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ford focus dtc error codes Point Reyes Station, California

See Possible Causes for DTC P1130 P1157 - Lack of HO2S-22 Switch, Sensor Indicates Lean See DTC P1137 P1158 - Lack of HO2S-22 Switch, Sensor Indicates Rich See DTC P1137 P1168 Typical CHT temperature should be close to cooling system thermostat opening specification. Using suitable jumper wire, jump BL/W and GY/BL wires. E001 - NVM version.

P0552 - Power Steering Pressure (PSP) Sensor Circuit Malfunction The PSP sensor input signal to the PCM is continuously monitored.The test fails when the signal is open or shorted to ground. EGR Vacuum Regulator circuit malfunction P1409? If there is insufficient vehicle speed data input, a malfunction is indicated and a DTC is set. Accessing DTCs.

Check engine lamp, remove jumper wire from self test input connector and signal return pin of self test connector. The test fails when the signal average jumps above a minimum allowable calibrated parameter. The test fails when the adaptive fuel tables reach a rich calibrated limit. The IAT2 sensor minimum is 0.2 volts.

The Fuel, Heated Oxygen Sensor, Catalyst and Misfire monitors have not completed. Register a new account Sign in Already have an account? Disconnect battery ground cable, DTCs will be erased from back-up memory after 24 hours. The PCM logic that sets this DTC indicates that engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT or CHT) drifted higher than the nominal sensor calibration curve and could prevent one or more OBD

Low fuel pressure or running out of fuel. Wait about two seconds. 5. Test lamp always on - SCB signal short in harness or PCM. Wird verarbeitet...

Wird geladen... Does anyone know of an online listing? However there are external items that can cause this DTC. Required fields are marked * OEM systemsiDrive (BMW) MFD 1 (VW, Škoda, Seat, Ford) MMI 2G (Audi) MMI 3G (Audi) MMCS (Mitsubishi) NB1 Navigation System (Mazda) RNEG (Peugeot, Fiat, Lancia) RNS

Related Articles Disable seat belt chime Ford Mondeo MK4 Hidden menu Ford Mondeo MK4 & S-Max Ford Fiesta MK7 GEM test 6 thoughts on “Ford Focus MK1 hidden menu” Pingback: Cool Damaged harness Damaged sensor Damaged harness connector Damaged PCM EOT V PID reading less than 0.2 volts with key ON and engine OFF or during any engine operating mode indicates a Do this at your own risk! Low engine coolant level.

If voltage were to fall below or exceed a calibrated limit and amount of time during testing, the test will fail. The PCM monitors the fuel pump (FP) circuit output from the PCM. Password Human Verification In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained Cam timing.

Note on some vehicles that are not equipped with an ECT sensor, CHT can be used and can set this DTC. Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) or Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) sensor Coolant System Concern Ensure IAT and engine coolant temperature are similar when engine is cold. If OK, clear continuous memory DTCs and re-initiate EVAP Emission Running Loss Monitor Drive Cycle. Poor continuity through the MAF sensor connectors Poor continuity through the MAF sensor harness Intermittent open or short inside the MAF sensor.

Therefore, a low AIR circuit indicates a driver is always on and a high circuit indicates an open in the PCM. If you own other makes have a look at Challenger Hellcat Forum, Charger Hellcat Forum, Cadillac ATS-V Forum, Cadillac CTS-V Forum, Lexus RC-F Forum, Lexus GS-F Forum, Mercedes GLA Forum, Mercedes The test fails when the voltages fail to meet the calibrated limits. E197 - CAN-BUS communication error - vehicle speed.

Insufficient warm up time Low engine coolant level Leaking or stuck open thermostat Malfunctioning ECT sensor Malfunctioning CHT sensor Refer to Thermostat Monitor in Section 1, Description and Operation, for system Intake Manifold Runner Control circuit fault P1519? DTC interpretation. If no OSS DTCs are found check for correct PCM configuration.

The test fails if: When the LFP circuit is commanded on (grounded), excessive current draw is detected on the LFP circuit; or when the LFP circuit is commanded off, voltage is Damage in module(s) connected to VSC/VSS circuit. The PCM compares this signal with the signal of the VSS or TCSS and determines correct tire size and axle gear ratio. This test fails when the PCM detects voltage on the FPM circuit while the fuel pump is commanded OFF.

They will provide valuable info! If voltage were to fall below a calibrated limit and amount of time during testing, the test will fail. Once beyond an acceptable limit the DTC is set. Initiate KOEO self test. 2.

DTC P0116 is set when all of the following conditions are met: Engine coolant temperature at engine start exceeds IAT at engine start by more than a calibrated value, typically 30°F P1131 - Lack of HO2S-11 Switch, Sensor Indicates Lean A HEGO sensor indicating lean at the end of a test is trying to correct for an over-rich condition. EEGR motor windings open Connector to EEGR not seated Open circuit in harness from PCM to EEGR Open circuit in PCM Short circuit in EEGR motor Short circuit in harness from Turn the ignition on. 3.

The test fails when fuel control system no longer detects switching for a calibrated amount of time. The IAT sensor maximum is 4.6 volts or -50°C (-58°F). Open or short to PWR in harness. P0192 - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input (FRP) The comprehensive component monitor (CCM) monitors the FRP sensor circuit to the PCM for low voltage.

The test fails when the inferred pressure is less than a minimum calibrated value. FRP signal shorted to SIG RTN or PWR GND. FRP signal open (gasoline only) Low fuel pressure (NG only) Damaged FRP sensor.