized:function(a){var a=a.sender,b=a.jsVars; b.needsLoaderCall&&(delete b.needsLoaderCall,h.load.call(a))},BeforeDataUpdate:q,BeforeDispose:q,BeforeRender:function(a){var b=a.sender.jsVars;delete b.drLoadAttempted;delete b.waitingModule;delete b.waitingModuleError;q.apply(this,arguments)},DataLoadRequested:function(a){var a=a.sender,b=a.jsVars;delete b.loadError;a.ref&&a.options.showDataLoadingMessage?b.hcObj&&!b.hasNativeMessage&&b.hcObj.showLoading?b.hcObj.showMessage(b.msgStore.XMLLoadingText):a.ref.showChartMessage?a.ref.showChartMessage("XMLLoadingText"): b.stallLoad=!0:b.stallLoad=!0},DataLoadRequestCompleted:function(a){delete a.sender.id.stallLoad},DataLoadError:function(a){var b=a.sender,c=b.jsVars;delete c.stallLoad;c.loadError=!0;b.ref&&typeof b.ref.showChartMessage==="function"&&b.ref.showChartMessage("LoadDataErrorText");q.apply(this,arguments)}},_call:function(a,b,c){a.apply(c||g,b||[])}});a.extend(h.prototype,{getSWFHTML:function(){a.raiseWarning(this,"11090611381","run","JavaScriptRenderer~getSWFHTML()","getSWFHTML() is not supported for JavaScript charts.")}, addVariable:function(){a.raiseWarning(this,"11090611381","run","JavaScriptRenderer~addVariable()",'Use of deprecated "addVariable()". A Column 2D chart , using Column2D.swf, showing the top five salespersons for the year. renderErrorMessageFont, renderErrorMessageFontSize, renderErrorMessageColor. For our first chart, we are going to use Column3D.swf to plot a 3D Column chart.

Possible values are top, bottom and middle. Let us consider an example. FusionCharts.HC.js This framework contains code to render FusionCharts in JavaScript. In our example, note how we have encoded the apostrophe in Harry's to Harry's.

If you intend to plot just a subset of chart types, you can select only those SWF files and paste them here. Each of this object’s properties correspond to a configuration option. The second type, called Dual Y-axes combination charts, have two y-axes, each having its own units and magnitude. You can call resizeTo function on the chart instance to set the width later on.

Now, Harry needs to see how the revenue is split across food products and non-food products, each year. This is the one I am looking for... jquery arrays fusioncharts asked Sep 6 at 5:10 Bertho Joris 460725 0 votes 0answers 35 views save data to xml file I am generating charts using fusioncharts. Show that a nonabelian group must have at least five distinct elements Why can't we use the toilet when the train isn't moving?

jquery arrays fusioncharts answered Sep 6 at 5:35 Venkat 916 0 votes 0answers 35 views save data to xml file I am generating charts using fusioncharts. which when we set in the chart, the x axis labels ... The XML format that we just created is called single-series XML in FusionCharts parlance, as we are plotting just one series of data. Why was the identity of the Half-Blood Prince important to the story?

Is there a role with more responsibility? You can also define a JavaScript string variable, store XML data in it, and then assign the variable reference to the chart instance, as shown in the following code snippet: An alternate method to get JavaScript charts working locally is to use the Data String method, which we will explore in the next section. I am unable to understand why the fill colour of the chart is transparent.

Default: baseChartMessageImageHAlign dataEmptyMessageImageVAlign : string [+] Allows to set the vertical alignment for image in data empty chart message, helps to vertically align the image in the canvas. How ... Here is their code: { "chart": { "caption": "... dataEmptyMessageFont, dataEmptyMessageFontSize, dataEmptyMessageColor.

You can find the complete list of charts in FusionCharts Documentation | Introduction | List of Charts. There are two types of combination charts possible in FusionCharts. Default: ‘Unable to render chart.’ containerBackgroundColor : hexcolor [+] Sets the background color of the chart’s container HTML DOM element. Whether to start the chart in Debug mode: While developing your charts, if you face any issues, you can initialize them in debug mode by setting this parameter to 1.

This is done by dropping the new operator and passing only the chart id as a parameter. In this example, we have used pixels. Now using a prefix ‘i-‘, an image URL can be specified and the corresponding image will be displayed in place of the message. dataInvalidMessageFont, dataInvalidMessageFontSize, dataInvalidMessageColor.

The bulk of changes are in the XML data file to adapt it to the multi-series format. The JavaScript is compatible with IE6 (or above), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari, including that on iPads and iPhones. Also, to keep things simple, we will build this as a standalone chart. FusionCharts allows you to provide JSON data to the chart either as a URL using the setJSONUrl() method or as a string using the setJSONData() method .

This can be prevented by setting this option to false. You can explore a list of all such attributes for each chart in the documentation of FusionCharts, under the section Chart XML API. Possible cross-domain security restriction. Ensure that the path to this JS file is correct.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. 1 Error while retrieving data from the chart-object. Alignment and properties of the image can be configured using attributes such as typeNotSupportedMessageHAlign, typeNotSupportedMessageVAlign, typeNotSupportedMessageAlpha and so on. FusionCharts Suite v3.11.2 FusionCharts Suite v3.11.2 FusionCharts Suite v3.11.0 FusionCharts Suite v3.10.1 FusionCharts Suite v3.10.0 FusionCharts Suite v3.9.0 FusionCharts Suite v3.8.0 FusionCharts Suite v3.7.1 FusionCharts Suite v3.7.0 FusionCharts Suite v3.6.0 FusionCharts I will do next is to show the data into FusionCharts.

Bingo! Next, we have the element that is applicable when you are plotting multi-series charts only. As of right now I can press on the parent graph and it will open the child graph on a new webpage. An important thing to note is how the $ prefix or comma separators have been stripped off the revenue numbers, before encoding them as a value for the element, that

While the standard attributes for the and elements are common across chart types, many chart types have special features that are controlled by attributes that are specific for the Is there a way to make the charts look consistent? ...