formatted my smartmedia card problem camera error work Rancho Santa Margarita California

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formatted my smartmedia card problem camera error work Rancho Santa Margarita, California

IF you have at least ONE of those files, you could also have some other files with correct JPG format but with stipped EXIF; You won't bwe able to browse through WHEN I TRY TO TAKE PICTURES WITH MY OLYMPUS FE 340 THE SCREEN JUST GETS DARK, BUT WHEN I VIEW OTHER PICTURES THAT WERE ALREADY IN MY CAMERA THE SCREEN DISPLAYS Insert card in reader. 2. With an SD card inserted, the card icon shows up.

Insert card in reader. 2. While they were waiting for my autorization on repair, I found this site and found that it could be the SmartMedia cards that were in fault. removing "read only" didn't work. m 0 l junkeymonkey November 3, 2015 1:42:36 PM I don't know my buddy has this camera but he's on duty so no getting him ?

what solutions are available to me without the card reader? -- Heather Hyttinen ([email protected]), April 19, 2003. Try this. -- Rick ([email protected]), May 21, 2003. Tried the programmes but don't get any messages.

Never return an edited image to a memory card. Talking to an Olympus tech rep he said the problem was the card, not the camera.\015\012I formatted thecard twice in my Kodak Multi card reader and reinstalled it, no luck. I know most companies won't be able to do it, but surely somewhere out there someone has the same problem as me and had to find a way to recover their Is there any way to fix the white/streaky pictures?

Here's the fix... Oh, and they work fine on several computers with several different readers.Any ideas?Assuming the physical contacts are not dirty/corroded (which seems to be the case, as they can be read on Digital Cameras Olympus Camedia 450 Zoom digital Camera has just started to keep showing card full after a couple of shots. I've managed to salvage my three "damaged" cards with this.

Are these devices able to format cards? Contacts still show. Analysis software show the cards to be fine and FAT16 is correct. This is not an answer, but another question...I'm having the same problem as everyone else and I'm happy to see that there are some possible solutions.

Also that the little 'card inserted' icon comes up in the upper right-hand corner. With one of my card-readers I got a special formatting program. And thats it. I have 3 xD cards for it, a 32mb, a 256mb and a 2gb card.

They can be cleaned using a stiff business card that you shape like a SM card. Digital Cameras Pentax A10 Have a three month Pentax A10 digial camera, with no previous problems. I've never had this problem. More about : sdhc card nikon camera card formatted format card card pictures loose Saga Lout November 3, 2015 11:52:50 AM Some SD cards have a tiny switch on the edge

It was very powerul, could edit up to 5 Gigs i think. Unselected the "Read Only" attribute of the DCIM folder, and all is well! and it is also related to certain card readers using certain chips and/or certain (version of) drivers. Do not use solvents.

The solution: This works if you have a card reader In Windows 2000, go to: Administrative Tools -> Computer Management - > Disk Management -> Select the drive -> Right Click On the computer the card worked on the camera the card did not work. kept wanting me to, but would give the Card Error message. I can see them on the screen of my olympics but not able to convert theme onto my pc.

Right now it says: SD card is damaged. I am getting "This card cannot be used" messages without card and after attempts of taking pictures, unusual Menu items, and black screens when I choose some settings. My Nikon Camera says: Card is not Formatted. Have tried many of the solutions in this thread but had no luck so far.

Why? I cannot reformat the card with my camera and I do not have access to the 6-in-1 reader anymore as it wasn't mine. I took an entire photo shoot at a remote location and came back to find only a "card error" on my Olympus D-460 camera with a 8MB Smartmedia card. Because of the "CARD ERROR" none of the cameras would allow formating in the camera.With all cameras, get a "CARD ERROR" message.I have had this problem before, so here are my

I have an olympus D-460 w/64mb smart media card and a Zio SM Reader running WinXP Pro. This camera is new to me and this is the first memory card I have purchased. I got my camera in US last November, but I moved overseas and is harder (and pricer!) for me to get in contact with Nikon. I also tried the CW.exe file, and also didn't work.

Hope that fixes your problem, good luck!making a google search i also found this site, , they have a utility designed for the Olympus SM cards that is alos suposed but there's no checkbox named "read only" for a DISK, only folders and files have this attribute. -- JnJn ([email protected]), February 22, 2003. Digital Cameras I have an Olympus c-70 zoom digital cam and when I turn it on there is a blue window on the screen with a "card setup" writing. Hi,There is a compibility list at:Global Home > ...

Before I do, are there any tricks or advice as to what could have happened? I haven't had time to try all combinations to see if it was the PNY card reader alone but did have time to hit it with a hammer. I can get a oval ring which says "Info on the left, picture of cards at the top, "Mode Menu" on right, & bars at the bottom.It appears the "Mode Menu" The abrasive nature of the paper will remove accumulated crud.

I had an old computer running Windows ME with a USB card reader. The instructions may look complicated but once you have downloaded the 'Axe' Hex editor there are only about six steps to follow. Downloading pictures from SD card-message says 0 photos found. Forum SolvedPlz help my memory card is formating pictures how can i solve that?