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flexmail error Orinda, California

Default: false referenceField / String Indicate which field to use as reference (unique values) default: email allowBouncedOut / Boolean Import bounced out contacts or not. German Premiumaddress: Infopost 22 x 22, Infopost 26 x 26, Premiumaddress Label, Pressepost Randbeschriftung 52 x 52, Pressepost Randbeschriftung 16 x 48, Pressepost Label, Responseplus Swiss Post: PP-Easy, PP-Business. Click OK Problems develop after updating the FlexMail program or printer driver. Playbooks How-to videos Whitepapers Find out more Next webinar: Collecting new contacts with subscription forms 25 October 2016 | 14h During this webinar you'll learn how to quickly collect new contacts

We have run into cases where the data field length was determined by scanning the first 100 records, but records beyond this point exceeded the determined field width and caused the If you are using FlexMail 2, you must use printer drivers V3.53 or lower. When using FlexMail in combination with a FlexMail printer driver and printer, device barcodes may be supported as well, depending on the capabilities of the printer. Flexmail Add-ons Surveys Integrate professional surveys with extensive scenarios in your email campaigns.

This problem can be solved by going to the "Details" page, in the printer driver properties, and clicking on a button called "Spooler-Settings". The FlexMail Address Validation module is a very powerful address lookup and verification system that improves the quality of your database and ensures the address information is acceptable to the Post Find out more Professional email templates Discover our designs Excellent support Our in-house support team is always stand-by for answers and advice. You have to correct the problem and re-start the process.

WARNING: Deleting and reinstalling FlexMail will require a replacement site key. There is no method to convert FlexMail 3 projects for use in FlexMail 2. Production Line Integration FlexMail scripting allows you to integrate FlexMail in more complicated production environments by supporting applications like printing-on-demand, synchronized document inserting and printing, and print verification. Your cache administrator is webmaster.

Please try the request again. Partner Login Email address: Password: Become a partner... Partner Login Email address: Password: Become a partner... Include fixed and variable graphics in a wide variety of formats anywhere in your layout.

Please try the request again. Databases do not have to be imported, but can be linked directly to a project. If you choose not to license the program at this time, just click on CANCEL. FlexMail Advanced FlexMail Advanced offers extended database features like the ability to process Pdf-files and tools for database management and duplicate detection and removal.

Table: instance of ImportEmailAddressesReq Parameter Mandatory Type Description header Y APIRequestHeader Header for authentication mailingListId Y Integer Mailing list id emailAddressTypeItems Y Array of EmailAddressType Array of EmailAddressType allowDuplicates / Boolean Default: false synchronise / Boolean Synchronise the current list with the current data. For many countries postal guides are available to help you to design mail pieces that conform to the postal specifications. If you are getting a sequence of strange characters (Example: +b0e3y010D) printed on your mail piece.

FlexMail automatically makes optimal use of the build-in features of these printers like overlays, macro’s, built-in barcodes, fonts etc. Set 'Default rows to scan:' to zero (0). For example if you have a text of 20 characters that must be saved in a field of 15 characters. Together with the extended print production features, this is the perfect solution for production environments.

Generated Sat, 15 Oct 2016 20:58:40 GMT by s_wx1094 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection Solution B: Add the following sites to the list of trusted/allowed (web)sites *.flex-systems.com (Our application and patcher) *.tecwsapps.com (for USPS Postal Mail processing) *.tecsecurepay.com (for USPS Postal Mail processing) If needed Discover our extensive support tools. Pay a fixed amount per email message sent without a licence fee.

Check our site for the latest service pack number in the news or in the release notes under updates. If you start having problems after updating from FlexMail 2 to FlexMail 3, please check to be sure you are using compatible printer drivers. Discover our extensive support tools. Data Preparation FlexMail has been designed to enable every PC user - from beginners to experienced - to access and prepare the data for a project simply and rapidly.

It is strongly suggested that a small sample of the mailing be produced, tested and accepted by the USPS, before proceeding with printing the entire mailing. One negative effect of setting 'rows to scan' to zero is; that it will take more time to scan the list, during the linking process. ensuring maximum control, throughput and quality. Most profitable solution for frequent mailers.

Service Details SOAP Action: ImportEmailAddresses SOAP Return Object: ImportEmailAddressesResp Input The following table describes the parameters used for calling the ImportEmailAddresses service. In urgent situations the latest CD can be downloaded, contact Flex Systems for a link.Step 2: Install FlexMail in the root of drive , for example c:\FlexMail\ this avoids a problem FlexMail lets you connect to your data, prepare the data for your project, design your output, and print at high quality and speed on any printer. Find out more Professional email templates Discover our designs Excellent support Our in-house support team is always stand-by for answers and advice.

Data tools Define, locate and process duplicate records according to your specifications within a single file or across multiple files. Fix problems by geting the latest version The first step in fixing any problems with our software is to get the latest version of it. Please provide your Rena Dealer with your FlexMail version, contact information, and the "site code:" displayed in the "License Maintenance Wizard". Free online webinar Getting started with Flexmail Next webinar: 01/11/2016 Pricing Business Prepay One-time licence fee and packages of email credits that never expire.

Exporting databases to one of the following formats: Access, dBase, Excel, HTML files, Lotus 1-2-3, Delimited text files, Fixed length text files, and XML-files. In addition, don't press the "Guess" button after defining all fields as "text". Why: A Microsoft module was missing and/or corrupt. Best viewed in Chrome, IE or FF.

To avoid this problem: In FlexMail, under 'Tools', 'Options'. Guides Printer guides help to design a layout that can be printed at high quality and the highest possible speed by your printer. Text may be rotated at any angle. Enter both the pre-paid activation code and the site code on the website and fill in the other details.

The Professional edition even allows you to use any data from the Pdf document for further processing. Step 5 Licensing: Login as (domain) Administrator and start FlexMail by right clicking the FlexMail icon and choose run as administrator. Conditionally select the layout to be printed or print multiple layouts per record in the database. FlexMail Advanced and Professional Editions also opens PDF and PDF/A files 'as database'.

Error Handling The error handling options instruct FlexMail what value checking you want FlexMail to do when an error occurs while copying a record from the source to the destination file. Preference Center Have website visitors indicate themselves which information they would like to receive from you. Subscribe!. In the application's license wizard select product activation, skip the pre paid activation code, on the next screen copy the site code.On the website select License activation.

Layouts may include variable and static text, any kind of barcode, variable and static graphics, postal indicia, and more. Two-dimensional Barcodes: Aztec, Codablock F, Code 16K, Code 49, Databar Stacked, Databar Stacked Omnidirectional, Databar Expanded Stacked, DataMatrix, Maxicode, PDF417, PDF417 (Micro), QR Code, QR Code (Micro). Generated Sat, 15 Oct 2016 20:58:40 GMT by s_wx1094 (squid/3.5.20) Databases Link direct to all industry format databases like Access, dBase, Excel, HTML and XML-files and delimited and fixed length text files plus ODBC links to any other format.