force table lab percent error Penn Valley California

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force table lab percent error Penn Valley, California

It probably won't close perfectly. The force table apparatus demonstrates the addition of forces acting on a body, in two dimensions. Use enough weight on the hangers so the strings are nearly parallel to the table and do not sag much. When a body is in static equilibrium: (1) The vector polygon of all forces acting on the body in static equilibrium is closed.

Its head is at coordinate (16.2,4.7) and its tail is at (6.5,9.8). I feel that the second most important factor would be the fact that we ignored the mass of the strings. One source of error in this experiment is the starting friction in the pulleys. Note that the error in the latter is obtained from the error in its tangent.

Record the amount of weight on each hanger, and read the direction of its string on the table's scale. illustrates the addition of three vectors by the polygon method. Please try the request again. Try for a representative, general case.

Fig. 5. We have only filled in part of it: you may fill in the rest. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Why doesn't this seem to obey the laws of vector addition. (5) One answer to question (6) was easy to find, but there are other answers.

If pulleys were not used, would the errors have gone up? Why?I think that they would. The mass of the strings is likely inconsequential, and the pulleys likely contributed little friction. Question: We did an experiment on the force table (pic of a ...

The hanger's mass is usually marked on the hanger, but it's a good idea to check that by weighting them yourself. Avoid situations where all hangers have the same weight. The analytical solution is the most accurate, as it was calculated using vector formulas while the graphical approach involved drawing free hand lines in the hopes that they were parallel to the original vectors. Fig. 4.

The vector is pointing "downward" (negative) with respect to the y axis, but "forward" (positive) with respect to the x axis. Good "bookkeeping" is essential when doing these problems. Why is this important? The least important error would be the mass of the string since string really doesn't weigh enough to change the data much.    2.

Refer to Fig. 6. (a) Find the components of vector A. (b) Find the components of A+B. (c) Find the components of vector C. (d) Find the components of A+B+C. For example, the following table keeps track of the numbers of exercise 1. Friction is another force, and it too, has to balance out to create true equilibrium. Static Equilibrium describes the condition in which a body is at rest with respect to a frame of reference.

If pulleys were not used, would the errors have gone up? Explain. (2) One form of apparatus for this experiment has a special circular table with degree markings around its rim. Equipment:- Force table with pulleys, ring, and string- Metric ruler, protractor, graph paper Data / Analysis: TABLE 1 Force Mass (kg) Force (N) Direction F1 0.252.4525 130*F2 0.35 3.4335 30* In the case of static equilibrium, which you are investigating, the vectors will very likely add to nearly zero, so that any resultant A+B+C will be very small relative to the

The size of this error is estimated by determining how much the weight on a weight hanger can be varied without disturbing the equilibrium. The resultant vector is just the x and y compenents of the two other vectors added together.             Comments HomeClown projectile labMeasurement LabNewsAbout UsAcrophobia labBallistic Pendulum LabContact UsDeveloping ANALYSIS: Fig. 2. Elise Livingston

Was the ring in equilibrium during the time when the weights were being balanced, while the ring was still touching the post? (3) Can one place three forces of 50, 75, The size (magnitude) of a vector is always positive, and may be found by using the Pythagorean theorem if the components are known. NOTE ON UNITS: You can avoid unnecessary multiplications by 9.8 m/s2 or 980 cm/s2 by expressing all weights in grams. Exercise 1.

Additional sources of error may have been the exculsion of the mass in the strings, but it is unlikely that the masses would change our results. The center post keeps the ring centered while the system is being balanced. Find the components of vector B. All rights reserved.

We found the equilibrium minus the mass of the strings which could have led to some error, especially if the strings were different and, therefore, had a different mass value. Your cache administrator is webmaster. S. We demonstrated the process of the addition of several vectors to form a resultant vector experimentally, graphically, and algebraically.  By using all three of these methods, we were able to see

Is the resultant zero?