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freeswitch error log Santa Ana, California

Examples Of Well-Written JIRA Submissions Bug report Bug report with patch Bug report with informative code sample All of these examples are from community member John Wehle, who does a great [email protected]> fsctl loglevel [0-7] (numerical value as above) Use /log to change the console log level when connected via fs_cli, because the above methods have no effect A few of the more common libraries are: APR - Issues relating to Apache Portable Runtime, a library that helps with cross-platform development Codec Libraries - Issues relating to specific (but ClueCon Weekly - July 27, 2016 - Chad Hart - WebRTC Recent CommentsKathleen on Happy holidays!James Body on Happy holidays!mcollins on FreeSWITCHeR: A Ruby Event Socket Abstraction Librarymcollins on HD Telephony

Where And How To File Bug Reports The JIRA issue tracking system is laid out in sections called "projects." Following are some helpful guidelines to get you up and running quickly. The basic procedure on Linux is: telnet 8021\n auth ClueCon\n\n events plain all\n\n Note: "\n" here means "Press Enter" so don't literally type "\n"! One thing to try is manually connecting to the event socket and subscribing to all events. If you are using a pre-compiled binary, such as a DEB or RPM (or MSI file in Windows) then you have some work to do.

If you are in desperate need of a new feature then please send an email to [email protected] where paid support and custom work is available at reasonable rates. Some of the things that you can change: Log file rotation on SIGHUP (default = yes, recommended) Log file location Log file auto-rotation when log file hits a certain size Which It is important that you are able to capture the output that is displayed on the command line. See Creating A Backtrace With gdb (Linux/Unix).

Using The Pastebin The FreeSWITCH pastebin is a handy place for users to post information for other users or the developers to access easily. Scripting To debug scripting it is critical that we be able to reproduce the issue. Help With xxx Error When Using Gateway Some not-so-good subject lines HELP!!!! Inbound A key issue with socket programming is receiving the correct events.

This page has been accessed 66,753 times. Environment Specify the environment in which you are testing the issue. Type this: sh scripts/freeswitch-gcore > core.trace Attach the resulting file, named core.trace, to a JIRA ticket (see Reporting_Bugs#Reporting_A_Bug_With_JIRA) Collection Information With Valgrind (Linux/Unix) Valgrind is a debugging tool that helps identify Usage: support-d/fscore_pb gcore [user] support-d/fscore_pb [user] If gcore is given it will take a gcore of a running instance of FreeSWITCH (this will pause the process during the dump).

If you know whats wrong are are able to change the code to make the fix then see Creating Patches With Git a jira that has a patch just needs the Recommended way on how to collect info for submission Submit your DialPlan Submit a log from your FreeSWITCH by turning on the following console loglevel 7 fsctl loglevel debug sofia profile export CFLAGS="-g -ggdb" export MOD_CFLAGS="-g -ggdb" ./configure Creating core files For core files to be created when a crash occurs, set the core ulimit to unlimited before starting FreeSWITCH $ ulimit Please Be Patient You've reported a bug or asked a question and haven't heard anything in a few days.

mod_sofia formats - Issues related to file formats, e.g. Janitorial Projects - Issues related to various janitorial projects OpenZAP - Issues related to the OpenZAP TDM abstraction library, i.e. Loading FreeSWITCH in GDB From /usr/local/freeswitch: $ gdb bin/freeswitch Once you have reproduced the error you run the following command: $ gdb bin/freeswitch Getting a Backtrace Once you load the Sofia/SIP FreeSWITCH uses the Sofia-SIP stack; in many cases SIP and Sofia are interchangeable.

The simplest way is to send a HUP signal to FreeSWITCH. You can assist in making sure maint windows like this dont happen often by using the donate button to the right. Privacy policy About FreeSWITCH Wiki Disclaimers Home Pro Support Commercial Modules Download Docs Source Features Lists Issues PasteBin Videos Live Chat HELP US! As always, open a Jira with this information - don't send it to the -users list.

Upgrading From Older Revisions If you are upgrading from an older revision, say from 1.0.1 to the latest Git, then you must do a few things: Copy your conf directory to If you are new to troubleshooting, asking for help, or filing bug reports, please read this first. Locate the process ID (PID) of the offender and then get ready to do a gcore... Priority Please select the priority.

Retrieved from "" Navigation menu Personal tools Log in / create account Namespaces Page Discussion Variants Views Read View source View history Actions Search Start Here Download FreeSWITCH Installation Guide Getting At this point the developer will tell you what to do next. FreeSWITCH Users Mailing List The FreeSWITCH project maintains mailing lists here. The are quite a few projects listed in JIRA so you will have to make an educated guess as to where your issue should be assigned.

If you are really at a loss then ask one of the developers or power users for some guidance. Privacy policy About FreeSWITCH Wiki Disclaimers Inside this directory is a handy shell script called fscore_pb. You will need an IRC client, or you can use the link on the main FreeSWITCH page.

Note that on FreeBSD you need to quantify the +31 by telling it that number is in days eg. +31d. There is a nice write-up found in the comments of the console.conf.xml file. Attach copies of any config files, dialplan entries, scripts, etc. FreeSWITCH-Core - Issues relating to the FreeSWITCH core Category: Libraries There are a number of external libraries associated with FreeSWITCH.

By default, the freeswitch process will try to put the core file into the CWD (current work directory), so make sure the UID it is running as can write there (or If gcore is not given it will use the most recent core.* file in the directory.