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fortezza card error codes Raisin City, California

SEC_ERROR_OCSP_SERVER_ERROR=The OCSP server experienced an internal error. For example: A SMTP electronic mail application can be enhanced to support FORTEZZA. In order to support non-DCE Fortezza applications, we might have to provide a CI library global mutex and access to it. SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_KEY -8131 The key for this site's certificate has been revoked.

SEC_ERROR_NO_EMAIL_CERT -8149 Not encrypted or signed: you do not yet have an email certificate. SSL_ERROR_BAD_HANDSHAKE_HASH_VALUE=Received incorrect handshakes hash values from peer. SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_KEY=The key for this site's certificate has been revoked. N4    Decline Exceeds issuer withdrawal limit.

SEC_ERROR_LOCKED_PASSWORD=The password is locked. Within the public-key base interface, sec_pk_base, we will define a new domain, sec_pk_domain_fortezza_login. The application shall interpret the four byte Usage/Equipment Specifier as follows when displaying the personalities: "INKS" is "Individual", "INKX" is "Indiv Read-Only", "ONKS" is "Organizational", and "ONKX" is "Org Read-Only". SEC_ERROR_CERT_NOT_VALID -8164 This certificate is not valid.

This might be an issue, since it would be too much overhead for step zero to read first port DCE.. The e-mail application functions using both client software that resides on the user's workstation and server software that resides on the mail server. The KEA and DSS public keys are available through the card's X.509v1 certificate. Finally, the card provides some time and random-number generation.

SEC_ERROR_MESSAGE_SEND_ABORTED=Message not sent. Most of this content is highly out of date (some pages haven't been updated since the project began in 1998) and exists for historical purposes only. Description:No Reply Failure Code:91 Failure Code Definition: Issuer or switch is unavailable. The application shall display the uninterpreted four byte Usage/Equipment Specifier for all unrecognized cases. 9.

The Fortezza documents allow for CRL's, validation, and hint toward future integration with a full PKI. SEC_ERROR_OCSP_BAD_SIGNATURE=OCSP response has an invalid signature. SEC_ERROR_CA_CERT_INVALID=Issuer certificate is invalid. Reload to refresh your session. 5 February 1997 Source: Basic Certification Requirements for FORTEZZA Applications Version 1.0 2 January 1997 Prepared By: Workstation Security Products Division National Security Agency

The application shall present the user with the Slot Number and the Card cryptographic engine serial number when selecting a particular Card (at a minimum). 5. It is a PCMCIA card, designed to plug into a standard slot supported on many desktop and portable computer systems; SCSI card readers are also widely available. Multi-user (or multi-service) machines will have more than one card reader. You can also ask your customer for a different credit card account or an ACH account, and attempt the transaction again.

The application shall implement a FORTEZZA compliant Cryptologic Interface (CI) Library. Key database corrupt or deleted. Specified template was invalid." SEC_ERROR_CRL_NOT_FOUND -8055 "No matching CRL was found." SEC_ERROR_REUSED_ISSUER_AND_SERIAL -8054 "You are attempting to import a cert with the same issuer/serial as an existing cert, but that is File version not supported.

What it Means: There should be no problem with the credit card, but something went wrong in the authorization process. SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE -8181 Peer's certificate has expired. What to Do: For a one time transaction, do not attempt the transaction again, and if possible do not provide goods or services to the person attempting the transaction. DECLINED:0770380009:INVLD TERM ID 1: There appears to be an issue with your merchant account.

SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_CERT_REQUEST=SSL received an unexpected Certificate Request handshake message. c. Error attempting to import certificate chain. Therefore, only the client software requirements would apply to this e-mail application.

Incorrect password or corrupt file. SEC_ERROR_EXPORTING_CERTIFICATES -8116 Error attempting to export certificates. SSL_ERROR_BAD_BLOCK_PADDING -12264 "SSL received a record with bad block padding." SSL was using a Block cipher, and the last block in an SSL record had incorrect padding information in it. Any additional attempts to charge the card will likely result in a Chargeback.

SEC_ERROR_OCSP_NOT_ENABLED=You must enable OCSP before performing this operation. SEC_ERROR_PKCS12_UNSUPPORTED_PBE_ALGORITHM=Unable to import. b. Specified template was invalid.") ER3(SEC_ERROR_CRL_NOT_FOUND, (SEC_ERROR_BASE + 137), "No matching CRL was found.") ER3(SEC_ERROR_REUSED_ISSUER_AND_SERIAL, (SEC_ERROR_BASE + 138), "You are attempting to import a cert with the same issuer/serial as \ an

The transaction was declined or returned because The client has contacted their card institution and requested a block for all re-occurring billing charges to this card. Your cache administrator is webmaster. SEC_ERROR_PKCS12_UNABLE_TO_EXPORT_KEY=Unable to export. SEC_ERROR_CERT_NICKNAME_COLLISION -8124 A certificate with the same nickname already exists.