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freedb eac server error San Simeon, California

November 18, 2003 As it still take some more work to be finished on the release scheduled for christmas, I release this small bugfix release, which covers mainly corrections on sample Another bug to fix on this beta! Hope you are not disappointed too much 😉 Other new features that will be in 0.85 beta Nearly complete change of the audio editor, now it becomes usable 😉 Loop record There is now an offical EAC banner, have a look on my links page.

But today, for the first time ever, I got an "Error: CD not in database". Maybe it's just down for a few days? This is helpful for many kinds of defects beside clicks and pops. When I tried this link: It said 409 No Handshake How do you plug this link into this EAC database options?

The year is always set to the first one on the matching database entry. Reason: problem solved Reply With Quote 2006-12-21,17:18 #2 Mark Lanctot View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Senior Member Join Date Oct 2005 Posts 7,099 Hmm, based on your last edit, I hope this version is quite stable, though it is only tested for some days, no major bugs seem to be left. Damn.

Turnaround, Dec 6, 2007 #11 Oyama Active Member Location: Canada Plan9 said: ↑ Yes, I tried exactly that on EAC, but for 2 classical CDs, it provided wrong and/or no information... OK More information Digital-Inn uses cookies. For all persons already in my mailing list : The current database will be lost, so please subscribe again at eac-announce. When I tried to get a list of active freedb servers it said "Error - Can't Connect Host." audiodrome, Dec 7, 2007 #17 Mal Phorum Physicist Location: Manchester, England Had

Some bugs are fixed (e.g. Since moving to a new computer, I can never get that trick to work, but I never knew how to play around with cdplayer.ini anyway. I tried several different server url's recommended in different forums, all to no avail. There was one report of extracting too slow (possibly only Plextor 32TSI) and one report of not ripping of second or third drives.

January 31, 2008 Today I released 0.99 prebeta 4, which is mainly a service release of 0.99 prebeta 3. Trading System by Log In Create Account ArtistRelease GroupReleaseRecordingWorkLabelAreaPlaceAnnotationCD StubEditorFreeDBTagInstrumentSeriesEventDocumentation About Us ▾ About MusicBrainz Sponsors Team Contact Us Data Licenses Social Contract Code of Conduct Privacy Policy Auto-editor Elections Privileged All CD rippers, I know of, will append the gap between two audio tracks to the previous track. It should all still be available for free and appears to be working at this moment using Mp3tag.

If you have a question, please subscribe to my mailing list and ask your question there… October 8, 1999 In tradition of the Hobbits in J.R.R. Open terminal and ping to find its IP address, "ping -c 1". The path for http-access is /~cddb/cddb.cgi.1.8. in Japanese) may contain character data which can't be presented in the ISO-8859-1 encoding.

A longer list of freedb-aware applications supporting submit can be found here. I strongly recommend to download this version if you already use 0.9pb10. Interfacing the ASPI dll caused these problems, because my compiler has not a C compatible parameter passing. Have a try with different ASPI versions to install.

I don't have the checkbox set for the retry on a different server. I'll try and post this another time, but the issue I found was the request from EAC has a user agent header (as Exact Audio Copy) followed by a get request I hope that this is a compromise that everybody could live with… Hope you like it! As a functional test, I can access freedb/cddb just fine from Nero and AudioCatalyst. -matt SF CA US #5 Unregistered, 9 Juli 2001 Unregistered Expand Collapse Guest followup on that

Please try the request again. Your e-mail address To be able to retrieve or submit data from/to freedb, you have to specify an e-mail address. The new version includes Remote CDDB database support Listen to suspicious positions Glitch removal Fix of speed detection and selection Browse and edit of the local database Spindown on errors and There are again some changes in parameter passing… January 31, 2002 Nearly after every beta there was need for a bug fix, the program is now such complex that even thorough

assembler FFT, faster spectral display). For some users with high ping times (like satellite internet users) there is a new command line option called -slowconnect which will wait longer for a connection to be established, hope Using Player is a fine workaround solution, though it would be helpful if I didn't have to run a second program to get CD info. In general, it is not important which server is used, because all freedb server are hosting the same content.

That is to say, there is a text box next to proxy location but not port. Please make sure for the sample offset to test it with at least two different CDs and to use at least 0.85 beta! use "Rolling Stones" instead of "The Rolling Stones") (this rule does not apply to "The The" ;-)3. What are you using to skin Windows?

Version 1.0b1 uses a new metadata plugin that doesn't respect the configuration entered in the FreeDB options dialog. But when i try this for other cds i get the Server-Error..this leads me to think that freedb does not have the titles of the cds that i inserted but AGAIN I was one of the early adopters of the E10 and it was my first step into the quality IEM... ASPI Error EBh still comes up in some versions of ASPI, sorry.

What is a .bz2-archive, how can I decompress it?bzip2 is a very good compression-algorithm. creating an image having the artist and CD title as filename will now show the file dialog properly when special characters are used. I ran a packet sniffer (tcpdump) on my unix box and watched as my PC contacted freedb from EAC. All other features are implemented in time, at least I hope so.

They are well known albums so it would seem unlikely, given the size of the database, that the albums have not yet been listed so I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong. If you encounter any new link of a really big shareware site to my page, please tell me. If you want to be informed about new database archives, please watch our website and the forum for new entries.Top 2. Please remark that now the drive options are not stored by adapter and ID anymore, but by the drives name.

The main bugs that should be removed then are these : Error check works not correctly in 0.8beta! For that a new option is included.